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Subscribe on iTunes! ► ******* Tim Song on Toby Sucks at Podcasts! ► ******* Buy the POSTER OF EPICOSITY! ******* 10% Off LootCrate ► *******lootcrate****/audience MOVIE NIGHT Fridays 5:30PST on TOBUSCUS! SYNC the movie & watch w/ us ► *******netflix****/audience TALKING Mini Minotaur! | ******* 10% off Lootcrate (sponsor!): *******LootCrate****/audience Prev Podcast Highlight ► ******* Next Podcast Highlight - Coming Soon! Tobuscus Shirts US - *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** Shirts EU - *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** Here are some of my favorite Let's Plays :) Check em out! Happy Wheels: ******* Minecraft: ******* Slender: ******* Amnesia: ******* Terraria: ******* Limbo: ******* TobyGames Highlights: ******* Tobuscus Channel - *******youtube****/Tobuscus Daily Vlogs - *******youtube****/tobyturner In this Toby Sucks at Podcasts highlight, we pull off the Jenna Marbles Nip Slip prank. I prank call Jenna Marbles telling her that I accidentally released a nipple slip of her on YouTube after she sent me her bikini footage from her bath tub for Depressing Song (check it out here ******* She believes me for just long enough to have made it worth while. JennaMarble's's bikini footage could have included anything, as she's a busy woman and she probably didn't have time to watch what she sent -- which is what made this the perfect prank call. I can't believe that we had her going for just a few seconds. So good. Jenna Marbles is amazing and you should subscribe to her channel. Sorry Jenna! ************/user/JennaMarbles Facebook - *******Facebook****/tobyturnerfans Twitter - *******twitter****/tobyturner Instagram - *******instagram****/tobuscus iTunes - ******* Toby Sucks at Podcasts. © 2014 Tobuscus INC
4 Mar 2014
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New Tobuscus Parody Song! - ******* Pre-Order a Mini Minotaur - ******* Free Netflix for Audience at: *******netflix****/audience Next Highlight - ******* Prev Highlight - ******* Check out other Highlights here: TobyGames Highlights Part 1 - ******* TobyGames Highlights Part 2 - ******* TobyGames Highlights Part 3 - ******* Free Netflix for Audience! *******netflix****/audience Tobuscus Shirts US - *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** Shirts EU - *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** Posters - ******* Here are some of my favorite Let's Plays :) Check em out! Happy Wheels: ******* Minecraft: ******* Slender: ******* Amnesia: ******* Terraria: ******* Limbo: ******* TobyGames Highlights: ******* Tobuscus takes Billy Milly Vanille, aka Minecraft Mike, aka whatever name Toby thinks of, on a wonderful adventure through Worldbuscus all while smacking him in the face using his voodoo bracelet. Good times. Tobuscus Channel - *******youtube****/Tobuscus Daily Vlogs - *******youtube****/tobyturner Outro Music "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. Get it on iTunes! ******* Facebook - *******Facebook****/tobyturnerfans Twitter - *******twitter****/tobyturner Instagram - *******instagram****/tobuscus iTunes - ******* Toby sucks at Gaming © 2013 Tobuscus INC
16 Mar 2014
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Tweet this video! - *******clicktotweet****/SdpKb From Greek and Roman mythology to old Norse legends human literature is littered with heroes and villains. From griffins and satyrs to titans and hydras, these are the 25 craziest mythical creatures ever conceived. ********twitter****/list25 ********www.facebook****/list25 *******list25**** Check out the text version too! - *******list25****/25-craziest-mythical-creatures-ever-conceived Here's a preview: Centaur Mermaid Harpy Cerberus Griffin Pheonix Satyr Minotaur Cyclops Gorgon Banshee Doppelganger Gremlin Hellhound Dire Wolf Krampus Pegasus Basilisk Troll Icthyocentaur Hippogriff Chimera Hydra Kraken Titans
16 Jul 2014
