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Http://Www.Homebusinesspress.Com leads marketing buy loan modification leadsmortgage loan modification leadsloan modifications leadsfree loan modification leadsbuy loan modification leadstransfer loan modification leadsleads for loan modificationlive transfer loan modification leadsbest loan modification leadsexclusive loan modification leadsloan modification leadloan mod leadsloan mod leadmortgage leadsloss mitigation leadsBuying loan modification leads can put a big dent in your wallet. As as a mortgage company or loan modification firm, you have to keep your costs low in order to make a good profit margin these days. It's not like days of old where you could make 3 to 5 points on a deal and take the rest of the month off. No. It's time to work hard. Is this the way it's supposed to be?In my opinion, as a business owner you have to be savvy these days and learn how to squeeze out every dollar you can out of every lead. This means you should turn it up a notch as far as having a referral program. A referral program can really bring down the cost per lead if you did all the math and all. I found a way to get hundreds of referrals using a system I bought which taught me how to see marketing in a whole new way. This is one option. The other is to lower your costs.You have to work on finding lower cost leads in general. This can be difficult if you are in the same mindset as most people thinking internet paper leads. You can also go out and buy a dialer which would cost you thousands plus maintenance and long distance costs. Also, you could use an online web-Enable voice broadcasting service to use which only charge for the long distance minutes and nothing else. This is the way to go but which company should you use. They can get pricy too. Some companies charge an outrageous 3.5 cents to 5.5 cents per minute but secret is to get wholesale voice broadcasting at about 1.2 cents per minute.This could really help you save a lot of cost on marketing. Be careful and don't be fooled by 1 cent per delivered call tactics because you are really paying double this way. You want to pay by the minute and not by delivered call. For example, you could leave two 30 second messages with 1 cent per minute method for the same cost to deliver one advertised 1 cent per delivered call. This may sound attractive at first but once you do the math it makes more sense to get a low per minute service.Call center loan modification leads or big office with a lot of salespeople, can get very costly. Most mortgage modifications leads go for anywhere from $10 to $25. Exclusive leads can range from $35 to $45. If you are paying these prices, you are throwing your money away. Loan mod leads are easy to find since so many homeowners are in trouble with their mortgage and facing foreclosure. You really should try wholesale voice broadcasting as an alternative to get your phones to ring.Are loan modification leads a scam? Alternatively, how can wholesale voice broadcasting make your phones ring like crazy, save your business, and give you thousands of exclusive leads inexpensively?The answer is in the FREE PowerPoint Presentation.To request it call Rick Zepeda at (714) 724-9973.
23 Aug 2011
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Fine cheeses are like fine wines. Producing and aging them properly is both an art and a science. From cave-aging to the use of raw milk, watch Dr. Catherine Donnelley, Co-director of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheeses, describe the microbial world of cheese. Listeria and Salmonella are just a couple of the pathogens that pose a risk to cheese consumers. In this episode of MicrobeWorld Video, Dr. Donnelly explains how these risks are mitigated through strict processing guidelines, why these safeguards make cheese one of the safest commodities today, and how beneficial organisms contribute to the cheese making process. In addition, Erica Sanford from Cowgirl Creamery with the help of Carolyn Wentz from Everona Dairy walk us through the steps of artisan cheese production. For more information about cheese making and cheese safety please visit the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheeses. If you would like to try some of the cheeses featured in this episode order them online from www***wgirlcreamery**** and www.everonadairy****. Bon Appétit!
