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Just a quick r3mix of Ciara's "1-2 St3p", fr33styl3 by Yung-Flam3.
21 Jan 2011
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A woman attempting to dance like Missy Elliot, but failing miserably.. Extremely funny and definately worth the laugh!!
22 Aug 2006
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Najwa Karam vs. Missy Elliot
6 Apr 2009
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Very hot and sexy vidoe clip.
30 Aug 2006
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E3 (Mike Kuzoian, Mike Minelli, and Ron Libatique) tryout for the U.S. Hip Hop Dance Team. The group makes the team, ranks first in America, and takes home "Best in show" in the process.
16 Jan 2008
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"TATS CRU: THE MURAL KINGS", is a feature length documentary, that details the story of the world famous TATS CRU; a group of Bronx-based professional muralists whose work in aerosol has changed the perception of Graffiti as art. The film follows the world famous TATS CRU as they produce their mural for The Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem and prepare to uphold their title of "The Mural Kings." Inter-cut with exclusive interviews detailing the journey that started twenty-five years ago, as three Bronx teenagers began their artistic careers by creating subway graffiti. "TATS CRU: THE MURAL KINGS" features rare archival footage, never before seen photographs, a behind the scenes look at the entire mural production process, marketing campaigns for Hip-Hop artists Fat Joe, Big Pun, Nas, Nelly, JLo, Missy Elliot, and much more. Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jul 2008
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a dance video that kills
24 Jan 2007
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here's the first amv i had made with the song lose control. hope you like it.
15 May 2007
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5 May 2009
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La star statunitense “GINUWINE” arriva in Italia con il suo nuovo singolo “GET INVOLVED” La collaborazione con Timbaland (anche produttore del brano) e Missy Elliott, due degli artisti più cool del momento, è già garanzia di qualità. Buon Ascolto...
9 Aug 2010
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11 Jun 2007
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June 19 2008. The weekly show thats documents anything new in Hip Hop from movies and music to fashion and gadgets. Hosted by Wahidah, the New Releases Show comes out every Thursday. This weeks show features: ===ALBUMS & MIXTAPES=== 2 Pistols – “Death Before Dishonor” Craig G - “Operation Take Back Hip Hop” Blood Raw – “My Life: The True Testimony” Best of the Geto Boys Tanya Morgan - “The Bridge” Chante Moore - “Love the Woman” DJ Kay Slay – “The Return of the G.O.A.T : LL Cool J” D-Block & Dipset –“The Mixtape” DJ Teknikz, Diddy & Block – “The Official No Bitch Ass Ness Mixtape” ===TOP 5 SONGS ON RADIO=== # 5 – “TAKE YOU DOWN” By Chris Brown (3845 spins) # 4 – “I LUV YOUR GIRL” by The Dream (3925 spins) # 3 – “HEAVEN SENT” by KEYSHIA COLE (4243 spins) # 2 – “LOLLIPOP” by LIL WAYNE FEAT. STATIC MAJOR(4488 spins) # 1 - "BUST IT BABY PART 2” by PLIES FEAT. NE-YO (4821 spins) ===FUTURE BANGERS==== Nas ft DJ Khaled – Im On LL Cool J – Zodiac Drilla – Mariah Carey ft. T.I. - I'll Be Lovin You Long Time (remix) Musiq Soul Child Radio Young Buck – My Whole Life Missy Elliot – Best Best Busta Rhymes - Blackout DJ Khaled ft various – Out Here Grindin Styles P – Goin Thru It John Legend ft Andre 3000 – Green Light ===MUSIC VIDEOS=== 2 Pistols ft Ray J – You Know Me Flo Rida ft Will I Am – In The Ayer Plies- Worth Goin FED Fo Snoop Dogg – My Medicine Nelly ft Jermaine Dupri & Ciara – Stepped on My J’s ===MOVIES==== Last Weekend's Box Office numbers: The Incredible Hulk - $55.5 million Followed by Kung Fu Panda - $33.6 million The Happening - $30.5 million This Weekends New Releases: The Love Guru Adulthood ===NEWS RAP UP== -Celtics Win NBA Championship -Ice T Disses Soulja Boy -R Kelly Not Guilty -Jim Jones Air's Out Koch's Laundry -Phonecall between 50 Cent & Young Buck Produced by
14 Sep 2011
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Missy Elliot vs Snakefinger DJ Le Clown Video-Bootleg
5 Mar 2009
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Album: Black Hole In Universal Bondage 2010. G2BS Productions. instrumental beat: Missy Elliot/Timbaland/Get ur freak on/atlantic records
7 May 2010
