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หนึ่งใจ... เดียวกัน (อังกฤษ: Where The Miracle Happens) เป็นภาพยนตร์ไทยในทูลกระหม่อมหญิงอุบลรัตนราชกัญญา สิริวัฒนาพรรณวดี กำกับโดยสิริปปกรณ์ วงศ์จริยวัตร นำแสดงโดย ทูลกระหม่อมหญิงอุบลรัตนราชกัญญา สิริวัฒนาพรรณวดี, ศุกลวัฒน์ คณารศ, ศิรพันธ์ วัฒนจินดา, นิศารัตน์ อภิรดี, ซีแนม สุนทร, รอง เค้ามูลคดี, สมชาย ศักดิกุล และ วิทยา เจตะภัย เป็นภาพยนตร์แนวดราม่า สร้างสรรค์สังคม จากบทพระนิพนธ์ เรื่องสั้นที่...ฉันคิด ในทูลกระหม่อมหญิงอุบลรัตนราชกัญญา สิริวัฒนาพรรณวดี มีเนื้อหาที่ก่าวถึงผู้หญิงค้นหนึ่ง ที่ค้นหาความสุขที่แท้จริงของชีวิต โดยเริ่มต้นที่เพียงหลวง โรงเรียนเล็กๆที่รายล้อมด้วยธรรมชาติ
29 Jul 2008
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Ave Maria! If we can show that Christ worked true miracles, then we have to believe that God approves His doctrine. At the heart of Christ doctrine is that He is God. Miracles are a proof of His Divinity! Ave Maria!
5 Aug 2008
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I produce videos at work and we needed a short commercial so I created miracle-fro.
26 Aug 2009
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Join us in this very special miracles energy session from Abadiania, Brazil; where "John of God" has a wonderful spiritual center
10 Aug 2008
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First song-Native deen-Alhamdulillah Second song-Native deen- Deen you know Allah sends down his signs to the believers to strengthen their faith, and sends down the miracles to show the Non-believers the truth. Surely Allah has sent mankind enough signs, but yet people are still stumbling in the dark. It is better to have some faith than have no faith at all. The Quran and the Prophet (P.B.U.H) were big enough signs to prove the existence of Allah, yet people are still not taking heed, so the signs continue to come down. May Allah guide the believers and Non- believers from Misguidance. Here are some videos on Youtube about Child Imams. 5 year old child Imam who can speak 5 different languages!
27 Jan 2009
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A documentary film about the Miracles of the Quran if you like islam told me: my skype : muslim.3
19 Aug 2008
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19 Aug 2008
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miracle at st anna
20 Oct 2008
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Everyone knows what a seed is… But perhaps they have never considered how countless different plants come from a little thing that looks like a piece of wood. If you think more carefully about a seed, you will see that it is a great miracle. The colors, designs, smells and all the other qualities of the plants you see around are hidden in a tiny seed. With this film you will witness that a tiny seed by itself is a proof of God’s magnificent art of creation
28 Aug 2008
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During a construction of a mosque in Kailolo, Sulawesi, Indonesia. A miracle happened. The "Kubah" (roof top of the mosque tower) flown by itself, and placed itself correctly on the top of the mosque tower. I don't know exactly when this happened, but from the information that I got, this happened around late January - early February 2008, in broad daylight, and in front of hundreds of people who fell in hysteria and praised the name of Allah. I didn't shot the video by myself, I got it from friends of mine (Mr. Asnan), who also got it from other sources. I don't know who actually shot it, I think the video has been around and transferred from one mobile phone to another. Anyways, it's still an amazing event.
6 Sep 2008
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10 Feb 2009
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11 Sep 2008
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pls dont miss to see this video miracle of quran (orbits)
21 Sep 2008
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pls dont miss to see this video layers of the earth miracle of the quran
21 Sep 2008
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ple dont miss to see this video. miracle of quran Relativity of time
27 Sep 2008
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pls dont miss to see duality in creation ( miracle of the quran )
21 Sep 2008
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