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Trailer for the documentary film, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. Introduces an innovative way to address the issue of water pollution -- inside the human body -- that tends to accompany ALL chronic diseases.
14 Dec 2008
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A collection of awesome testimonials from MMS users all over the world. Miracle Mineral Supplement is an AMAZING discovery in alternative health and wellness and one of the most important discoveries of the last century.
4 Jan 2009
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MM Szczecin - Sonda: Czy wiesz kto jest przewodniczacym Rady Miasta Szczecina? Produkcja dla Moje Miasto Szczecin.
3 Mar 2009
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MM Szczecin - Remont Ksiaznicy Pomorskiej w Szczecinie. Produkcja dla Moje Miasto Szczecin.
3 Mar 2009
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*******www.peachpit****/authortips - Live from Macworld Conference & Expo, 2009, Terry White, author of The iPhone Book, demonstrates how to send a photo to another cell phone without using multi-media messaging (MMS).
3 Mar 2009
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Melhores momentos do Campeonato MM (Mirror Matches) de TWELVE :D
13 Mar 2009
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Melhores momentos do Campeonato MM (Mirror Matches) de DUDLEY :D
23 Apr 2009
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Learn more about the importance of fresh drinking water and MMS at *******www.mmshealthy4life****/ Do you know how much fresh water is available on our planet currently? It may be less than you think how about enough fresh water to fill the United States all over to a depth of 90 miles. Yes, thats a lot of water but whats the catch? Well, virtually all of it is locked up solid within glaciers and icecaps. In reality, 97% of all water is salty and undrinkable. Six of the worlds countries contain more than 50% of our drinkable water, meaning Much of the planet is in dire need of clean potable water. Almost one third of the worlds population live in water stressed countries. Even though fresh water is often available, the problem is that its mostly contaminated with nasties such as E-Coli, Cyanobacteria, Guardia, and other pathogens. Well, in the western world, municipal water is only drinkable as a result of being Treated, and more often than not the chlorine dioxide compound is used. This may be fine for affluent western nations, but what do you do if you are traveling in a poorer nation, or have the misfortune of living in such a country? Luckily, chlorine dioxide can be taken anywhere one goes, or if a resident of a poor Nation, Jim Humbles Miracle Mineral Supplement will render polluted water Drinkable for a good part of a year for no more than 5 cents per day. It has been shown to kill virtually all parasites, viruses, bacterial contaminants, and Any other pathogenic stressor that may be found within water even Anthrax! If you are thinking of travelling to a country known for its poor water quality, or Know of someone whose internal waters are polluted with the above mentioned Pathogens, then the Miracle Mineral Supplement may be the answer! Learn more about the importance of fresh drinking water and MMS at *******www.mmshealthy4life****/
19 Jun 2009
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Learn more about Jim Humble and MMS at *******www.mmshealthy4life****/ Most of us know Jim Humble to be the man responsible for bringing the amazing Miracle Mineral Supplement into the light. Many of us are also aware that whilst on a gold finding expedition deep within the jungles of Central America, he brought two fellow expedition members back from the brink of death with his Miracle Drops. You may even know that he is responsible for over 75,000 Malaria victims being Cured within Africa. But did you know of Jim Humbles many other successes along the way? Are you aware that Jim began his career in the aerospace industry in which he Worked on the first intercontinental missile? Or that he has worked on lunar vehicles and written the instructions for the first vacuum tube computers? Did you know that Jim has written 4 books on how to update older technology And thus reducing chemical exposure whilst extracting minerals from its ore? Even if you did, I bet you didnt know that he invented the first working roller Garage door! As brief as this video is, its not difficult to see that Jim Humble is a very clever man. But as long as the list of his accolades are, he is most proud of his most recent Discovery, and of course this is the Miracle Mineral Supplement. With positive testimonials growing daily from real people, its only a matter of time Before this supplement gets the recognition that it deserves. Become part of the growing movement, and secure your Miracle Mineral Supplement today! Learn more about Jim Humble and MMS at *******www.mmshealthy4life****/
19 Jun 2009
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So everyone is talking about Apple's free iPhone 3.0 upgrade that finally arrived yesterday via iTunes. But what you may not know are five awesome "secrets" that 3.0 implements in this new upgrade to your iPhone 3G (and 1st Gen iPhones), including two options that aren't even "allowed" yet - MMS and tethering. ismashphone**** has a phenomenal list if I've ever seen one with several more tips, but these five will make you upgrade in a heartbeat if you haven't already. And even if you have, you probably didn't realize you had these new options to the most smartest and moxiest phone alive. Too bad my eligibility with AT&T doesn't allow me a reduced price for the iPhone 3GS but that's a whole other story. SquareSpace has been such a great sponsor and thank YOU for creating some moxie websites via our promo code with them. Click here to get 12% off your LIFETIME subscription - they allow you to make the coolest websites and they'll host them for you as well. Also, as you know, they're giving away 1 8gb iPhone per day if you tweet with "# squarespace" at the end of your message, so come on Moxie Mo Show fans - we need to win one! PS - we have a new sponsor that you'll see in next episode and they're absolutely phenomenal. Can't wait. Thanks for subscribing to the show and thanks for being so... moxie.
19 Jun 2009
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Learn more about Oral Hygiene and MMS at cultures had virtually zero tooth decay. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about today. Over 40% of people over the age of 12 now show signs of dental decay. Did you know that women with poor dental health are more than 7 times as likely to have a premature baby? Did you know that doctors will not operate if you show signs of dental decay before an operation? What can I do, you may ask? Well, improving the diet is one way especially cutting out all unnecessary sugars. Using the powerful anti microbial MMS solution as a daily mouthwash is another. Learn more about Oral Hygiene and MMS at *******www.mmshealthy4life****/
20 Jun 2009
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*******www.mmshealthy4life****/jim-humbles-story.html You have more than likely seem a lot of different pharmaceutical treatments to help suppress viral or bacterial conditions. There is a natural, safe, powerful treatment on the market known as MMS. This substance is known to be the most powerful natural anti viral, bacterial, pathogenic treatment on the market today. It works simply and quickly to kill off any and all immune stresses. Once the treatment has been completed, any common cold or flu and other viruses such as herpes and hepatitis should no longer be a troublesome foe in your life. I encourage you to look into this amazing substance for yourself. To find out more or to get your supply for yourself please visit: *******www.mmshealthy4life****/jim-humbles-story.html
27 Oct 2009
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*******mmsmiracle****/love Dr. John Humiston addresses questions concerning a protocol used to disinfect the inner waters of the body.MMS has cured many diseases and only costs pennies!
2 Jul 2009
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Campeonato MM - Urien MM Strip
23 Jul 2009
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MMS on the I Phone simplified.
12 Aug 2009
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*******clays-health**** - Welcome to Clays MMS Health Site. We are committed to promoting Jim Humbles MMS Health Products - Miracle Mineral Supplement. The supplement that really and truly can make a difference in your health. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Aug 2009
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