14 May 2009
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*******www.dailynewscaster****/2009/02/11/inside-source-reveals-fema-dhs-prepairing-for-mass-graves-and-martial-law-near-chicago/ D. H. Williams Daily Newscaster February 13, 2009 An Indiana county municipal official in the vicinity of Chicago reveals the contents of his meetings with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The initial requests seem reasonable enough when FEMA asks the county officials to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan to deal with flooding, fires, high winds and tornadoes. But as the required meetings and calls with FEMA and DHS continue over a two year period their request become more unusual, raising suspicions of county officials Listen to the audio: We want to know every important thing in this county. We want to know where police departments are. Where weapons are stored. Hazardous material. Where can we land a helicopter. Where are the airports. How big a plane can you land at the airport. Where are all the bridges. Where are all the power stations. Where are all the generating stations.Where are all the substations. They literally wanted to know where everything was. Im sitting there thinking man if there was ever martial law. This kind of information is exactly the kind of stuff they are going to want. Were just laying it all out for them right there. During the legally mandated meetings held with FEMA and DHS different disaster scenarios were reveled to county officials: • In late December 2008 municipal officials were invited to Indianapolis for a briefing on the state of Indiana. There were told if industry were to collapse for example GM going bankrupt resulting in mass unemployment a depression would soon follow and municipalities could expect to loose 40% of their funds. • Every county in the nation would be required to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan. • The county should prepare a plan to vaccinate the entire population within 48 hours and practice the plan several times. • FEMA inquired to where mass graves could be placed in the county and would they accept bodies from elsewhere. • The sheriffs department via the state sheriff association was told that no .223 ammunition rounds would be available as the military would be purchasing all stocks. • The county was asked to make plans for hardening of police and fire stations, putting in hardened bunker type buildings around town. • The county was asked to make plans for the possibility of up to 400,000 refugees from Chicago.
22 May 2009
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*******www.RadonDenverColorado**** Radon mitigation - remediation Denver, Littleton, Boulder, Broomfield, Aurora, Longmont, Fort Collins (Ft. Collins), Parker, Arvada, Englewood, Loveland, Castle Rock, Golden Colorado. Radon testing, reduction, abatement.
23 May 2009
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OnePointe Solutions, *******www.OnePointeSolutions****, 866-612-7312, Specialists in vibration dampening workbenches to mitigate shock to the expensive lab equipment for industries including laboratory, biotech and industrial environments.
4 Jun 2009
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The UNEP launches its report today on the role of ecosystems in climate mitigation. This coincides with World Environment Day. BSN will have a full news report.
5 Jun 2009
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This week’s Preforeclosure “Tip of the Week” from PreforeclosureDailyGrind****’s Bob Lachance and Chris Bowes discuss the latest updates from the almighty Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This video goes over how long it will take them to process your short sale transaction from start to finish… This video also dives into the different companies and lenders that are now outsourcing their loss mitigation work and who they are. Also, covered is the “Industry” lending ManagemyShortSale**** Newsletter that is produced from two of the top companies in the nation currently negotiating over 250 short sales.Visit www.PreForeclosureDailyGrind**** for more videos or to ask questions visit www.AskBobLachance****.
18 Jun 2009
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The new version of Pandemika 2009, the video on Prevention, Containment and Mitigation of Swine Flu in Pilipino language. It intend to help the Filipino people to help prevent the infection of Swine Flu, contain its spread and mitigate the effects of the Flu Pandemic in the Philippines. A service project of the RoverBSP, Boy Scouts of the Philippines.
24 Jun 2009
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DEFENSE TO CRIMINAL CHARGESBY KENNETH A. VERCAMMENToo often lawyers throw up their hands when a client presents a ticket involving Drug Possession, Driving While Suspended, DWI or Assault. While defense of criminal court charges involving serious motor vehicle charges may become an involved process requiring commitment and persistence, there are a number of viable defenses and arguments that can achieve a successful result. Rather than simply suggest that a client plead guilty and avoid trial, an attorney should accept the challenge and apply his best legal talents to protect the clients rights.1. The In-Office Interview at the Law OfficeWe advise potential clients to bring in a copy of the complaint, all their papers in connection with their case, accident report, and any documents they received from the Motor Vehicle Commissions. Often times I will instruct them to write a confidential narrative if it is a case that is fact- specific or involves a great deal of detail, such as an assault case.When the client is first in the office, we have them fill out the Confidential New Criminal Case Interview Sheet. We obtain background information such as their name, address, the offenses charged, date of the persons arrest, other witnesses, statements given to them by the police, their occupation and information regarding prior criminal convictions and prior motor vehicle convictions. Our interview sheet also asks if there is anything else important, such as a medical condition that affects their case. This form will also let us know whether or not the client will follow instructions and cooperate with us. If they refuse to provide information we may have a problem client. After reviewing the summons and the interview sheet, I ask a series of questions of the client. We request the client wait until the end of the interview before explaining their side of the story. We also ask them if there is anything else of importance in connection with the case that we should know. The client may have pending serious criminal charges in another state or country. I usually open up our statute book and show the clients the specific language of the offense they are charged with and explain to them the maximum penalties that could be imposed. By understanding the charges they are facing, my clients are more likely to realize the seriousness of the offense and pay our retainer. 