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its a new year bitches
17 Feb 2010
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sorry no HD nothing good for macbook pros..
19 Jul 2011
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Eli Reed goes on a search for some manny pads in New York in preparation for the Manny Mania world final in Manhattan. push over to *******RedBullMannyMania****
3 Sep 2011
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12 Dec 2011
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BEST VIDEO OF NYJAH HUSTON !!!!! Nyjah Huston Sponsors: I&I Skateboards, Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings, Diamond Hardware. I&I Skateboards Team: Nyjah Huston Richard Jefferson Anthony Williams Silver Trucks Team: Paul Rodriguez Rob Dyrdek Josh Kalis Brandon Bieble Danny Cerezini Chaz Ortiz Ronson Lambert Alex Mizurov Felipe Gustavo Nick Tucker FKD Bearing Team: Paul Rodriguez Greg Lutzka Brandon Biebel Nyjah Huston Tony Tave Stefan Janoski Kenny Anderson Danny Cerezini Chaz Ortiz Sierra Fellers Kyle Leeper Shuriken Shannon Terell Robinson Dave Bachinsky Joey Brezinski Chad Bartie Pat Duffy Chad Knight Ronson Lambert Enrique Lorenzo Kenny Reed Chris Troy Anthony Shelter Eli Reed Jimmy Carlin Furby Alex Mizurov Paul Trep Cody McEntire Shane Oneill Felipe Gustavo Lem Villemin Micky Papa Marquis Preston Nick Tucker Joseph Mairena Spencer Brown Kelly Hart Nick Palmquist Lil' Will
2 Feb 2012
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Tune in to Street League 2012 Stop 3 on ESPN 2 Sunday July 15th all the way LIVE from the Jobing**** Arena in Glendale, Arizona. See which pros qualify for the New Jersey Championship. For more videos, information and to buy tickets to the 2012 Street league DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague**** Be What You Want Loxley Jackson www.extrememusic****
11 Jul 2012
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California Skateparks' Joe Ciaglia talk you through some of the course features for the all new course design for Street League 2012 Stop 3 in Arizona. Tune in to ESPN 2 Sunday July 15th at 7 PM ET to watch the Finals all the way LIVE. To buy tickets to Street League visit www.streetleague**** For more videos, information and to buy tickets to the 2012 Street league DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague****
13 Jul 2012
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Currently ranked 1st overall heading into the Street League Championship, we sat down with Nyjah Huston to hear his thoughts heading into the biggest contest in skateboarding going down on August 26th live on ESPN2 at 5PM ET. For more information about the 2012 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy please visit www.streetleague****
22 Aug 2012
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A compilation of a few of my favorite street clips. please rate and comment. I'll upload the second part once youtube allows the vids I ripped footage from as they are still fairly new. Subscribe. Tricks in order: Jimmy Carlin - Double Nollie Heel Dan Nepscha - Fs double flip onto a handrail The Nuge - Huge Kickflip over gap Jaane Saario - Kick flip manual bs crooked grind manual kickflip out Ryan Sheckler - Monster kick flip at Marblehead? Tony Tave - Big switch flip over a handrail Chris Haslam - Crazy boned ollie Eric Koston - 360 flip frontside nose blunt slide handrail Jerry Hsu - Nollie backside 180 Heelflip huge set Mike Mo - Fakie Crooks 360 flip out fully flared Brian Herman - Big Tre flip Danny Supa - Backside inward big heel flip Brian Herman Nollie inward heel at MACBA Mike Mo - Switch Tre double set in Japan Mark Appleyard - long 360 flip nose slide Steve Otero -Airwalk down 17 stairs Dallas Rockvam - Long backside Feeble double kink rail Dallas Rockvam - Longest backside Feeble Chris Cole - Legendary Tre at the Wallenberg 4 Chris Haslam - double flip footplant in Barcelona Brian Herman - big 360 flip double set wilshire Sean Malto - Hard flip Carlsbad grass gap Paul Rodriguez - amazing 360 flip back side K grind Sean Malto - Frontside over crook Chris Haslam - Kickflip late frontside shove Greg Lutzka - Long front board Sean Malto - Monster 360 flip over huge gap PROD - Huge switch kickflip nike sb Jamie Thomas - Front Smith to big drop Greg Lutzka - Switch tre bomb Andrew Reynolds - Front side flip 19 stair baker Leo Romero - Kick flip Fs 50 50 Jimmy Carlin - Fakie inward big heel Mike Mo Capaldi - Switch heelflip big plant gap forcast Mark Appleyard - Big flip street gap Chima Ferguson - heel flip double set volcom lets live Dave Bachinsky - El Toro 20 stair Kickflip A few skaters not in this video that you should check out: Shane Cross Rodney Mullen Daewon Song Pj Ladd Stefan Janoski Ryan Gallant Dixon Chet Childres Aaron Kyro Nick Trapasso Jimmy Cao Danny Way Bob Burnquist Lewis Marnell Jake Duncombe Arto Saari Geof Rowley Bastien Salabanzi Tosh Townend Mike Carroll Brandon Biebel Marc Johnson David Gravette Torrey Pudwill Jeremy Rogers Furby Auntwan Dixon
18 Nov 2008
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The Complete Top 3 PRO Final Game of SKATE with Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and Mike-Mo Capaldi. Brought to you proudly through TECHSTYLE MEDIA Center. Filmed and Edited by Hidehiko Fujiwara
30 Apr 2009
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paul rodriguez part with lots of unseen footy and throaways as well as bangers from his recent parts. also includes friends mike mo capaldi, nigel alexander, mike taylor, jereme rogers, darrell stanton and fellow plan b team riders ronson lambert, ryan sheckler, wieger van wageningen, pj ladd, brian wenning, colin mckay, danny way, pat duffy and ryan gallant. enjoy.
