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The radio is broken.
23 Apr 2008
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The big bossman of techcrunch.
16 May 2008
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This guy is part of the Time #100
25 May 2008
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He really is a great manager.
19 Jun 2009
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Audience, an exciting conference dedicated to exploring, defining, and connecting audiences in the technology era, will be gathering in New York City November 5-6. The event will be held at the Hudson Theater, just a stone's throw from Broadway. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******multivu.prnewswire****/mnr/audienceconf/40981/
4 Nov 2009
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*******www.jimkukral**** On today's show I talk about email overload and how I deal with getting so many emails. I also talk about how I answer every email and how if you don't, your brand can suffer because people think you're ignoring them. I also talk about how Mark Cuban and Mike Arrington say they do it.
25 Mar 2008
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About the recent drama surrounding Mike Arrington's Comcast ordeal, along with Viagra and my newest boo-boo. *******www.movlogger.wordpress**** *******www.myspace****/movlogger *******www.twitter****/movlogger
8 Apr 2008
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or why Mike Arrington is an ass.
23 May 2008
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Emo Labs are working on something pretty cool called Edge Motion. It's a clear membrane on your display that's meant to give you better sound than we currently get with our notebooks. For a full explanation of the technology in play, visit Technologizer****. TheWrap**** seems to be a good source for people interested in the business of entertainment, both old media and new media. I've talked before about the touchscreen tablet Mike Arrington and his team have been working on. They have a version that could potentially come to market at around $300. You can save money on domain name registrations and renewals from GoDaddy**** with discount codes GB1, GB2 and GB3. For an explanation of each code, click here.
28 Jan 2009
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I love the TruePower AC Outlets with USB Power from FastMac****. Replace your regular AC outlets with these and add USB power all throughout the house. The fitPC2i is a very small PC (4"x4.5"x1"). It'll run Windows 7, Windows Server or Ubuntu. The Rocketfish WirelessHD Adapter will transmit a 1080p signal wirelessly to maybe an HDTV or a projector. If you need more USB power while traveling, the 3 Port USB Hub is a good option. It'll only work during charging, not syncing though. The CrunchPad was declared in the Deadpool by Mike Arrington, the creator. It's turned into a bit of a soap opera because, according to Arrington, he was told he's no longer part of the project. We'll hear from Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan on Monday. When you want to build a great looking Web site without the expense of hiring a designer, finding a hosting company and learning code, SquareSpace**** is a great way to get it done for a small amount of money. Promo code GEEK makes it even more affordable and supports production of GeekBrief.TV.
5 Dec 2009
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Logitech released their TouchMouse App. It turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a multitouch trackpad for a Mac or PC. Wacom's new Intuos4 bluetooth wireless tablet has a range of 33 feet and sells for $400. Fusion Garage, maker of the JooJoo filed a motion to dismiss Mike Arrington's lawsuit. The Omega GM-1 drumkit increases accuracy for game play. The Sony Bravia NX800 HDTV is a beautiful piece of design with a 1080p backlit LCD, Motionflow 240Hz, WiFi and supports Internet video. I recently reached the limit on my personal Facebook page, so I was forced to finally setup and begin using the Fan Page feature. I'd love to hang out with you guys on Facebook - facebook****/calilewisfans will get you there!  Brief 700 was brought to you by Angie's List. You can save 25% on a subscription by using promo code GEEK, and you get confidence that you're hiring the best service providers in your area.
3 Feb 2010
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Tim Tuttle answers user questions on Expect Labs' MindMeld iPad app. Expect Labs is a startup based in San Francisco that is building a technology platform designed to reinvent how we have conversations. Expect Labs is the creator of the iPad app called MindMeld, which is the first voice and video calling app that can actually understand conversations in real-time to make it easy to find and share related information as you talk. -------------- TRANSCRIPT: Hi, this is Tim Tuttle from Expect Labs. I'm taking some time to answer a few questions that we've gotten from users since we launched our company a couple of weeks ago at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. When we launched at the conference, we showed our iPad App called MindMeld for the first time. And MindMeld is an app that we're releasing soon which is a voice and video calling app for the iPad that actually can understand the things that you say during your conversation in order to make it easy for you to find and share related information as you talk. Now, a lot of the questions that we're getting are about what's it like to be on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt and present before these judges. Well, I'll try to answer that. So, we were honored to be selected as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt and we got to present on stage in front of these awesome judges, including Marissa Mayer, Chris Dixon, David Sacks, David Lee Roloff, Mike Arrington. So, that was an honor in itself and we're thrilled to have that opportunity. But some of the specific questions that we're getting, that I've heard a number of times is why was Mike Arrington asking such probing questions and being such a jerk to you guys? At least someone said that to me. First of all, he wasn't being a jerk. He was asking legitimate questions and unfortunately they were questions that we didn't have the green light to answer yet. So, for the people that asked this question, I was asked who the investors are in Expect Labs and I couldn't answer that question because I hadn't talked to our existing investors and made sure it was okay to to reveal that information publicly. And any of you guys who have done this know that you obviously need to talk to people before you talk about them publicly, and I hadn't done that yet. We weren't planning on talking about it at the conference so when Arrington asked me these questions about who the investors where I was a little bit tongue-tied and unfortunately I didn't have the green light to talk about this things. So anyway, as a result he did his job which is to try to hammer on me until I was forced to give the answer and I had to do some tap dancing to try to avoid giving the answer, and the whole thing was weird. I'm in the process of talking to investors now to making sure it's okay that we talk about the funding we did recently, publicly, and we're excited to announce that because we have awesome, awesome seed investors and we're excited to talk about that. So that's my answer to that question. And if you guys have any more questions feel free to ask. I'm happy to try to answer.
13 Feb 2013
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