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The big news is that Nyjah Huston and Mike Mo Capaldi are now on DC! They joined Josh Kalis, Matt Miller, Taylor McClung, Dan Vaughn, Marquise Henry, Davis Torgerson, and Mikey Taylor for an afternoon in the TWS Park.
8 Apr 2013
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15 Apr 2013
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Active Ride Shop brings you a day in the life with Mike Mo Capaldi. Shop Mike Mo's sponsors here *******www.activerideshop****/Girl, *******www.activerideshop****/Lakai, *******www.activerideshop****/Matix, Filmed by Eric Longden.
2 Nov 2011
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Mike mo's part from forcast.
30 Apr 2009
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p-rod vs. mike mo :)
11 Jul 2009
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'eS Game of Skate 2007, live from ASR tradeshow on REELcomp****
16 Nov 2011
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Lakai - Fully Flared. Mike Mo's part and intro. Original song is : Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
20 Apr 2012
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25 May 2012
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In just over 24 hours, we flew to LA, went straight to Mike Mo's house at midnight, and proceeded straight to his local sketchy bar in Simi-Valley. After shutting that weird joint down with a raging glow stick session, we set up camp in Mo's living room, woke him up at the ass crack of noon, and headed to the Girl/Chocolate facility. After a quick session there and a photo session for the fake Frontside Grind Magazine, we barged Tony Hawk's house. What a day's adventure. Travel the world with the infamous Skatepark of Tampa crew as they host events, contests, and more with today's top professional skateboarders. Check in with SPoT Life and SPoT Life Event Checks following major events in the world of skateboarding for a look behind-the-scenes. Subscribe to Ride: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=ridechannel *******facebook****/ridechannel *******twitter****/ridechannel instagram ridechannel Music Song- Spitfire Artist- Lantern Facebook****/Lanternusa Song- Black Samba Artist- Juanitos Song- Fireworks Artist- The Hoof and The Heel facebook****/thehoofandtheheel
31 Mar 2013
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Mike Mo's part in the Lakai video. Yes, i added a color corrector. The video was filmed on a sony vx, so it is not made to be in high definition. But, it's the best quality that there is on youtube of this video, so if you would rather watch it in 240p, be my guest.
9 May 2013
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19 Oct 2013
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20 Nov 2013
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Possibly the cleanest, most textbook and steezed out line ever done on camera. * Nollie fs 180 down huge set * Switch tre flip * Fakie tre flip * Switch bs heels * Tre flip * Nollie tre * Fs flip * Switch heels down huge set
20 Dec 2013
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A compilation of a few of my favorite street clips. please rate and comment. I'll upload the second part once youtube allows the vids I ripped footage from as they are still fairly new. Subscribe. Tricks in order: Jimmy Carlin - Double Nollie Heel Dan Nepscha - Fs double flip onto a handrail The Nuge - Huge Kickflip over gap Jaane Saario - Kick flip manual bs crooked grind manual kickflip out Ryan Sheckler - Monster kick flip at Marblehead? Tony Tave - Big switch flip over a handrail Chris Haslam - Crazy boned ollie Eric Koston - 360 flip frontside nose blunt slide handrail Jerry Hsu - Nollie backside 180 Heelflip huge set Mike Mo - Fakie Crooks 360 flip out fully flared Brian Herman - Big Tre flip Danny Supa - Backside inward big heel flip Brian Herman Nollie inward heel at MACBA Mike Mo - Switch Tre double set in Japan Mark Appleyard - long 360 flip nose slide Steve Otero -Airwalk down 17 stairs Dallas Rockvam - Long backside Feeble double kink rail Dallas Rockvam - Longest backside Feeble Chris Cole - Legendary Tre at the Wallenberg 4 Chris Haslam - double flip footplant in Barcelona Brian Herman - big 360 flip double set wilshire Sean Malto - Hard flip Carlsbad grass gap Paul Rodriguez - amazing 360 flip back side K grind Sean Malto - Frontside over crook Chris Haslam - Kickflip late frontside shove Greg Lutzka - Long front board Sean Malto - Monster 360 flip over huge gap PROD - Huge switch kickflip nike sb Jamie Thomas - Front Smith to big drop Greg Lutzka - Switch tre bomb Andrew Reynolds - Front side flip 19 stair baker Leo Romero - Kick flip Fs 50 50 Jimmy Carlin - Fakie inward big heel Mike Mo Capaldi - Switch heelflip big plant gap forcast Mark Appleyard - Big flip street gap Chima Ferguson - heel flip double set volcom lets live Dave Bachinsky - El Toro 20 stair Kickflip A few skaters not in this video that you should check out: Shane Cross Rodney Mullen Daewon Song Pj Ladd Stefan Janoski Ryan Gallant Dixon Chet Childres Aaron Kyro Nick Trapasso Jimmy Cao Danny Way Bob Burnquist Lewis Marnell Jake Duncombe Arto Saari Geof Rowley Bastien Salabanzi Tosh Townend Mike Carroll Brandon Biebel Marc Johnson David Gravette Torrey Pudwill Jeremy Rogers Furby Auntwan Dixon
18 Nov 2008
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The Complete Top 3 PRO Final Game of SKATE with Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and Mike-Mo Capaldi. Brought to you proudly through TECHSTYLE MEDIA Center. Filmed and Edited by Hidehiko Fujiwara
30 Apr 2009
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Compilation of trick,at my opinion these tricks are best ever,it's a : technically section Severin Von Ow-flip to bs tailslide bigspin flip out Colton Blight-kickflip bs lipslide kickflip out on the rail Daewon Song-360 flip to nosemanual nollie 360 flip out,ss 360 flip to ss nosemanual fakie 360 flip out Ronson Lambert-bs lipslide varial heel out Ronnie Creager-bs tailslide 270 bs flip out,fs tailslide 270 fs heel out,ss fs tailslide ss fs 270 heel out Chris Haslam-blunt triple kickflip out to fakie Mike Mo Capaldi-fakie to ss fs crook fakie 360 flip out,fs tailslide fs 270 to ss bs noseblunslide Stairs section Jamie Thomas-20 ft ollie(high) Johny Layton-20 ft ollie(long) Dan Murphy-ss kickflip Tony Tave-ss heel over the rail Jimmy Carlin-nollie double hellflip down 10 Lindsey Robertson-hellflip Dan Roberts-fs flip down hollywood high 16 Greg Lutzka-fs flip down 17 Andrew Pott-ss fs flip down santa Monica triple set Johny Layton-ss 360 flip down Calrsbad Tony Tave-nollie 360 flip down Macba 4 Chris Cole-360 double flip(x-games 13 bestrick) Nick Trapaso-bs 360 kickflip down 9 Chris Cole-bs 360 kickflip down big four rail section Heath Kirchart-kickflip to 50-50 bonk down 11 Billy Marks-flip to crook down big hubba 10 Greg Lutzka-flip to fs nosegrind Chris Cole-360 flip to noseblunt Paul Rodriguez-360 flip to bs crooked gring Greg Lutzka-fs 270 flip to ss fs boardslide down rail and two world bestricks Chris Cole-360 flip down Wallenberg four!! (eight try) Dave Bachinsky-Kickflip down el toro 20!!!!(eight try,I don't know exatly,but it's still best trick) Songs: 1."Lux Aeterna", composed by Clint Mansell 2.Gun and Roses-"Don't Cry" (Just second half)
24 May 2009
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