24 May 2009
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A little montage of the Girl Skateboards Team I made. Featuring Alex Olson, Brandon Biebel, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Jeron Wilson, Mike Carroll, Mike Mo Capaldi, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank and Sean Malto.
2 May 2009
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Uprising down under - sam roberts from the alblum chemical city pressure flip late fs shuvit ; siyoun spin ; fs varial heel-side pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 heelflip ; 360 flip ; 360 hospital flip ; no-comply impossible late flip ; bs 180 nollie back foot impossible ; nollie pressure 1/2 flip late back foot 1/2 flip bs body varial ; pressure flip late flip ; switch chef salad ; nollie fs shuvit underflip varial ; switch front foot impossible ; front foot impossible late shuvit ; switch 360 kiwi flip to pivot ; plasma spin revert ; fs varial heel-side pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 flip ; late back foot varial flip ; lala flip ; varial 1/2 kickflip late fs varial front foot 1/2 flip ; 1/2 heelflip late back foot 1/2 flip bs body varial ; nollie pressure 1/2 flip late varial back foot 1/2 flip ; no-comply 360 flip late back foot underflip ; nollie 540 kiwi flip ; fakie big spin underflip ; fakie fs varial heel-side pressure flip to pivot ; tinky-winky ; pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 flip fs body varial ; switch pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 flip fs body varial ; switch pop shove-it late flip fs body varial ; nollie shove-it late varial flip ; nollie fs shove-it late varial heelflip ; featherflip ; fs shuvit underflip ; fs impossible ; heelflip late bs shuvit ; nollie pop shove-it late fs shuvit ; switch plasma spin ; fs shuvit late flip ; switch late fs shuvit ; pop shove-it late fs shove-it ; switch 1/2 heel-side pressure flip late big spin nosecasperflip ; fakie fs varial heel-side pressure flip revert ; fs varial front foot underflip ; 1/2 heelflip late front foot 1/2 flip ; switch impossible revert ; nollie back foot impossible ; fs 180 front foot impossible ; nollie late flip ; nollie big spin late flip ; fakie big spin late flip ; nollie fs shuvit late flip ; bs heelflip to pivot ; switch 360 underflip fs body varial ; late flip ; fs 180 heel-side pressure flip ; nollie plasma spin ; plasma spin ; bs 360 nollie heelflip ; varial 1/2 kickflip late front foot 1/2 flip ; switch impossible fs body varial ; nollie fs big spin late flip ; switch fs big spin late heelflip. Capalaba skate park 2 flat 3 massive Mike mo capaldi forecast especial best line best trick best skater best run skateboarding Dave bachinsky 20 stair kickflip down el toro almost round 3 stair skate baker 3 el toro skateboard spots 20 big kickflip heelflip amazing good 360 tre double inward hardflip stair gold coast el toro 20 stair 20 stair baker 3 kickflip awesome stair sr huge editstudio sponsor me video chris haslam cheese and crackers daewon song almost round 3 united by fate skateboarding my skate video vid skateboard this is my element elementatily bam magera tony hawk dew tour ryan sheckler orlando greg lutzka skating almost round 3 almost skateboards dvs shoes dc shoes etnies red bull rodney mullen darkslide 180 360 540 720 900 1080 kickflip heelflip darkslide slide 50-50 how to ollie 3 flip nollie fakie grind switch goofy regular tony hawk cooper wilt sk8 watch iphone ipod oh yeah pork and beans guys backflip into jeans
3 Jun 2009
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Subscribe for more videos :) Tricks in order : Ali Boulala - 25 stair olie Jim Greco - Switch fs flip 15 Andrew Reynolds - fs flip 17 Aaron Homoky - stalefish 20 Steve Otero - Airwalk 17 Jeremy Wray - ollie 20 ft long Bastien Salabanzi - bs ollie 20 Ryan Dannettelle - bs ollie 20 Andrew Reynolds - Fakie fullcab 15 Ryan Sheckler - kickflip huge gap ! Mike Mo Capaldi - Fakie croocks 3 flip out Andrew Pott - Switch fs flip triple set Aaron Homoky - melon 21 stair Ali boulala - Huge switch ollie handrail !!! Chris Cole - 360 flip wallenberg Chris Cole - bs flip 15 Andrew Reynolds - fs flip wallenberg Ryan Smith - bs lipslide 17 !!! Sean malto - bs smith 16 Bryan Hermann - Nollie inward Hell MACBA