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Slice of Life of Kaito on his grocery shopping.. Very interesting I might say.. XD --- Part of the MikuMikuDance Cup3 Competition~ High Quality Ver.: From NicoNicoDouga: 【第3回MMD杯本選】KAITOくんの楽しいおつかい *******
6 Jul 2013
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【第7回MMD杯本選】Heart Beats PV NICONICODOUGA 2011年08月19日  ussy さん ******* 【作者のコメント】 ♪とき~土器~不安がこぼれて~☆ モーション わさび カメラ演出Ussyのコラボ作品! *******から *******ができて *******になって コレができました 【SKSS:4e32c6669ad22:縄文時代】 わさびのマイリスト→******* ussyのマイリスト→******* MMD杯公式⇒******* 公式マイリス⇒******* SKSS⇒*******charlieworks****/skss/
6 Jul 2013
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READ DESCRIPTION: Okay :) Well anyways This thing was about Neru trying to swim. I was bored. Neru has water phobia (however it's called) but Sense she has trust and love in Len, Len will teach her how to swin. She drowns the first time, Miku Comes in and faints and La la la, anyways , My MikuMikuDance is pretty much broken, it won't make animation and put it into youtube...I made a video to see if YOU can help me :) Here's the link: ***********/watch?v=qyAnDOY85u4 IF YOU CAN HELP ME THEN THAT'S GREAT!!! :D Anyways I Think you guys are tired of Len and Neru Aktia well sorry, I'll try my best to stop thinking about Neru and Len. :) AND PLEASE IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS COUPLE DON'T BOTHER TO WATCH! I DISLIKE PEOPLE WHO AGURE! UNGH! JUST WATCH LEN AND RIN THEN THIS IF YOU HATE THIS COUPLE, FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS COUPLE ALRIGHTY! I'M WITH YOU! Edit- Yes i Know this is a very old video ...I can't agrue to the people who dislike this vid...just pictures...better with animation... XD NEW VIDEO OF LEN AND NERU COMING SOOON! EDIT~ Video Released, Look in my account, P.S I forgot where i got this Pool Stage. So I'm VERY sorry that i can't give you the link I try to look for it, I typed it "MMD Swimming Pool Stage" that might help finding the Stage :) Good Luck Edit 11/9/11 - I Just got a new laptop and i downloaded MMD and somehow I tryd to download DirectX9 but things went's either my computer or the file...if it's my computer then that SUCKS i won't be able to do animation. I'm trying to get better at it! Here's the link to help me...again...(I feel so stupid) LOL and Thanks for all these views! Thanks to all who liked it! and for who DISLIKED IT...No worries...this is funny looking to me when I watch it too...I just LOVE THE COUPLE: NERUXLEN FTW!!! Alright...! Let's see how things go... :) Link To Video: ***********/watch?v=k-6sAoGKi8E Edit- 11/12/11 Wow A lot of Views! Thanks Guys :3, Anyways, MIKUMIKUDANCE IS NOW FIXED ...AGAIN!!! LOL I'm trying to get better with MMD. It's hard for me, IDK how the professinal's do it! Sooo...I'm gonna make another video! Hopefully you guys would like it. Anyways I know at part 0:53...LEN"S LEGS. Made you LOL Hard didn't ya? Well for some people as I read the comments. I know it's messed up XD, I tried to make a pose that's...kinda of like that but I failed...I got to lazy to fix it so I just left it there...I lol'd at his legs too. Haha XDD 11/17/11- a MMD TRAILER- ***********/watch?v=bXkzS5dD0UQ HOPE YOU LIKE IT :) Edit- 12/30/11: RinXLen Video: ***********/watch?v=6kqePPLS8fk NeruXLen:***********/watch?v=0WGn-H1s6Qo&feature=related Enjoy :3 3/11/2012: O________________O HOLY CRAP XD THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWS...HOW COULD THIS VIDEO GET A LOT OF VIEWS??? XDDD HAHAHAHHAAHAHA OH THIS IS FUNNY...
