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Finger of God (Film) part 1 of 10 ***********/watch?v=kkxF8eHePzs In The Presence Of Almighty God - The Near Death Experience (NDE) of Mickey Robinson - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4045544 The Day I Died - Part 4 of 6 - The NDE of Pam Reynolds - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4045560 Shroud Of Turin Carbon Dating Overturned By Scientific Peer Review - Robert Villarreal - Press Release video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4041193 "The shroud image is made from tiny fibres that are (each) 1/10th of a human hair. The picture elements are actually randomly distributed like the dots in your newspaper, photograph or magazine photograph. To do this you would need an incredibly accurate atomic laser. This technology does NOT exist (even to this day)." - Kevin Moran - Optical Engineer "the closest science can come to explaining how the image of the Man in the Shroud got there is by comparing the situation to a controlled burst of high-intensity radiation similar to the Hiroshima bomb explosion which "printed" images of incinerated people on building walls." Frank Tribbe - Leading Scholar And Author On Shroud Research This following video and article give deep insight into what the image formation on the Shroud signifies: A Particle Physicist Looks At The Turin Shroud Image - (last few minutes of video) *******www.metacafe****/watch/3993426 A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection? *******www.khouse****/articles/2008/847 This following recent video revealed a surprising holographic image that was found on the Shroud: Turin Shroud Hologram Reveals The Words "The Lamb" - short video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4041205 I find it extremely interesting that quantum mechanics tells us that instantaneous quantum wave collapse to its "uncertain" 3-D state is centered on each individual observer in the universe, whereas, 4-D space-time cosmology tells us each 3-D point in the universe is central to the expansion of the universe. Why should the expansion of the universe, or the quantum wave collapse of the entire universe, even care that I exist? Psalm 33:13-15 The LORD looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works. This is obviously a very interesting congruence in science between the very large (relativity) and the very small (quantum mechanics). A congruence they seem to be having a extremely difficult time "unifying" mathematically (Einstein, Penrose). The Physics Of The Large And Small: What Is the Bridge Between Them? Roger Penrose Excerpt: This, (the unification of General Relativity and the laws of Quantum Mechanics), would also have practical advantages in the application of quantum ideas to subjects like biology - in which one does not have the clean distinction between a quantum system and its classical measuring apparatus that our present formalism requires. In my opinion, moreover, this revolution is needed if we are ever to make significant headway towards a genuine scientific understanding of the mysterious but very fundamental phenomena of conscious mentality. ******* Yet, this "unification" between what is in essence the "infinite world of Quantum Mechanics" and the "finite world of the space-time of General Relativity" seems to be directly related to what Jesus apparently joined together with His resurrection, i.e. related to the unification of infinite God with finite man: The Center Of The Universe Is Life - General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and The Shroud Of Turin - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3993426/ The End Of Christianity - Finding a Good God in an Evil World - Pg.31 - William Dembski Excerpt: "In mathematics there are two ways to go to infinity. One is to grow large without measure. The other is to form a fraction in which the denominator goes to zero. The Cross is a path of humility in which the infinite God becomes finite and then contracts to zero, only to resurrect and thereby unite a finite humanity within a newfound infinity." *******www.designinference****/documents/2009.05.end_of_xty.pdf The Mental Universe - Richard Conn Henry - Professor of Physics John Hopkins University Excerpt: The only reality is mind and observations, but observations are not of things. To see the Universe as it really is, we must abandon our tendency to conceptualize observations as things.,,, The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy. Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
9 May 2010
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If your looking for a Miracle Healing Story this is it! Watch This real life story on how Rich Sprenkel had no chance of living but despite the doctors results finished in the top 20% of the Boston Marathon anyway!
4 Dec 2008
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*******tinyurl****/manimiracle Longing to have a proper system to manifest the principles in the law of attraction? With the manifest a miracle system, you can accelerate the manifestations much faster! *******tinyurl****/manimiracle ant manifest bible miracle body miracle christian miracle crystal miracle divine miracle god miracle god's miracle healing miracle heart miracle human miracle jar manifest java manifest jesus miracle latent manifest life miracle living miracle manifest a miracle manifest bible manifest books manifest christian manifest energy manifest god manifest gospel manifest healing manifest life manifest meaning manifest meditation manifest mind manifest miracle manifest miracles meditation miracle mind miracle prayer miracle reiki miracle spiritual miracle sxs dll manifest yoga miracle
15 Jul 2008
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Miracle Of Mind-Brain Recovery Following Hemispherectomies - Dr. Ben Carson - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3994585/miracle_of_mind_brain_recovery_following_hemispherectomies_dr_ben_carson/ Removing Half of Brain Improves Young Epileptics' Lives: Excerpt: "We are awed by the apparent retention of memory and by the retention of the child's personality and sense of humor,'' Dr. Eileen P. G. Vining; In further comment from the neuro-surgeons in the John Hopkins study: "Despite removal of one hemisphere, the intellect of all but one of the children seems either unchanged or improved. Intellect was only affected in the one child who had remained in a coma, vigil-like state, attributable to peri-operative complications." *******www.nytimes****/1997/08/19/science/removing-half-of-brain-improves-young-epileptics-lives.html Blind Woman Can See During Near Death Experience - Pim Lommel - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3994599/blind_woman_can_see_during_near_death_experience_pim_lommel_nde/ Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper (1997) conducted a study of 31 blind people, many of who reported vision during their NDEs. 21 of these people had had an NDE while the remaining 10 had had an out-of-body experience (OBE), but no NDE. It was found that in the NDE sample, about half had been blind from birth. *******findarticles****/p/articles/mi_m2320/is_1_64/ai_65076875/ In The Wonder Of Being Human: Our Brain and Our Mind, Eccles and Robinson discussed the research of three groups of scientists (Robert Porter and Cobie Brinkman, Nils Lassen and Per Roland, and Hans Kornhuber and Luder Deeke), all of whom produced startling and undeniable evidence that a "mental intention" preceded an actual neuronal firing - thereby establishing that the mind is not the same thing as the brain, but is a separate entity altogether. ***********/books?id
30 Jan 2010
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Jesus heals a young man by removing a growth from his right jaw after Apostle Francis Dwomoh had anointed and Prayed for him in Athens Greece.
