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The clip Milk's new dog mess law from Milk (2008) with Emile Hirsch, Sean Penn. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. You're a goddamn hero. Fuck, we came this close to a riot. Next time put down the note cards. You got to keep talking into that bullhorn and tell them what they're feeling. Oh, you're just jealous it wasn't you out there. We're losing Proposition 6 by 60%, and you're over there celebrating a riot. What we need is exposure. If we're gonna beat this thing, we got to get Briggs to acknowledge it. Every paper's calling Prop 6 the main event now. We lose this, we'll have anti-gay laws in all 50 states, and Briggs won't answer our calls for a public debate. He's trying to ignore us to death. We need something populist. What's the number one problem in this city? The fucking piss smell in the tenderloin. Close. Dog shit. If you clean up the dog shit in this town, you're the next mayor. Supervisor Milk took to the grassy lawn at Duboce Park this afternoon to publicize the new law. Dog mess is a hazard and on top of that, it's disgusting. So under the new ordinance, all dog owners who don't clean up their mess will be fined. Milk put his foot down to emphasize that the city intends to enforce, and you guessed it. In Supervisor Milk's words, "This really is the bottom line. " Aye.
30 Mar 2012
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