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From the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy to the Miley Cyrus girls kissing photos, PopCrunch takes a look at Celebrity parenting. Featuring Dina Lohan, Hannah Montana, Rosie O'Donnell, Mischa Barton, Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban, Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson.
5 Jan 2008
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This episode of the PopCrunch Show takes on the spoiled, lip synching, "I need a body double" Hannah Montan star Miley Cyrus. Also discussed: is Clay Aiken gay?, Nicole Richie becomes the first woman to give birth to a baby weighing the same as its mother, Amy Winehouse goes Blond, and Jessica Alba spars with overweight Perez Hilton. All this during celeb baby week with Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie.
15 Aug 2008
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This episode of The PopCrunch Show takes a look at Miley Cyrus' new goth look and asks whether she'll now be using one of the Jonas Brothers to do a child sacrifice at the alter. Newsflash, Tom Cruise is enamored with Pyramid Schemes and Cults - otherwise known as Scientology. Katie Holmes is stuck, Jared Leto might be prettier than Ashley Olsen, Oprah wants to pose for PETA but Barrack Obama says no, Kiefer Sutherland gets out of jail, Faith Hill gets knew surgery, Colin Ferril swears on CNN, VH1 Celebrity Rehab looks pathetic and Matt Cutts better watch out.
5 Feb 2008
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Yes, all the perverts rejoiced as Miley Cyrus, Ms. Hannah Montana, tried to "grow up" her image by leaking provocative bikini and underwear pictures on MySpace. Let's not overlook the other celeb stuff though. In this episode we talk about John Gibson's insensitive comment on Heath Ledger's death (not to mention the Westborough Baptist Church) plus the ongoing saga with Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib. Other crunched stars include Perez Hilton, midgets everywhere, Drew Barrymore, Pussycat Dolls and last but not least we congratulate Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy on their Razzies nominations.
22 Oct 2008
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funny miley cyrus is everywhere! OMG, OMG, Miley Curus is crazy!
1 Apr 2008
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Sarah East investigates Miley Cyrus' infatuation with R. Kelly, Janet Jackson's right nipple, and reviews the latest celebrity gossip in today's popcrunch show. See more at www.popcrunch****
30 Dec 2008
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The Marilyn Monroe sex tape, miley cyrus at the CMT awards, Amy Winehouse has a baby, along with Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, and other celebrities on today's popcrunch show. *******www.popcrunch****
5 Jul 2009
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You asked cute boys to message you, but.. I thought that this might be a better approach to show my love. Lyrics: I remember the first time you caught my eye I was flipping the channels around not sure what I'd find And then this pretty girl showed up out of no where, hey this works for me "Dude what the heck why are you watching Disney?" Now my alarm is set for 7 pm and I don't miss a show Just because I watch Hannah Montana doesn't mean I'm alone I feel this deep connection between Miley and I "Are you kidding me? She's like only 9..." Miley please don't freak out Your all I think about I st-st-stuttered my mom catches us making out. It's you I've got to see. For once, not on TV My best friends wondering Why I'm watching Disney Next time that we hang out No more cardboard mouth. I just can't wait till then Oh noowahoo I can't wait to see you instead. So do you really have a youtube account? I gotta subscribe! In this one video you say you have zero boyfriends Miley cyrus I could be that guy! You say you're saving yourself for marriage Wink wink me too ;-) Here me out, I just wanna be with you. Miley you know who to call if you get lonely -------------------------------------------- This song is based off her song "See You Again" Download My Song Here: just RIGHT CLICK THIS: and my green shirt is in the wash, okay?!
14 Jan 2010
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This is an old style version of Start All over By Miley Cyrus w/ me singing in the background! = ) COMMENT!!!
30 Aug 2008
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Miley Cyrus, I can't wait to see You
22 Apr 2008
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Sarah East reports on Miley Cyrus' bra pictures, a Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Breakup, Daniel Radclife's personal ad, along with George Lopez, Alexis Phifer, and Sarah Bareilles. For more, visit *******popcrunch****
23 Apr 2008
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Miley Cyrus New Song - Seven Things 7 Things Miley Cyrus New Song From New CD Breakout The video i've putted as a video response has the download link :) WWW.ALANAWEZ.COM
10 Feb 2009
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**To see extra outtakes being released in the next week and future battles SUBSCRIBE NOW!! It's worth it. ** The Biggest Online Dance Battle just got BIGGER. Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux GET SERVED by The ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) and a host of ALL STARS in this epic dance collision. Jon M. Chu (Director of Step Up 2 The Streets) and Adam Sevani (Moose in Step Up 2 The Streets) along with their other Step Up 2 cast members and other ACDC recruits battle back at Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux in this epic online dance battle that has taken YouTube by storm. "M&M came back strong, now we get to show what we got" HISTORY: April 10, 2008 Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani challenge Miley and Mandy to "The Biggest Online Dance Battle in YouTube history". The rules are...there are NO rules. both crews are allowed to do whatever they want, however they want. Jon and Adam name their crew the ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew). They release their first battle video. April 15 2008 Miley and Mandy respond with a giant video to Madonna and Justin Timberlake's song, "4 Minutes". In 24 hours their video gets OVER A MILLION hits and become an instant YouTube classic. It gets posted on Perez, Access Hollywood, Yahoo News, Ellen etc. They even recruit one of Step Up's own to be in their video (Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan). April 28, 2008 Adam and Chu release a teaser for their response to the Miley and Mandy video. It sets a date and time for the release of their next installment, "April 30th 9pm PST." Buzz grows. April 30, 2008 There is an ONLINE frenzy on the ChuPictures youtube page where the fans have gathered for the live release of the battle video. Chu's youtube triples it's views in twenty minutes before the video has even been uploaded. Technical difficulties lead to the delay of the video release for 1 hour. Frenzy only gets bigger. April 30, 2008 10pm This video is who knows where this story goes from here.... ***THANK YOU TO ALL ACDC MEMBERS WHO CAME OUT IN SUPPORT FOR US!!** MEMBERS OF THE ACDC: Chris Scott Luigi Rosada Harry Shum Jr Flea Rock Legacy BShaw Moy Casper Trent Dickens Lucas Raynaud JD MCelroy Mihran Jon Scott Sean Scott Kamile Lil John Flipz Madd Chad Dave Scott Kristi Crader Reakt K.O. Plik Plok Hok Lacey Black Thomas Telisha Shaw Liat Baruch Kelli Exum Jamal Sims Tommy J. Styles Reina Brianna Evigan Robert Hoffman Adam Shankman Adam Sandler Chris Brown Brittany Snow Amanda Bynes Diana Ross Elijah Kelley Evan Ross NLT Brandon T Jackson Lindsay Lohan Jabbawockeez SONGS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Tomoyasu Hotei- "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" Available now on iTunes Busta Rhymes-"Don't Touch Me" Available now on iTunes K.O.- "ACDC Mega Mix" kothelegend**** Miley Cyrus- "See You Again", "Nobody's Perfect" and "The Best of Both Worlds" Available now on iTunes SPECIAL THANKS TO... MICHAEL BAUM SOPHIA ROSSI BRENT BOLTHOUSE ANDREW MEYER CAST AND CREW OF "BEDTIME STORIES"
17 Mar 2009
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Okay... so here's the story. Sorry for putting out a video so late! Chris's Account is Account is and LisaNova! of her at: number made by Dax! you subbed to them they would probably be happy, think about it? yeahhhh Miley Cyrus
10 Jun 2009
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29 May 2008
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1 Oct 2008
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