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A simple ticket goes way further. This guy hid a million dollars in his car...unbelievable.
22 May 2006
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The most expensive house now on the market. Take a look maybe you would like to buy a house for 75 million dollars?
30 May 2006
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What would you do if I gave you 1 MILLION DOLLARS?
10 Dec 2006
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This video shows you how to keep doubling a cent until you eventually reach 10 million dollars just by playing.there is no guarantee that you will win 10 million dollars because you have to win 30 times in a row for that but you could have a nice profit easy
3 Jan 2007
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8 million dollar car! Each component of this powerhouse on wheels was made by hands
26 Jan 2007
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Check out this $1.5 Million Dollar GT40 on the set of The PowerBlock.
15 Apr 2007
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two hundred and five million dollars
3 May 2007
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Worlds Best Bass Anglers Heading to Hot Springs Aug. 2 to 5 For Sports Biggest Week It may come as a surprise to most people that an estimated 50 million Americans fish making fishing the 5th most popular participation sport in the nation. In fact, more Americans fish than play soccer, basketball, and golf and tennis combined. This summer, thousands of anglers from more than 40 states, Japan, Australia, Canada, Italy and Spain are fishing for the right to compete in the Super Bowl of bass fishing, and for the top 81 professionals and 81 co anglers in the world, that dream will come true in Hot Springs, Ark., Aug. 2 to 5 during the 2 million dollar Forrest Wood Cup bass fishings biggest event where the winning pro will earn as much as 1 million dollar. Now thats one heck of a fish tale
8 Aug 2007
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29 Aug 2007
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1:35 Million Dollar Mike Morgan, one of the top copywriters and sales conversion strategists in the world, talks about The Next Internet Millionaire reality show contestant, Jason Henderson of
6 Sep 2007
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Soldiers find $300 million dollars in cash stuck in a gardener's shed. I know I wouldn't tell anyone about that money if I found it!
19 Oct 2007
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1:23 is SUPER! Just ask Wonder Woman and Superman - you can always trust a person in tights. Let them tell you about The Million Dollar KISSING Contest!
14 Dec 2007
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1:12 is for nice AND naughty kids! Tis' the season to win a million dollars with kissing. Santa Claus tells you all about The Million Dollar KISSING Contest.
14 Dec 2007
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1:23 and a bottle of rum... yo-ho-ho, what could be more fun!!! Learn more about The Million Dollar KISSING Contest from Captain Jack Sparrow and his friends!
14 Dec 2007
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1:17 loves The Dark Side and you are going to LOVE The Million Dollar KISSING Contest. Is the force strong with you? Maybe you can win!
14 Dec 2007
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1:06 ROCKS! Just ask Gene Simmons and Peter Chris of KISS (you can find them on Hollywood Blvd.). Watch them tell you about The Million Dollar KISSING Contest.
14 Dec 2007
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