29 Feb 2008
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MIRACLES ARE WITHIN US advance buffalo amherst hypnosis MIRACLES ARE WITHIN US advance buffalo amherst hypnosis power of the mind. Master Saghafi methods enable man to walk again.
22 Mar 2008
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Jesus heals a 15 year old girl born deaf and mute by enabling her to hear and speak for the first time since her birth through Pastor Francis Dwomoh in the miracle healing crusade at Fort Portal, Uganda.
17 Jan 2008
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*******www.worldwideprayerpartners**** Christian prayer ministry has great faith in the power of healing scriptures to make a miracle happen for YOU. Make your special prayer request to our network of prayer partners and expect a healing miracle. Thousands of faithful Christians praying for your specific need can do so much more than you can alone. Online form makes it easy and quick to make your prayer request. Do it now: *******www.worldwideprayerpartners****
14 Mar 2010
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With China studying the past in how we brought England to their knees after they invaded Egypts ports with Israel and France, China will SELL our debt on the market (U.S. Treasury). North Korea doesnt receive food aid from the South NO-MORE! And, the spring will be a beautiful month for collecting food for its people! WAR The North is staving America isnt doing very well, so please try to understand how others live in world! Men with power do stupid things But, Madam Secretary Clinton, to speak to the Great Leader with such disrespect! The North only knows him as the Great Leader, nothing more, nothing less! You may think you speak with the education from Oxford University is fine but you dont realize youre GRAVE errors April 20th 2009 the world will cry as Men with power that lie to America's Government have created this mess, and still can't HELP themselves from GREED! President Eisenhower we will sell your pounds;and bring Great Britain to YOUR Knees Allah knows ALL On October 29, 1956, Israeli troops invaded Egypts Sinai Peninsula and quickly overcame opposition as they raced for Suez. The next day, Britain and France, following their part of the script, offered to temporarily occupy the Canal Zone and suggested a 10 mile buffer on either side which would separate the Egyptian forces from the Israelis. Nasser of course refused, and on October 31, Egypt was attacked and invaded by the military forces of Britain and France. In response to these developments, the Soviet Union, which at the time was ruthlessly suppressing an anti-Communist uprising in Hungary, threatened to intervene on Egypt's behalf. President Eisenhower of the United States pressured Britain, France and Israel into agreeing to a cease-fire and eventual withdrawal from Egypt. The United States, caught by surprise by the dual invasions, was more concerned with the Soviet war in Hungary and the Cold War than with Britain and France's dealings involving Suez. The last thing President Eisenhower wanted was a wider war over Suez. The war itself lasted for only a week, and invading forces were withdrawn within the month. As a result, Egypt now firmly aligned herself with the Soviet Union, which armed Egypt and other Arab nations for the continuing struggle against Israel. Allah knows ALL Love for all, Norman LeBoon Sr. Allah knows All WHO IS Benjamin Netanyahu'S BEST FRIEND! He is; Benny Hinn, Toufik Benedictus "Benny" Hinn (Arabic: توفيق بندكتوس "بني" الحن‎, born December 3, 1952) is a televangelist, best known for his regular "Miracle Crusades" revival meeting/faith healing summits that are usually held in large stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his television program, *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Benny_Hinn *******www.ministrywatch****/mw2.1/F_SumRpt.asp?EIN=591245704 ******* This is America's BEST where millions have the America right to be FREE!
1 Jan 2012
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A true story : In The Presence Of Almighty God - The NDE of Mickey Robinson - video ***********/watch?v=FRpbNgBn8XY The Day I Died - Part 4 of 6 - The NDE of Pam Reynolds - video ***********/watch?v=WA37uNa3VGU Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/ Shroud Of Turin Carbon Dating Overturned By Scientific Peer Review - Robert Villarreal - Press Release video ***********/watch?v=UEJPrMGksUg Now that the flawed carbon dating is finally brought into line, all major lines of evidence now converge and establish the Shroud as authentic. This rigidly tested, and scrutinized, artifact establishes the uniqueness of the Shroud among all ancient artifacts of man found on earth. I know of no other ancient artifact, from any other culture, which has withstood such intense scrutiny and still remained standing in its claim of divine origin. It is apparent God thought this event so important for us to remember that He took a photograph of the resurrection of Jesus Christ using the Shroud itself as a medium. After years of painstaking research searching through every materialistic possibility, scientists still cannot tell us exactly how the image of the man on the Shroud was imprinted. How Did The Image Form On The Shroud? - video ***********/watch?v=HSFHgwrh81Y This following video and article give deep insight into what the image formation on the Shroud signifies: A Particle Physicist Looks At The Turin Shroud Image - 4:25 minute mark of video ***********/watch?v=cgvEDfkuhGg A Quantum Hologram of Christ's Resurrection? *******www.khouse****/articles/2008/847 This following recent video revealed a surprising holographic image that was found on the Shroud: Turin Shroud Hologram Reveals The Words "The Lamb" - short video ***********/watch?v=7XLcdaFKzYg
9 Jan 2010
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David Diga Hernandez visits a hospital in Fiji - many were healed. These are some highlights of his visit to that hospital.
17 Aug 2010
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Jesus heals a woman with an 8 years chronic migraine through Pastor Francis Dwomoh in a healing service in Athens Greece.
17 Jan 2008
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