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*******stevewhitevw**** -- check out the all new Volkswagen GTI 2010 model MKVI! So if you're looking for one, we have the best selection here at Steve White VW on the motor mile in Greenville, SC. Or any other Volkswagen, for that matter -- Golf, TDI, anything. Why not call us? 864-288-8300, or you can chat with us via our website at *******stevewhitevw****
29 Mar 2010
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Buy and sell new and used AC Cobra MKVI’s for ************* New AC Cobra MKVI for sale Used AC Cobra MKVI for sale New AC Cobra MKVI cars for sale Used AC Cobra MKVI cars for sale AC Cobra MKVI car for sale AC Cobra MKVI cars for sale Buy a AC Cobra MKVI Sell a AC Cobra MKVI Private Trade London Birmingham London Leeds
6 Jan 2010
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The quintessential hot hatch gets faster. 2010 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI - Car News Paris Auto Show
10 Oct 2008
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Wet autumn weather, meets illegal tyres on British roads is a tragedy waiting to happen, as 34 British families sadly discovered in 2008. More than 900 people were injured in an accident by defective or illegal tyres when all they needed was a 20p. As part of October Tyre Safety Month we are all encouraged to take the 20p test; a simple method of checking if your tyre tread is road legal and safe. A staggering 55% of motorists couldn't identify the legal minimum of 1.6 mm and 19% have never checked their tread depth. It is therefore paramount that we are all aware that checking tyre tread needn't be difficult or time consuming, but as simple as reaching into your pocket. Motoring expert Quentin Willson, is here to tell why you cant afford not to take the 20p Tyre Safe test.
1 Oct 2009
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Hey guys this is what my costume over the years came out to be and I am really glad that it provided me to enjoy in my life. This video is to show the WIP over the years of 2007 through 2010. To see our latest videos go to our new profile for VFX intros: Vegtutor Click this link to go to Vegtutor
3 Mar 2011
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AT Hollywood theater on May 7-8th 2010 promoting Iron man 2. Working with Jon Favreau, Paramount, and Marvel. Since i was backed and had there approval, i decided to take it a step further and raise funds for charity. It was fun to see more pictures goto -this is for fun and reenacting the fight scene of Iron man 2. -i created these cosplay by hand and from scratch. -Iron Man 2 promotion tour *******forums.superherohype****/showthread.php?t=336808 links *******www.Myspace****/AnthonyQLe *******www.masterle****/
15 Feb 2011
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test fitting the new helmet with the new motorized system. i put off fthe motorized jaw for now. got to get the other new motorized armor things done "motorized missile gauntlet, motorized gauntlet shield, motorized flight stablizers". The new IM helmet V2.0 is more accurate, and fixed a couple of areas on the sculpt because of haters thinking this and that bout my sculpt. Anyways enjoy the video :D rate and subscribe to my videos for more armor creation and updates. www.myspace****/Anthonyqle
1 Mar 2010
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Com'è la nuova Golf? Come va la nuova Golf? Ti piace la nuova Golf? Nessuna domanda può avere una risposta senza pensare, anche solo di sfuggita, alla GTI. Un emblema. Una versione coccolata, ed anche un po viziata, da cui tutti si aspettano il meglio. In attesa della prova su strada, almeno dal punto di vista estetico possiamo trarre le prime valutazioni: Volkswagen ha infatti svelato, a pochi giorni dal Salone di Parigi, la sesta generazione della hot hatch. Il comparto tecnico non riserva alcuna sorpresa, con lampiamente annunciata scelta del 2,0 TFSI da 210 cavalli (280 Nm) accoppiato al differenziale a slittamento limitato XDS ed al telaio adattativo giò visto sulla Scirocco. In attesa della cartella stampa ufficiale, possiamo ipotizzare ladozione di un cambio manuale a sei rapporti quale standard ed un DSG a sette in opzione. Le prestazioni, di tutto rilievo soprattutto per la naturalezza con cui vengono raggiunte, vedono un 7,2 nella casella