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People know Br. Javaid Gill as a servant of Lord Jesus Christ and noted as an Evangelist. There is much more about the servant of Lord and his Ministry, now impressing the people of Pakistan with the Life saving and miracle working message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People are gathering for worship every Friday at 7:00 p.m in Salvation Army Church Saddar Karachi and increasing in number day by day. Married in 1979 Br. Javaid Gill and his wife, Catherine Javaid Gill, are the proud parents of two sons and a daughter. All Three Children Rebecca Gill, Samuel Gill and Emmanuel Gill are working along in the I.C.P.F Ministry.
Before doing an important work or leaving your country you always pray to God but it may not be the most effective way of reaching the superior force. On the other hand, the most obvious way that Christians use to reach the Holy Spirit is the gospel tracts that contain the message and the teachings of God. Right from the sins that man commit to the truthfulness of the message of Christ to the ways of salvation all are readily available in the tract. There are situations in which you may not be able to communicate with an individual about the existence of God but what you want to convey is done by the gospel. Read More: GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc
16 Apr 2018
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Abroad Advice is an Educational Consultancy Which will Guide you to get Admission letter from the University. Confirmation of Admission to the University. Translation of all certificates and documents (whenever applicable).Attestation of documents and certificates from H.R.D ministry, Govt. of India. Attestation of documents & certificates from Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. Apply in M.C.I to seek the eligibility certificate (for medical students). General medical health certificate after a proper test. Arranging foreign exchange at lowest possible rates. Arranging air ticket at lowest rates. The Consultancy with which you can feel very free.
7 Apr 2018
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A video -quotes message at the celebration of Easter. Basically the "apostles creed". images from nature, gentle musical background.
31 Mar 2018
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Me Bhi Neta Presents you all Cabinet & State Ministers portfolio with their departments Prime Minister and also in-charge of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Space, and All important policy issues.
23 Mar 2018
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Power of Praying Words of God "The entrance of your words gives light...." Psalm 119: 130
21 Mar 2018
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Global Attestation provides Certificate Attestation services for you. We are doing all type of attestations like embassy attestation, apostille, degree certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, marriage Certificate attestation, death certificate attestation, document attestation, Police Clearance Certificate (pcc), ministry of external Affairs (mea), World Education Service (wes), visa stamping, Legal translation etc...
5 Mar 2018
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WWE The Undertaker history/documentary. The Undertaker history (26 years) 1990-2016. All I can say is Thank you Taker for the enjoyment you gave us in the past 26 years, From The Original deadman, the Lord of darkness & Ministry to the Biker & the last hybrid persona. The Undertaker (Mark William Calaway ) (born March 24, 1965) kane (The Brothers of Destruction) The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, where he has worked since 1990, making him WWE's longest-tenured performer. Hi Guys, Welcome to ImFaizi. here you get Best of WWE, WWE Top 10, WWE Top 30, WWE History, Amazing Top 10, Best Documentaries and much more. Subscribe to stay tunned with me. share the videos if you like.
14 Feb 2018
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Mexico’s interior ministry has issued an alert across seven states following the theft of a radioactive device.
10 Feb 2018
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Here Beth-El Farmworker Ministry has discussed the advantages of yoga and its type which will provide the help to increase the immunity and bring harmony to your life.
30 Jan 2018
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Find and save ideas about Christian youth ministry activities on christianyouthgroup. The site is full of fun game activities, all-night activities and lessons to learn activities. Visit us and you’ll get to know what and why we provide it.
25 Jan 2018
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Tip 1: Never Think “Church,” Is A Building. Warning: the actual church is the congregation, (people of God) and going to church has given many people the false idea that their spiritual lives consist of a weekly service. Leaving the rest of the week to live for themselves. Tip 2: Avoid Churches That Only Do “Topical Study,” Look For A Chapter By Chapter, Verse By Verse Method Of Study. Tip 3: Be Sure To Find A Church That Equips Every Believer To Make Disciples. Bonus tip: the great commission (the mission of the church), is to make disciples. Find the church that is serious about its mission rather than doing other things instead. Tip 4: Don't Get Distracted By The Many Good Causes, The Churches Aligned Themselves. Social justice, feeding the homeless, etc. Find a church that has the single focus on fulfilling the great commission. Tip 5: Look For The Gospel, Clearly And Articulately Delivered. Note: the definition of the gospel is in 1 Cor. 15:1-4 Yet, after 40 years of church experience, I find very few pastors or layman who can clearly and accurately articulate this life-changing message. Tip 6: Train For The Work Of The Ministry. Tip 7: Look Outside Of The Normal. *If you have any church experience, did it prepare you to make disciples? The most startling thing to realize is the words of Christ to our modern “normal,” church. Yea, though I stand at the door knock… He is outside knocking…. In sum finding the church is simple when you apply these seven tips. So, let me leave you with one last tip… Look for a church that will challenge you. You know the saying “no pain–no gain.” You need to be challenged so you can grow.
23 Jan 2018
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Do you have heavy metals in your water? FACT: Most heavy metals in our water supply cannot be detected by sight, smell or taste. The only way to detect the presence of heavy metals is through a water test. You may expect the today’s town water supply is safe but here is a quote form NZ Ministry of Heaths web site: “About 1.1 million New Zealanders were supplied with drinking-water during 2003 that failed to comply with the current DWS2000 Standards” There are serious health risks from drinking water with excessive levels of heavy metals with many of them affecting the brain. See the links below for more information on this. Can heavy metals be removed from the supply? We can remove most heavy metals from your drink water very easily with reliable technology. Our standard underbench filter removes a huge range of metals commonly found in your water. BUT before we any recommend any solutions, we recommend Water Testing. If you are unsure and particularly if you are on bore water, we recommend water testing first. You don’t know what’s there until you test. In numerous water tests we have found excessive heavy metal levels that would affect your health.
21 Jan 2018
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