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11 Oct 2017
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Advanced Appliance Service North Chelmsford, MA, 01863 (978) 496-4765 Advanced Appliance Service more than 30 years provides appliance repair services, especially major appliance repair, dishwasher repair, microwave repair, also repair for washers, dyers, ovens, refrigerators, garbage disposal for all residential and commercial clients in area of North Chelmsford, MA. Major Appliances, Dishwasher, Microwave, Residential and Commercial // - appliance repair services: major appliances, residential, repair for washers, dyers, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, garbage disposal, microwave Chelmsford, MA;Westford, MA Appliance Repair Service, Major Appliance Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Microwave Repair, Residential Appliance Repair
28 Sep 2017
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LT Home Appliance Repair 10900 S Commerce Blvd Ste H, Charlotte, NC, 28273 (704) 448-5016 L & T Home Appliance Repair provides a professional appliance repair services for people in Charlotte, NC. So pick up the phone and call us now or visit our website. Appliance Repair, Hood Repair Service, Commercial Appliance Repair, Lawn Mowers Repair, Microwave Repair Service, Dryers Repair Service, Appliance Repair Company, Appliance Repair Contractor, Local Appliance Repair Company, Stoves Repair Service Montclaire South, Charlotte, NC Major Appliance Repair, Small Appliance Repair Contractor, Commercial Appliance Repair Service, Residential Appliance Repair, Home Appliance Repair
25 Sep 2017
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When medications don't help your enlarged prostate, several procedures can relieve symptoms -- without surgery. They are performed in a doctor's office. "These procedures use various types of heat energy to shrink a portion of the prostate," explains Westney. "They are very effective." TUMT (transurethral microwave thermotherapy): This therapy for mild to moderate blockage reduces urinary frequency, urgency, straining, and intermittent flow -- but does not correct any bladder-emptying problems. In this procedure, computer-regulated microwaves are used to heat portions within the prostate to destroy select tissue. A cooling system protects the wall of the urethra during the procedure. TUMT is performed in a doctor's office and requires only topical anesthesia and pain medications. Possible side effects include painful urination for several weeks. Temporary urgency and frequency of urination is also possible. There may be less semen ejaculated. Many men must have this procedure repeated, either because symptoms return or do not improve. TUNA (transurethral radio frequency needle ablation): This procedure also destroys prostate tissue to improve urine flow and relieve symptoms. It involves heating the tissue with high-frequency radiowaves transmitted by needles inserted directly into the prostate (some anesthesia is used). The procedure does not require a hospital stay. Possible side effects include painful, urgent, or frequent urination for a few weeks.
27 Sep 2017
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All Brands AC Refrigeration & Appliance Service Winter Haven, FL, 33881 (863) 295-5415 All Brands AC Refrigeration & Appliance Service is a well known appliance repair company in Winter Haven, FL, 33881 area. With over two decades of experience, we can guarantee absolute satisfaction of our appliance repair services. Trust our technicians to repair or install any kind of appliance at your home or commercial property. You can reach us at any time. Dishwasher Repair, Dryer Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Washer Repair, Fridge Repair, Oven Repair, Microwave Repair, Home Appliances Repair, House Appliances Service, Heater Repair Eula Vista FL Appliance Service, Appliance Repair Company, AC Appliances Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Appliance Repair Service
28 Sep 2017
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Texan Appliance Repair Terrell, TX, 75161 (972) 366-5782 Texan Appliance Repair has many years of experience in the industry and can professionally service all appliances. Included we will program your appliance, make sure everything is working properly, and give you a quick run down on how to use your new appliance. Washer Repair, Dryers Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Range Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Microwave Repair, Talty, Texas;Forney, Texas;Kaufman, Texas;Post Oak Bend City, Texas;Forney, Texas; Appliance Repair Service, Commercial Appliance Repair, Appliance Repair Technician , Refrigerator Repair Service, Residential Appliance Company
29 Sep 2017
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Radiation is energy. It can come from unstable atoms that undergo radioactive decay, or it can be produced by machines. Radiation travels from its source in the form of energy waves or energized particles. There are two kinds of radiation: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has so much energy it can knock electrons out of atoms, a process known as ionization. Ionizing radiation can affect the atoms in living things, so it poses a health risk by damaging tissue and DNA in genes. Ionizing radiation comes from radioactive elements, cosmic particles from outer space and x-ray machines. Non-ionizing radiation has enough energy to move atoms in a molecule around or cause them to vibrate, but not enough to remove electrons. Examples of this kind of radiation are radio waves, visible light, and microwaves. EPA’s mission in radiation protection is to protect human health and the environment from the ionizing radiation that comes from human use of radioactive elements. EPA does not regulate the non-ionizing radiation that is emitted by electrical devices such as radio transmitters or cell phones
8 Oct 2017
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Putting liquid oxygen into a microwave is not a good idea
11 May 2006
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What happens when you put a lightbulb in a microwave? What do you think?!?!?!?!
16 May 2006
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As part of the "America's Got Talent" competition, this guy performs several cool magic tricks, but the best one by far is the one where tries to break out of a life-size microwave.
27 Jun 2006
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How to destroy data by burning them in a microwave...
10 Sep 2006
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What happens if you put an egg in a microwave?
17 Sep 2006
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Items put in this microwave seem to disappear or change.
4 Oct 2006
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What would happen if you filled a balloon with pure oxygen and put it in a microwave? Watch this video to find out. Like they say, do not try this at home.
11 Oct 2006
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It looks really pretty....Let's see how pretty it looks in a microwave!
29 Nov 2006
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Don't ever put a lit cigar in a microwave! We tried it for our Will It Nuke? series, and learned the hard way. Check out our other microwave videos!
29 Nov 2006
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