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And I used lazers again!! Hehehehe! BTW, it messed up - otherwise I think it's good And yes, they really singing this - which I mixed together in Audacity Used models m2MEIKO (with physics by 97huanle) m2Luka (with physics by HabaneraP) Lily by 狐目 Miku Hatsune (Animasa) Nanami's GUMI Since this video has been popular - I recommend you to see IKE IKE - ***********/watch?v=w3A8360PRFk Meiko Sakine - Lazers Halelujah - ***********/watch?v=DBvFgYZyFxE Get down with Lazers - ***********/watch?v=NZznc_t44L0
4 Feb 2012
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I made them all and still more models to come song Monster high theme song monster high by mattel stage made from super mario sunshine by nintendo
16 Feb 2012
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Moymoy Palaboy originally posted a video of this on their page: ***********/watch?v=rNdM8cFuOXg ... but then, someone created a meme to go along with it. (I put "meme" because someone commented on the Moymoy video saying a meme was made of their video in Japan.) Here's a combo of the two :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! *I DO NOT own this video or the Backstreet Boys song behind it.*
25 Mar 2012
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Original Image=******* Original Music=******* I am sorry, the title of this music does not know. I made only the vocal part's melody and words of Miku. My blog=*******hasuya-free***colog-nifty****/blog/
10 May 2012
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By: cort 素敵な本家様→ sm12825985 振り付け本家様めろちん→ sm12926280 【MMDモーション】 あひるP様→ sm14003959 ブレン坊様→ sm14003913 うp主マイリスト→ mylist/5526461  ツイッター→ cort0927 ほぼ毎日作業配信してます→co118019 2011年04月11日 13:43 投稿 ニコニコ動画より転載 ******* ++++++ mp3♪ (click on: MP3 を抽出) - *******
13 Jun 2012
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Model:Lat neko Miku MMEffect: TrueCamera, fish,SSAO Motion: PONPONPON Camera: by me Vocal: Hatsune Miku (Cover) Original Singer: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
15 Jul 2012
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by niconico-douga ******* Ginger girl is Hong Meirin.imp girl is koa. Touhou Project Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Touhou_Project
25 Sep 2012
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So here is my attempt at making more motion data. Its obviously not perfect but I think its slightly better than the stuff Ive already done. So anyway tell me what you think. Link to Monster High Commecial. ***********/watch?v=IJavmSuTB6c Motion Data: *******www.mediafire****/?z5cslhiw7b6y4 The files are password protected. If you want them you have to send me a private message me. I wont give you the password if you ask for it in the comments.
21 Dec 2012
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From NND: *******
15 Jan 2013
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xxxayu3 ***********/user/xxxayu3 Model Link *******
21 Jan 2013
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Sin comentarios (?)
24 Jan 2013
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480p Please!! Yay! finally got the Line Effect to work! I love it! LASERS!!! It kind of reminds me of the first episode of Invader Zim, Where one of the Tallest gets shot in the Eye with a Laser. XD) I'm sorry abou tthe not so great quality. I have no Idea why, But when I added the song to it, the Quality and size dropped by alot.. Does any one know why? :( The song is Mii-chan's cover version. Download mp3 here: ***********/#v=_AipiWoZfEs Project Diva Kaito by mamama, But Project Diva Dark Akaito was edited by me. Motion data and Lines effect do not belong to me. Motion data went down with Loda. Sorry guys. Oh and I don't recommend using this Motion Data on tall models. If I havndn't spent 2 hour editing it, It would have looked like crap. Edit: Since so many people have asked me for the Line effect, I went searching for awhile.. And I found it. I can't remember if its "homing Line" or "line" on this list, but they look about the same so.. ******* Sorry if the subs are alittle off.. ^^;
16 Feb 2013
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アクセスしていただき有難うございます。 再生回数が凄い事になっていて嬉しい意味で驚きました。 モデル Lat様 Lat式初音ミク わさびP様 Lat式テトWPS ポッキー様 Lat式改変ネル モーション わさびP様 (モーション配布は終了したみたいです) MME ビームマン様 *******
15 Mar 2013
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Heh just thought I'd make this cute mini movie type thing:P i own nothing but Motions Song is Tell me what you want by Pajama Club lol im finally not using japanese music...hahaha but im still gunna use it in other videos. sorry i havnt uploaded in a while, exams are soon -____- DOWNLOAD MIKU MODEL *******t4ub****/wombat3/
30 Apr 2013
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PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU COMMENT. THANK YOU. I don't want you guys commenting inappropriately anymore. If this continues, I'm taking down the links for the parts in the video. Any more comments that are inappropriate will be flagged as spam as a warning, and if it happens again you will be blocked. Got it? Good. So, I've gotten even more comments lately, and here's a few things you guys should know. 1. The model's name is Kitty'er or Rio, whichever you'd like to refer to her as. 2. No, she is not the one singing. The singer is a K-POP group named T-ARA. Kitty'er is not even a Vocaloid or an UTAUloid, therefore has no voice. 3. I don't appreciate all the comments about "fuck me" and "rape me" and about fapping to the video. Seriously. It's gross. I'm only thirteen, and I hate getting emails about all these gross comments. I beg of you to stop posting things like this on my video. But other than that, I hope you all enjoy this video! Thanks for 200,000+ views, guys! EDIT; Hey guys, so I've gotten a lot of comments about how I made this, where I got the motion data and camera data, if I can give people the model, stuff like that. So yea. 1. This video was made with a program called MikuMikuDance, which can be found here; ******* (I suggest getting number 1.3, but you'll need to install DirectX9 first, which can be found here; ***********/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=2823) 2. Motion data can be found here; *******www.mediafire****/?11o7cd1pxwp35pw (Motion is by keeprefrigeratedful, I refuse to claim it as my own.) 3. Camera data can be found here; *******www.mediafire****/?4u1abazraly8mld (The creator of the camera data, Tadeshi, asks to be credited for use.) 4. Here's the wav; *******www.mediafire****/?g8d657u6b5rumdr (Also from Tadeshi, I believe.) 5. This model is a Windows 100% model, which comes from a magazine you have to buy to get it. I do trades, though, if you want the model that badly. PM me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I got bored. xD I own nothing.
2 May 2013
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Buenas buenas! Este tema lo habran visto cientos de veces, pero esta es mi version XD. Model: Miku Teto Rin [Lat Sailor Black] Stage: NBB Motion: toot Camara: YellowOrangesRin Intente hacer el efecto de nieve, pero mi grafica no soporta tal efecto, asi que use el de lluvia. Edite la plataforma de Stage para que los models no se caigan XD Edit: Maldicion.. en todos mis videos diran lo mismo? Ya se que no es la voz de Miku, en ningun momento lo dije.. Perfume - Perfect Star Perfect Style MP3: ******* *******www.mediafire****/?9tviut72x6odgt6
3 May 2013
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