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the 4th naruto shippuuden opening, and yes, the vid is mirrored!!! Please don't act like you're the only one who noticed that! Yay 30000 views!!! thank you guys Mi jika ni arumono Tsune ni ki wo tsuketenai to Amari ni chikasugite Miushi natte shimaisou Anataga saikin taiken shita Shiawase wa ittai nan desu ka? Megumare sugeteite Omoidasenai kamo Ima koko ni iru koto Iki wo shitei ru koto Tada sore dake no koto ga Kiseki dato kizuku Mi jika ni arumono Tsune ni ki wo tsuketenai to Amari ni chikasugite Miushi natte shimaisou You know the closer you get to something The tougher it is to see it And I'll never take it for granted Oitsuzuketekita yume Akiramezuni suzume yo nante Kirei koto wo ieru hodo Nanimo dekichainai kedo Hitonigiri no yuuki wo mune ni Ashita wo ikinuku tame ni And I'll never take it for granted Let's go!
4 Dec 2009
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An Austin Miushi video adapted for Greek People. You're asking why. In order to allow hellenic users to understand what actors say during this episode of Patty Η ΠΙΟ ΟΜΟΡΦΗ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ , 2nd season. With subtitles ! PATTY is an american fiction even aired in Italy Greece and Turkey. Since August 29 2010 PATTY is airing in Greece. Since the End of 2009 PATTY in Italy and Turkey. In Italy PATTY is still airing on tv, until February 2011. υπότιτλοι ελληνικά Αντονελλα ποτά μια μαγική ουσία που γίνεται από Σοκορρο (η μάγισσα και η θεία της). Έχει πάρει τη δύναμη να μεταμορφώνει και να μετατρέψει τον εαυτό της σε Wonder Woman ("Mujer Maravilla"), την εξυπηρέτηση της ειρήνης και της δικαιοσύνης κατά των εγκληματιών. Στην πραγματικότητα, είναι σε θέση να νικήσει τους μπράβους που προέβησαν σε επιθέσεις τους συμμαθητές της και τους φίλους του σχολείου (των τεχνών), "Pretty Land". Ακόμη και ο σκύλος που ονομάζεται "Μάτη" μετατρέπεται σε ένα μυθικό ήρωα, προκειμένου να δοθεί κάποια βοήθεια προς άλλα σκυλιά στο δρόμο. [Antonella drinks a magic substance made by Soccorro (the witch and her Aunt). She get the power to morph and turn herself into Wonder Woman ("Mujer Maravilla") servicing the peace and justice against criminals. In fact, She is able to beat the henchmen who are attacking her classmates and friends of school (of arts) "Pretty Land". Even the dog called Mati turns into a legendary hero in order to give some help to other dogs in the street.]
12 May 2012
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