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Missed Fortune Bio Missed Fortune is an asset optimization strategy created by esteemed financial planner Douglas Andrew and based on his best-selling books, Missed Fortune and Missed Fortune 101. In the Missed Fortune curriculum, Andrew explains how prudent individuals can maximize their rate of return while minimizing their risk of loss. Andrew established the Missed Fortune line with a focus on the economic principal of acquiring funds using tax-favorable techniques that allow a greater retirement income. The system also stresses the importance of positioning retirement monies where they are readily available in case of an urgent necessity. The Missed Fortune program points out key questions all individuals must ask themselves before putting additional monies into a 401K or IRA – tactics that only offer temporary tax benefits, according to Douglas Andrew. The Missed Fortune approach advises establishing more stable financial strategies that offer tax advantages later – at what Andrew calls the Harvest Period. One of the most overlooked opportunities cited in the Missed Fortune plan is buying specific types of life insurance policies. In the Missed Fortune books and program, Andrew illustrates how these insurance policies – when planned correctly - are akin to conservative mutual funds, but with greater tax saving opportunities. Unlike traditional asset management plans, Missed Fortune does tout home equity as a key resource. Instead, the system teaches individuals how to perform financially, much like large corporations and banking institutes. In the Missed Fortune series, Andrew places the emphasis on arbitrage, or borrowing at a low interest rate and contributing those funds to a conservative financial vehicle that grosses a higher return, thereby creating higher net income streams. Missed Fortune author Douglas Andrew began his career over three decades ago out of personal necessity. He, like many Americans of today, lost his home to foreclosure. His dreams of financial freedom were, for a short time, shattered. But Andrew, not one to bow to pressure, devised his own wealth accumulation strategy, which eventually became the methodology taught in Missed Fortune and his other best-selling publications. Andrew has also co-authored Millionaire by Thirty along with his two self-made millionaire sons who were in their twenties. Douglas Andrew is a retirement specialist who asserts his Missed Fortune program can create greater wealth while preserving the most valuable asset of all: personal relationships. He is notable for pointing out the ten most common financial pitfalls young people today face, including impatience, inexperience, and blind trust. Andrew is a sought after public speaker with a knack for explaining difficult concepts in a way that make them understandable and relatable. Andrew’s Missed Fortune wealth transformation strategy is available in North America via educational symposiums and accessible across the globe online. Andrew heads a team of financial professionals who undergo intense training through the Missed Fortune program and are given specific focus on helping others optimize assets and manage personal equity. For more information about the Missed Fortune program, visit or get a sneak peek inside the cover of all of his acclaimed books on
Miss Dior فروشگاه حلیه
16 Aug 2017
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In recent years there were many improvements in the field of dentistry. Despite the improvements, many American loose there teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, dental injury and many others. For decades, dental treatment for lost/missing teeth were dentures and dental bridges. But thanks to modern dental procedures, dental implants are available. If you are in need of dental implants contact us or visit our website to book an appointment.
25 Jul 2017
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These 2 beard styling hacks will help you style your beard easier and also choose the prefect style for your face!
2 Aug 2017
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Lie movie song
2 Aug 2017
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Be ready to laugh out load by watching this guy throw a treat at this orangutan, who returns the favor by throwing it back at him.
6 Aug 2017
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Let's hope there are at least some deep-conditioning properties to butter. Might as well get a good hair day out of the deal! Be sure to share this if your kiddos ever get into trouble.
6 Aug 2017
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Glad thus driver was at 40mph or else this deer could have been dead. Watch how close call was it for the deer, it was its lucky day.
10 Aug 2017
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Ladies relationships about getting your ex back
17 Aug 2017
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The best thing about eating in ‘Nawab’ city Lucknow is that we have everything here. Regardless of what cuisine you're craving, there is almost certainly a place nearby at which to feast. Madhurima Sweets bring real kinds of desserts from various areas of India to your entryway. From that point you can surf among all the facilities of desserts and namkeens from various parts of India. Order Online
21 Aug 2017
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Miss A Suzy said Good Bye to Kim Heechul
30 Jul 2017
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Little things make the biggest impact! Shop for candy cute- jelly bags available in all colors on Miss Molly online store. You can discover our other collection of bags. Call us at +61438431588
24 Jul 2017
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In This Video Dr Kunal Kishor Consultant Radiation Oncology Paras Hospital Patna is talking about that Tobacco use is the biggest cause of Oral Cancer. Tobacco use in any form affects you and poses as a risk of oral cancer. When people start to suffer from the early signs of Oral Cancer they tend to consult quacks and opt for alternative care instead of consulting specialists. Don't Opt for alternative care for Oral Cancer. This process delays the treatment plan and makes us miss the early stages of detection and management.
25 Jul 2017
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