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BIENVENIDOS A ESTE RECORRIDO MUSICAL, CUANDO RECORDAMOS QUE UN PRIMERO DE JULIO, PERO DE 1971, NACE EN VIRGINIA, ESTADOS UNIDOS, LA LEGENDARIA ARTISTA, MISSY ELLIOT, BAJO EL NOMBRE DE MELISSA ARNETTE ELLIOT. PARA NUESTRA PROTAGONISTA, SU INFANCIA NO FUE LA MÁS AFORTUNADA, PUES CRECIÓ EN LA SOLEDAD, SIENDO HIJA ÚNICA DE UN PADRE RESERVISTA Y UNA MADRE AMA DE CASA, QUIENES VIVÍAN EN LA POBREZA, SIENDO SU CONSTANTE COMPAÑÍA LAS RATAS EN UNA CASA DONDE NO HABÍA CUARTOS Y SU PADRE INCLUSO TUVO QUE PEDIR LIMOSNAS Y LA POCA COMIDA QUE CONSEGUÍAN LA ESCONDÍAN EN LA SECADORA PARA QUE LOS ROEDORES NO LA CONSUMIERAN. RECORDANDO A LA MÍTICA MISSY ELLIOT, LES PRESENTÓ EL AGUIJÓN MUSICAL. ( De niña siempre inventaba canciones ya que con solo mirar una persona, se inspiraba para escribir un tema, los cuales solía cantarlos, luego de colocar sus muecas como en un teatro, donde ella era la estrella.ESTOS INFORMES Y MUCHOS MÁS, EN LA PROGRAMACIÓN DIARIA DE TÚ RADIO O MEDIO?, ESCRÍBENOS A: Los informes de lo ocurrido en la música un día como hoy, con algo más de un minuto de duración son paquetes que enviamos a la emisoras vía e-mail cada semana con un promedio de 14 informes diarios, lo que sobrepasa los 400 informes al mes, a un costo promocional de tan solo 50 dólares (40 euros) al mes, por ello, ninguna emisora, a excepción de las que aparecen en lista, está autorizada a bajar los informes de Internet y transmitirlos, ya que de hacerlo está violando los derechos de autor. También ofrecemos a precios de promoción los informes de última hora de algo más de dos minutos que se envían a diario en un promedio de tres unidades comentando los hechos recientes ocurridos en la música. El programa semanal de una hora, "POR LOS GÉNEROS DEL MUNDO", en el que recorremos el globo terráqueo hablando de los distintos géneros musicales en en mundo. El programa LA ENCICLOPEDIA MUSICAL, en el que con una hora de duración ya sea diaria o semanal, escogemos uno de los artistas que haya hecho historia en la fecha de emisión para entregar sus datos biográficos y sus mejores éxitos. El ciclo de programas LOS QUE SE FUERON EN 2009, recordando a los artistas que murieron en 2009, tiene una duración de una hora semanal, todos presentados por El Aguijón Musical. EMISORAS AUTORIZADAS PARA TRANSMITIR LOS INFORMES DEL AGUIJÓN MUSICAL, HASTA EL 11 DE JULIO DE 2010 - Cristalina Stereo, La Mesa, Cundinamarca, Colombia - Voz de Melo, Dominio Público, Uruguay - Radio Latina de Ecuador - 24FM en Burgos, España - Radio Irache en Navarra, España - Sinigual Stereo, Oriente Antioqueño, Colombia - Radio Mundial de Ecuador - Radio Vilamalla en España - Radio U. Tecnológica de Pereira, Colombia - Radio Mitópolis, Barcelona, España - RVT Radio de Ecuador - Radio Cartago en Cartago, Costa Rica - Radio Raíces en Rivadavia, Argentina - Ecuaradio de Ecuador - informativo Chiapas en Chiapas, México - Beat FM en Costa Rica - Radio Colosal de Ambato, Ecuador - Radio Victoria en Buenos Aires, Argentina - Radio Máxima de Chile De joven, cuando se le acababa el papel para escribir sus canciones, escribía las letras en las paredes de su cuarto.
30 Jun 2010
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SELAH has officially arrived with the strong debut WOMAN'S WORLD. Featuring a little help from SADIE AMA, MZ BRATT and DUCHESS making a collaboration of devastating proportion! WOMAN'S WORLD has been described by fans as a ‘female anthem’ due to the catchy and concise chorus and has gained quick initial radio support across networks championed by DJ TARGET at 1xtra, while also receiving plays from MAX, MISTAJAM, TWIN B, RAS KWAME (RADIO ONE), WOODY & FIRIN SQUAD (CHOICE FM), SWERVE & MANNY NORTE (KISS) alongside regional and pirate support too. The track has proved so popular that it’s already on the B-List at 1xtra. At the age of 22 SELAH has already achieved a great deal, from performing backing vocals for MS DYNAMITE at the BRIT AWARDS as well as providing vocals for her sophomore album, to supporting MISSY ELLIOT, being hand-picked by chart-topper LEMAR to perform at BBC’s MAIDA VALE studio as part of a 1XTRA SPECIAL, her star is well and truly in ascendance. Having already achieved RADIO 1 daytime support as featured vocalist on the BLAME single BECAUSE OF YOU claiming SINGLE OF THE WEEK on SARA COX’S show whilst ZANE LOWE dubbed it HOTTEST RECORD OF THE YEAR. Also featured on Woman’s World are SADIE AMA, MZ BRATZ and DUCHESS, each highly talented female artists in their own right, making this single absolute dynamite. Production comes courtesy of DAVINCHE, always on hand to deliver a record with impact. Known for his smooth but gritty street sound, the horns once again lead the way and provide space for some dynamic vocal arrangements. The video for the song has been shot and already features regularly on CHANNEL AKA with more stations ready to follow. The concept for the video sees the director placing each girl performing in a different season, showing strong visuals, individualism and unity at the same time.
9 Jul 2010
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