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GottaTinkle! is a travel-sized female urination device that uses throw-away baggies that cost pennies. Great for travel, camping, sporting events & emergencies
iOS Device Recovery is a special channel that has been specially created to help you take help to recover deleted or lost data from iDevices. For more:
*******www****booknews**** Sascha talks about the future of mobile devices not only netbooks but the future of mobile computing. To learn more about the future of mobile devices visit ***********/software
23 Jan 2010
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*******www.bestbuymobile**** The Best Buy Mobile team demonstrates how to connect a Bluetooth earpiece to your mobile device. He shows how to access connections set-up on your Blackberry and finishes by showing you how to wear a Bluetooth headset. My name is Daniel, I work for Best Buy Mobile in Chico, California and I’m going to show you how to pair a Bluetooth headset to your phone today. To do that you simply have to set your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode and once it’s in pairing mode you simply have to navigate to your phone go ahead and click your menu button, navigate to your connections, once there go to set up Bluetooth. Once you click on that it’s going to give you a couple of options. Where going to search for devices. It’ll automatically start searching for all the Bluetooth headsets we currently have in pairing mode. And there we have it Plantronics 975, so to go ahead and connect, click there. It’ll start connecting to the headset. It’ll ask us for a code, this is very good, the reason why, is because it’s standard. So, if you’re ever wondering what the password is, it’s the same one for every Bluetooth headset. The password is simply four zeros. So we’ll go ahead and type zero, zero, zero, zero and hit ok: pairing has been completed, do we wish to connect? Yeah, and one little tricky thing you’ll get with these guys is you’ll probably want to stand in a mirror to learn how to put them in your ear just coz it takes a little getting use to. So to do that you simply have to go ahead and kind of just push it in there and there you go.
14 Feb 2010
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******* basketball TV for cell phones and mobile devices - mobile satellite tv I'm a basketball junkie, and a former subscriber of NBA League Pass Broadband, the NBA's desktop version of the service -- former, because I actually just canceled my subscription yesterday. I found the service subjected too many games to blackouts, which often prevented me from watching many games of my beloved world champion Los Angeles Lakers. As a result, I'd often hop on over to my local sports bar to watch the game, which set me back at least US $12 with beer factored in. This year I will be doing things a bit more smarter. I have researched about the mobile software developed by Truemedia (the mobile software they have to offer is amazing!). Here they present you NBA League Pass for Android and every other smart phone free of charge. They are not joking, you will be able to watch every single televised game, nationally and locally, regardless of whether team is home or away. But other than that, you’ll be okay. And if you missed a game don’t worry, you’ll have up to 48 hours to check out full game replays from around the league. Visit the link at the top of this section and you will agree. NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR - you name the sport and it can be watched LIVE on your handheld device. So, Where and how to Watch online Basketball live stream for the entire season on your handheld? You can watch it by clicking on the link at the top of this section. You will also be able to watch every other sport this season. A glimpse of what is in store for the next few days is below. (Timing is in GMT) Wednesday 1st December 2010 03:00 - 05:30 NBA Live - Indiana Pacers v Sacramento Kings Live 03:30 - 06:00 NBA Live - San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors Live 09:00 - 11:00 PBA Live - Barako Bull v Meralco Bolts Live 11:30 - 13:30 PBA Live - Coca-Cola Tigers v Talk N Text Tropang Texters Live 17:00 - 19:00 FIBA International Matches Live - Euroleague Women Live
14 Feb 2011
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Visit *******www-faxfromcomputer****/reviews/nextiva.php to fax from computer and mobile devices for free using Nextiva's Internet fax service. Transcript: This is a review of Nextiva's Internet fax service. Follow along at *******www-faxfromcomputer****. Let's start on the Nextiva Internet fax review page. You learn that you'll be able to send and receive faxes using just an email account. You also get a free 30-day trial of the service. The best way to see how useful Internet fax is is to try it, so click "Try It Now". Click "Learn More" on the Nextiva vFax page. You'll learn that you'll be able to send and receive faxes from anywhere you are, including your mobile device. For an annual plan, the monthly cost is only $4.95 per month. For a monthly plan, the monthly cost is $8.95 per month. You'll be able to send and receive faxes from Microsoft applications, as well as your cell phone and other mobile devices. You'll never have to deal with a busy signal again, or lost or missed faxes. Your privacy is assured, and the Internet fax service is more reliable than a fax machine. Nextiva has a U.S.