Carlos Ruiz - bs lipslide 20 Carlos Ruiz - switch 50 -50 big hubba Tony Tave - Nollie 360 flip MACBA Ryan Sheckler - 360 flip 17 !!! Ryan Sheckler - Hardflip 17 !!! Ryan Sheckler - Bs flip 17 !!! Greg Lutzka - Fakie flip 6 flat 7 Adam Dyet - switch bs heel 6 flat 7 Stefan Janosky - switch flip 6 flat 7 john rattray - Hippye jump to kickflip big 4 ! Bastien Salabanzi - Fakie caballerial double kickflip 4 flat 4 ! Josh Malthus - 360 boneless 12 Dave Bachinsky - Nollie front foot kickflip MACBA Dave Bachinsky - kickflip 20 !!! Garrett Hill - 360 flip to fs 50-50 hubba ! Garrett Hill - Kickflip to bs 50-50 hubba ! Corey Duffel - ollie 10 flat 9 ! Corey Duffel - fs ollie big gap ! Corey Duffel - fs ollie 20 ! Andrew Reynolds - nollie fullcab carlsbad gap Jonny layton - Switch 360 flip carlsbad gap Andre Reynolds - bs flip wallenberg ! Frank Gerwer - kickflip melon wallenberg Paul Rodriguez - Switch inward heel 12 Paul Rodriguez - Switch fs heel 14 ! Lizard King - Switch japan 17 !!! Brandon Turner - Switch Hardflip carlsbad gap Chris Haslam - Switch 360 heelflip MACBA !!!! SORRY BUT I CANT FIND SOME OTHER TRICKS !
7 Nov 2009
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So much butter you'll get a heart attack... Tricks in order of appearance: Ryan Sheckler - Gnarly Kickflip over a fence into a Costco parking lot Shane O'neill - nollie 360 double flip cian eades - Switch laser double flip Schuyler Ricketts - huge backside 180 Jimmy Carlin - 360 Hardflip Josiah Gatlyn - big kickflip Chris Haslam - Wall ride bs lip slide Sean Malto - Sick backside over crook Tyler Bledsoe - Big flip over carlsbad grass gap Chris Cole - nollie backside 360 heel flip over big 3 block RIP Shane Cross - insane fs crooked grind down El Toro Bryan Herman - giant hardflip Chris Cole - 360 kickflip to tail snap the Carlsbad gap PROD - Buttery backside kickflip nose blunt David Gravette - Long 5050 Jake Duncombe - 5050 board stall nose grind skate and create PJ Ladd - fakie halfcab heel to K grind nollie fs shove out PJ Ladd - Switch kick flip backside tailslide 360 shove out PJ Ladd Fakie half cab flip crooked grind bs 180 Jimmy Carlin - grande Varial Heel down 6 flat 6 gilbert crocket.- high kickflip big pop Cory Kennedy - Bigspin double flip Cory Kennedy - Nollie late front foot double flip Cory Kennedy - bs 360 double flip pyramid hip Cory Kennedy - Switch laser double flip killing it Ryan Sheckler - nice tre flip over stairwell Paul Rodriguez - butter backside noseblunt flat hubba in New York Cory Kennedy - Merlin Twist at the Berrics Andrew Rynolds - Epic and historical backside flip down the Wallenberg 4 vincent luevanos - Textbook hard flip for the homies Cory Kennedy - switch BIG flip Arto Saari - buttery backside lipslide Greg Lutzka - frontside 360 kickflip off a kicker Cory Kennedy - Merlin twist/ switch 360 impossible thing Andrew Reynolds - bs 360 Mike Mo Capaldi - fakie big flip manual backside flip out Leo Romero - far fs gap to kgrind Devin Appelo - 5050 roof to big drop danny cerezini - hard flip front side blunt red bench Josiah Gatlyn - killing it high tre bomb to fakie old berrics quarter pipe ryan decenzo - huge switch frontside 180 Torey Pudwill - crazy laser flip down the Santa Monica triple set Lewis Marnell - perfect fakie Hardflip Bastien Salabanzi - insane fakie full cab double flip bolts Felipe Gustavo - Switch Backside tail down a hubba ledge Tommy Sandoval - bs nose blunt skate and create Ray Maldonado - fs blunt loco big flip out Shane Oneill - Bigger flip/ 540 shoveit to fakie Paul Trep - nice switch double heel jordan hoffart - Far 360 flip over street gap P Rod - switch 360 flip Andrew Reynolds - Boss status kickflip Sick skaters not in this video that you should check out: Chaz Ortiz Rodney Mullen Dylan Rieder Daewon Song Danny way Bob Burnquist So many more
29 Jun 2011
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Top amateur skaters came from all around the world to meet up under the Manhattan Bridge in the Big Apple for an exciting manual competition in which dutchman Sewa Kroetkov came out on top and will be going up against the likes of Joey Brezinski, Mike Mo, and Brandon Biebel - just to name a few. Skate over to *******RedBullMannyMania****
29 Aug 2011
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