1 Sep 2013
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This is MMD Giantess 3D animation I made. ちょっとエロです。苦手な方は御遠慮ください。 other videos are here. ********t***/va2szyJZ
10 Sep 2013
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EDIT: I'VE PUT ALL THE MOTION INTO 1 SCENE, so there shouldn't be any problem now for those who didn't use any video editing program MOTION DATA IN DESC. Just mention me when using it kay? ^^ Yay, my first MMD scene! It actually harder than i thought _. Spend 5 nights to finish it. Still so much more to learn (I haven't even figured how to use a background scenery yet. Yeesh!) . As i said before this is a Rin x Len scene although it actually emphasizes more towards a 'funny' situation rather than 'romance' between those two. Credits: Rin v3 model by: mileseeveeprowerfan1 Links: Motion Link : *******www.mediafire****/?rsuiv7ahbd5wgoc Wav link : *******www.mediafire****/?nx37m2n8vunnpdr sfx : soundjay**** search at the button sfx section
13 Sep 2013
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ニコニコの一部修正版 niconico video 【MMD】うちのLat式さん達がDream Fighterを踊ってくれた ******* Blue(twin tail) :Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) Yellow(short) :Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン) Yellow(side tail) :Akita Neru (亞北ネル) Red(twin drill) :Kasane Teto (重音テト) Pink(shoulder length) :Momone Momo (桃音モモ) Purple(short) :Defoko (デフォ子), Utane Uta (唄音ウタ) Purple(long) :Defo-imouto (デフォ妹) [Defoko's younger sister], Utane Oto (唄音オト) Green(long) :Marine Rimo (毬音リモ) Brown(twin tail) :Eika Sachi (詠歌サチ) (from Ring884's comment, thank you)
14 Sep 2013
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中譯歌名:貓耳開關 作詞‧作曲‧編曲:daniwell MMD:hino 台灣ニコニコ動畫 【初音ミク】ねこみみスイッチ【オリジナル】‧投稿日:2009年09月15日 ******* 【MMD】 ねこみみスイッチ 【モーション配布】‧投稿日:2011年05月05日 ******* 翻譯參考取於:【Fe】vocaloid中文歌詞wiki *******
24 Oct 2013
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Pafu-Pafu series 1st: this 2nd: ***********/watch?v=MwdWpptsp6U OriginalLink ******* OriginalUploadDate 02/15/2013 Title 【第10回MMD杯本選】ぱふぱふ【MMDドラマ】 _   【MMD CUP 10】Pafu-Pafu【MMD Drama】 Author 腰つきP (KoshitsukiP) ※Koshitsuki means Hips
21 Nov 2013
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【第9回MMD杯本選】初音ミクの大暴走 NICONICO 2012年08月19日 ポンポコ さん ******* 【作者のコメント】 さあ、破壊の時間だ! ネタがかぶったけど気にしちゃダメ! 今回も楽しんでまいりましょう! ゲキド街Ver.3は近日配布予定です。 ごちゃごちゃしたアクセサリーもついでに配布。 今度はガードレールや手すりも低くなったよw てなわけで、よろしくお願いします。 MMD杯公式サイト=************/site/mmdcuphp/ 公式1=mylist/31082718  公式2=mylist/31082742 今まで作ったもの ⇒ mylist/7435350 【Theme:方程式】【name:ポンポコP】
6 Dec 2013
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alt. - Miku Mario sound have great effect Author: ポンポコ-P 【第8回MMD杯本選】マリオは大変な効果音を鳴らしていきました Uploaded from Nico Nico Douga: ******* MMD CUP wiki ******* Alt tags: VOCALOID MMD Miku Hatsune Super Mario Bros. Marisa stole the precious thing IOSYS Touhou 東方
24 Jan 2014
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Pafu-Pafu series 1st: ***********/watch?v=Oqg141kI-RQ 2nd: this OriginalLink ******* OriginalUploadDate 06/11/2013 Title 【MMDドラマ】ぱふぱふ 第2話 _   【MMD Drama】Pafu-Pafu 2nd episode Author 腰つきP (KoshitsukiP) ※Koshitsuki means Hips
27 Jan 2014
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Neru never learns her lesson, until the very end, about the true defense against a sea (pedo) bear attack. Background image created by me (edit of spongebob scene) The Miku, Haku, and Akita MMD models are recolored by me to look like spongebob characters Miku Hatsune: Spongebob Haku Yowane: Patrick Akita Neru: Squidward Orange Dango: The stick spongebob uses to draw anti-sea bear circle with Pedo Bear: Sea bear
12 May 2014
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With the success of the Thriller video, I had to continue. Models from 0-0-Alice-0-0 and animefancy-mmd Motion by MotionMakerDiva Stage from amiamy111 Frozen is owned by Walt Disney Studios
10 Jan 2015
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【MikuMikuDance】ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) クリスマスRemix Re-Uploaded from Nico Nico Douga: ******* Made by: 水平移動P Alt tags: Miku Hatsune Yowane Haku Kagamine Rin Len Akita Neru MikuMikuDance Caramelldnsen 初音ミク 鏡音リン 鏡音レン 亞北ネル 弱音ハク ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)
26 Dec 2010
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And I used lazers again!! Hehehehe! BTW, it messed up - otherwise I think it's good And yes, they really singing this - which I mixed together in Audacity Used models m2MEIKO (with physics by 97huanle) m2Luka (with physics by HabaneraP) Lily by 狐目 Miku Hatsune (Animasa) Nanami's GUMI Since this video has been popular - I recommend you to see IKE IKE - ***********/watch?v=w3A8360PRFk Meiko Sakine - Lazers Halelujah - ***********/watch?v=DBvFgYZyFxE Get down with Lazers - ***********/watch?v=NZznc_t44L0
4 Feb 2012
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Moymoy Palaboy originally posted a video of this on their page: ***********/watch?v=rNdM8cFuOXg ... but then, someone created a meme to go along with it. (I put "meme" because someone commented on the Moymoy video saying a meme was made of their video in Japan.) Here's a combo of the two :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! *I DO NOT own this video or the Backstreet Boys song behind it.*
25 Mar 2012
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