-based technical support staff to help you at all times, and you get that with your free trial, so let's click on "Free Trial". Fill out your information, and with your confirmation, check your email. You've received an email confirming your sign-up, with your user name and your password, as well as your new fax number that people can use to send faxes to you. If you'd like to send a fax, simply create an email addressed to [fax number]nextiva****, where [fax number] is the number that you're sending the fax to. You can use your email client or Nextiva's web interface, which we'll do now. Click on "Send" now at the top. Here is the fax cover sheet. Enter in the information, such as the phone number, the recipient, and the fax subject. Here you have the option of attaching files, such as PDFs, photos, or Microsoft Office documents. Here is a preview of what the fax looks like. And here you have the option of organizing and filing your fax for later use, as well as attaching additional recipients to your fax. Let's click "Send", to send the fax. Here you can see it being sent. Now let's see what it looks like when you receive a fax. Just check your inbox. You can see you've received two faxes. It has the time it was received, caller ID of it was from, the number of pages, and a page preview. Let's click on the first one. Here you can see the fax. Here you can see the fax, choose to print it if you'd like, or just file it away. And that's how Nextiva's Internet fax service works. To get your free fax service, visit *******www-faxfromcomputer****.
12 Mar 2011
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Jennifer Dunphy of Vayu Media discusses the importance of Mobile Device Optimization and the impact it could have on your business. Mobile search is exploding and cannot be ignored. Jennifer Dunphy is the VP of Marketing for Atlanta SEO Company Vayu Media and regarded as one of the top internet marketing experts in the South East.
24 Sep 2011
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Visit: ******* and *******www.facebook****/samsungmobile - The new Samsung Galaxy Note is the ultimate all-in-one mobile device. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, planner. Not to mention HD video recorder and digital camera. Pocket-sized and lightweight yet housing the world's first 5.3.
9 Nov 2011
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The new Samsung GALAXY Note is the ultimate all-in-one mobile device. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, planner. Not to mention HD video recorder and digital camera. Pocket-sized and lightweight yet housing the world's first 5.3" HD Super AMOLED display, the Note comes equipped with the innovative S Pen, allowing you to accurately annotate, draw and type on-the-go, in precise detail. * For more product information, visit: ******* and *******www.facebook****/samsungmobile
15 Dec 2011
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*******localseoranking**** Know how to bring technology to your advantage. Here are some of the top ways to reach customers on their mobile device using mobile marketing *******localseoranking****
13 May 2012
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SpellTower goes Mountain Lion, Taxi Magic steps up their game, watching the Olympics anywhere on your mobile device and a review of the top puzzler!
28 Jul 2012
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Everyone these days uses computers and mobile devices, so here's a gift guide for everyone on your list!
6 Dec 2012
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CGR Trailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents the announcement trailer for mobile version of MIGHT & MAGIC® CLASH OF HEROES® from Ubisoft. This trailer was released to announce the mobile release of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes for Android and iOS mobile devices. Enjoy! Be sure to check out more video game clips, previews and trailers from Classic Game Room's CGR Trailers at *******www.metacafe****/CGRtrailers Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at: *******www.metacafe****/ClassicGameRoom and *******www.metacafe****/CGRundertow And connect with us at: *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** *******www.facebook****/ClassicGameRoom ******* *******www.twitter****/ClassicGameRoom *******www.twitter****/CGRundertow *******gamehackerz****/cheat-ninja-saga-token-and-damage-hack
10 Jan 2013
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Mobile devices need a home, too! That's where docks come in - we're showing you some great ones for both phones and tablets!
27 Jun 2013
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