2. Retaining the Attorney Rule 1:11-2 of the Rules of Professional Conduct indicate a retainer letter or written statement of fees is required for new clients. I also provide all my clients with written information explaining how to appear in court, information on surcharges, information on points, and information regarding substance abuse treatment, if applicable.Once we receive our retainer (are paid), we begin work right away. Usually while the client is still in the office, we prepare a discovery letter on the computer to the prosecutor/district attorney and court and hand a copy to the client. We occasionally call the court to advise them that we will be handling the case and to inquire who handles discovery. We check the Lawyers Diary to determine who are the judges and prosecutor/district attorneys for the county or town. It is important to learn about the judge and the prosecutor.We require a great deal of cooperation from our clients in an effort to help keep their costs reasonable. We require our clients to take photographs of accident sites and prepare diagrams and provide us with the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses.I recommend that my clients provide me with a list of between 10 to 15 reasons why they should not go to jail and why court should impose the minimum license suspension. We recommend they obtain a Motor Vehicle Abstract. This provides us with information for mitigation of penalties and also provides information to be considered by the judge in sentencing.Kenneth Vercammen was selected one of only three attorneys as a Super Lawyer 2007-2008 in NJ Monthly in the Criminal - DWI. Kenneth Vercammen was the NJ State Bar Municipal Court Attorney of the Year and past president of the Middlesex County Municipal Prosecutor's Association. He is the past chair of the NJ State Bar Association Municipal Court Section. He is the Deputy chair of the ABA Criminal Law committee, GP Division.KENNETH VERCAMMEN ATTORNEY AT LAW 2053 Woodbridge Ave. Edison, NJ 08817 732-572-0500NJ LAWS LEGAL WEBSITE: www.njlaws****Criminal website www.BeNotGuilty****
2 Jul 2009
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The talk continues on the Purchase and Sale Agreement versus the Option Contract! Listen in as we go over the what the correct language and disclosure you should put in your purchase and sales agreement, if a memorandum of an option contract will affect seasoning requirements, how to set up an escrow account to collect a loss mitigation fee, are homeowners association dues negotiable and more.
10 Jul 2009
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A recent IDC study of Netcordia customers found that NetMRI users were able to improve service quality, reduce network management costs, and mitigate the risk of network failure through better management of change in their networks. Key findings from IDC's ROI research include: 1. On average, NetMRI customers were able to avoid the future hiring of 2.5 personnel tasked with managing network configuration changes. On average, customers experienced operational efficiency savings of $203,207 per year. 2. The total three-year discounted benefit of NetMRI is $830,566. 3. Netcordia NetMRI customers, on average, recouped their investment within four months with an ROI of 625%.
24 Jul 2009
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This week’s Preforeclosure “Tip of the Week” is about how to get Bank of America loss mitigators to pay for all of your closing costs while getting your short sale transactions closed and how to plow through standard objections that are total ridiculous!
31 Jul 2009
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When you are dealing with properties that have IRS liens there are certain things that need to be done. Listen in as a talk about what to do to get the lien released. I also cover whether or not there is a problem when you are making an offer on a short sale property where your spouse is the listing agent, whether or not I can get a loss mitigation fee as the buyer, whether or not a charged off lien can get short sold and much more.
31 Jul 2009
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CloudSlam09**** This presentation will highlight opportunities and associated legal risks inherent in cloud computing and will address some implementation methods for minimizing or mitigating those risks. It will also identify considerations for adopting
4 Aug 2009
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Commercial real estate loans defaults/ delinquencies have increased.Lenders do not like defaults/foreclosures. NO COST EVALUATION will provide thorough Analysis of property for Loss Mitigation/Loan Workout. Renegotiate existing terms.Restructure current loan for better property income Cash Flow. Deferment solutions, reduce interst/principal. We deliver these flexible loan modifications through our industry based knowledge, highly efficient back office processes, state of the art software, and a get it done, no excuses mentality, all backed by our 100% money back guarantee. *******www.LoansApproval****/loanmod.aspx
15 Aug 2009
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*******www.RadonKits****/ - In this video, I talk about the two types of radon systems - passive and active. Typically passive radon mitigation systems are used first.
9 Sep 2009
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