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Military cases are unique. Members of the military and their spouses have certain restrictions and entitlements. For family law representation, contact The Lasky Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida. 904-399-1644. *******www.laskylawfirm****
31 Mar 2009
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www.AmericanHeoresReturn**** - One way to assist our American fighting men and women is to support the American Heores Return military transition program. Our military prepares men and women to be the warriors we need. But it is up to you and I to provide them the transitional experience back to peace living, to give them a place to readjust to return to civilian life. Work with us to create these centers, farms, retreats, and other places for our heroes. This is what you can do!
8 Apr 2009
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Choose from our wide selection of Military Gift Baskets to send a gift to an APO address. Send that perfect gift from home.
8 May 2009
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A group of military officers have signed an open letter to President Obama and Congress urging them to uphold the 1993 law barring gays from serving in the nations armed forces. Get the facts on Learn2Discern! Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 May 2009
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Military, Training, Port Dickson
16 May 2009
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*******video-shows.blogspot****/ Military training-Baris
17 May 2009
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This song is dedicated to all of our past, present and future US military. Music video for the song, "In A Desert Land." Written by Jim Cheadle. This song was recorded and performed by The Appreciation Choir back in 1990. www.9southproductions**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Jun 2009
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*******www.assistedknife****/index.cfm/fa/subcategories.main/parentcat/29189/subcatid/69878Find out everything on the lawsuit against Benchmade. All the facts the whole raw story from the lawsuit filings, the lawyers letters, and all the dirt you can imagine.This is a warning for all knife sellers to not carry Benchmade products and learn from my mistakes. I want to warn everyone about the problems that Benchmade creates for knife sellers and knife users in the United States.Benchmade falsely advertises the Infidel for $460 to the Military and Law Enforcement and claim that I have no rights to voice my opinion on this matter and wants solid proof so I called the police and the military and see for yourself what the answer about the Infidel is.
6 Jul 2009
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Thorn Lawrence, P.L. provides Worldwide Representation to U.S. service members in military law matters. Former JAG Attorney providing court martial, Article 15, Administrative Board Counsel and Representation. For more information please view our website, www.thornlawrence****.
6 Jul 2009
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Military Transport AC-130 Aircraft releasing Flares
20 Jul 2009
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5 Jul 2010
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******* Whether for discipline or defense training you may find your son in need of a military school for boys or military summer camp. Boys military schools and prep schools could help your son. Call 800-432-2480 to learn more about boys military schools. When your son enrolls in our boarding school for boys, a well rounded education is the result.
3 Aug 2009
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******* Looking for military schools to give your son the training and education to be successful? Whether youre looking for academic summer camps or preparatory schools, visit or call 800-432-2480 to enroll your son. Nestled in Chatham, Virginia, the private boarding school that develops your sons mind, body and spirit is Hargrave Military Academy.
28 Jul 2009
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******* Boys military school and college prep are the key to your sons success. If you want to enroll your son for boarding schools in Virginia or a military school for boys, call 800-432-2480 or visit From education and training to religious worship and demanding athletics, our military boarding school has it all.
28 Jul 2009
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******* Our military academy school is the best education your son can get. See how boys boarding schools can help men. Call 800-432-2480 or visit to learn about military academies and boarding school. When you enroll your son in a private boarding school like Hargrave Military Academy, your son gets the benefits of the best residential schools.
29 Jul 2009
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******* At Hargrave Military Academy, your son will get the education only a military boarding school can provide. For the top boarding schools in the US, call 800-432-2480 or visit for more on Hargrave Military Academy. While gaining the discipline of the Armed Forces, men build meaningful relationships and cultivate a religious appreciation.
29 Jul 2009
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