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Get a Free Netflix Month! *******netflix****/audience Live Stream This Friday! 1/31/14 5:30pm PST | 8:30pm EST Subscribe to Toby Sucks at Podcasts! ******* Prev Tobuscus Video - ******* Buy the TALKING Mini Minotaur! | ******* Tobuscus Shirts (US) l *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ Shirts (EU) l *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ Signed DRW Posters *******www.forhumanpeoples****/produc... 10% off LootCrate! LootCrate****/audience Join the Audience!! Facebook | *******Facebook****/Tobuscus Twitter | *******twitter****/tobyturner Spotify | ******* Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! HELP US CHOOSE A BAD MOVIE IN THE COMMENTS! Playlists: ******* Main Channel - *******youtube****/Tobuscus Daily Vlogs - *******youtube****/tobyturner Come watch a movie. It's a date. Well, not a date, because there's a lot of you and only one of me. So... let's... stay away... from that... sentence. Live streaming from Tobuscus headquarters, we'll watch a movie together as a family. A Friday night movie, just the thousands of us. Go to Netflix****/audience to sign up for a free month trial of Netflix if you aren't a member yet, and then go to our live stream on Friday night! Also there's some bad news about the Tobuscus Adventures Wizards game, in that it's ready for people to play, but we put it on iTunes and it exploded. Also, there's an awesome Tobuscus Animated Adventures Wizards mini game starring Gabuscus and Gryphon. We show a short, a really really short, clip of it here. AND Mini Minotaur plushies are for sale. They say 14 different murderous phrases like: "CUDDLE ME" "I WANT TO CUDDLE YOUR SOUL" "THROW ME AT YOUR ENEMIES" and more! We could watch a funny movie, but instead I think we're going to be watching the worst Netflix movies that you can possible watch. Movies will be decided by the audience... and me. Hopefully we get to do this livestream before the Mini Minotaur takes over the world and kills all of us. Or just brings you, us and all the children of the world joy. © 2014 Tobuscus
14 Aug 2014
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Subscribe on iTunes ► ******* 10% off LootCrate (sponsor!) *******LootCrate****/audience Prev Episode (Rhett and Link!) ► ******* Podcast Highlights ► ******* Tobuscus POSTERS! *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** TALKING Mini Minotaur Plush ► ******* Tobuscus Shirts (US) l *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ Shirts (EU) l *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ Join the Audience!! Facebook | *******Facebook****/Tobuscus Twitter | *******twitter****/tobyturner Spotify | ******* STEVEN'S NOTES: This is the eighth episode of the still kind of new Tobuscus podcast: TOBY SUCKS AT PODCASTS, starring Toby Turner (who makes sucking at podcasts so cool that they are already banning it in some states, countries and other places who have laws against that for some reason). This week, Katers17, or as she's best known on the internet, "Katers17" joins Gabuscus and Tim on the big red couch! We find out what an English Summer is, which isn't very different than a Siberian Winter, apparently. Toby gets a massage, and then Gabe gets a professional massage by a man twice his strength, which turns him into a wee little baby for a while. They get a traditional Thai massage with a happy ending and everything. I think I know what that means, like it's probably that thing where you're a lot happier at the end of the massage because of how relaxed your muscles are, right? Anyway, Gabe and Toby get happy endings with their on-screen massages. Toby and the gang play America's favorite computerized catchphrase game...CATCHPHRASE. ALSO TOBY, KATERS, and GABUSCUS LAY DOWN SOME TRACKS FOR YOU TO REMIX AND SUBMIT TO THE SHOW!! Subscribe to Katers17 here: ***********/user/Katers17 LITERAL Titanfall Trailer ***********/watch?v=oFU2SPLukvY&list=UUVJK2AT3ea5RTXNRjX_kz8A Happy Wheels: CAPTAIN FLAPPY BIRD ***********/watch?v=kkIVNdd70vs&list=UULCmJiSbIoa_ZFiBOBDf6ZA JENNA MARBLES AND A DINOSAUR ***********/watch?v=lbpsq-HJ1Ks&list=UUfRU6TVIzRaa_4gA8-_H7PA Special thanks to What's Trending for letting us shoot in their space! Check them out at *******youtube****/whatstrending © 2014 Tobuscus
17 Sep 2014
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