tempo di accelerazione 0-100 km/h e 239 quale velocità massima. Il dato forse più inaspettato sono i 7,5 litri necessari per percorrere cento chilometri. More tags: la der the new neue nuova golf sechs six rabbit vi nuove foto ufficiali mk6 mkvi gti 2008 2009 paris salon novo vw volkswagen wolfsburg r32 r-gti rgti gt gtd hatchback super first official photos auto sport cars tfsi 2.0 nouveau nuevo новый Golf GTI scirocco audi s3 nowy tts ttrs alfa mito abarth 500 ss r36 phaeton passat cc turbo mk1 mk5 tribute beep simon white r8 spot vag tv car abt sportsline golfa on board 0-100 top speed Фолксваген голф nowega concept rev acceleration driving scene golf 6 gti vag golpha gti 2009 pubblicità spot
28 Oct 2009
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New commercial for VW Golf 6 GTI. See More details at *******
6 Sep 2009
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me in my War Machine costume. Also Winning 1st place costume contest and best of show. www.myspace****/anthonyqle
11 Oct 2010
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We renew the search for the king of cheap speed. 2010 Volkswagen GTI - Second Drive *******www.caranddriver****/reviews/car/09q2/2010_volkswagen_gti-second_drive?cid=95 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 - First Drive Review *******www.caranddriver****/reviews/car/09q3/2010_mazdaspeed_3-first_drive_review?cid=95
25 Jun 2011
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at Nan Desu Kan 2010, being interviewed *******www.Masterle**** *******www.myspace****/anthonyqle
5 Oct 2011
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This is the Iron man Mark 6 "VI" build for a client. just a video of what I'm working on. for those who curious on the Iron man Mark 4 i';ve done. check my Myspace for pictures of the complete suit. More pictures of the Mark 4 as well. all my cosplays are hand made and from scratch, never casted. cosplays are very durable and can withstand the wears and tears "cannot break". Last for years to come. I am cosplay enthusiast/ hobbyist. *******www.Myspace****/anthonyqle Portfolio - *******www.MasterLe**** -this is for a taller person and bigger in measurements. i am 5'6 "yes i know i am short, so what?"
24 Apr 2012
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this is my newest armor for myself :D, started awhile back but did not have time to upload. But this is a W.I.P This is Iron man Mark 7 from the new Avenger's Movie. i don't know a lot of the things yet of the suit. but making things as i go along for fun factors. -Motorized shoulder missile, v2.0 -gun pod's. The gun pods light up. v1.0 -upgraded flight stabilizers 4 flaps v2.0 -powered jet streams v.2.0 -motorized helmet v3.0 links *******www.MasterLe**** more pictures *******masterle247.deviantart****/
23 May 2012
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just finished up on wiring and adding and modding and what not to the war machine armor. what inspired me to add the fx was in the Iron man 2 trailer War machine was blasting the drones with his mini gun and arm guns. so that was bad ass non the less. so i wanted to add the same effects. Dam these mod are tiring -_-....... hope you enjoy update of my war machine armor from -***********/watch?v=ayJXIaeQ Uws enjoy, will make its first appearance at Animeland wasabi Links ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -- *******www.Masterle**** Myspace *******www.Myspace****/AnthonyQLe Iron man 2 MKVI armor ***********/watch?v=rOF7nq... Cosplay**** 2008 Iron Man Cosplay - *******www***splay****/costume/152467/ 2009 War Machine Cosplay - *******www***splay****/costume/237363/ 2010 Iron Man MKVI "Triangle arc reactor" *******www***splay****/costume/258411/ 2010 War Machine pictures "Iron man 2" *******www***splay****/costume/266322/
28 Dec 2011
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me "War Machine" and a friend of mine "Iron Man, also who look's like Bruno Mars XD" who is leaving to Afghanistan at his going away party. So i let him wear my Iron man MKVI suit for sharing it with his buddy who stationed there "pictures and video". Took a bunch of pictures and hung out with a lot of cool people. My Friend Kaya was the DJ *******www.masterle**** Nathan T. for filming it ***********/user/NMT723 :)
30 May 2012
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