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Scientists have finally demystified the incredible workings of a 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator built by ancient Greeks. A new analysis of the Antikythera Mechanism, a clock-like machine consisting of more than 30 precise, hand-cut bronze gears, show it to be more advanced than previously thought - so much so that nothing comparable was built for another thousand years. "This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind," said study leader Mike Edmunds of Cardiff University in the UK. "The design is beautiful, the astronomy is exactly right ... In terms of historical and scarcity value, I have to regard this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa." If the sharp-sightedness of the Greeks had kept pace with their intelligence, then maybe even the Industrial Revolution had begun one thousand years before Columbus. And so, in our era, we would not just try to visit the Moon, but we would already have arrived on other close planets. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, English author and inventor
1 Jul 2007
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30 Apr 2009
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*******www.thewealthydream****/ In this video I share with you an important quote I recently came across by Jim Rohn. "When talking about personal success, I like to ask four questions. Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not now? Why not acquire the means to travel first class through life, to see the Mona Lisa first hand, to swim the crystal waters of the Bahamas, to sample the food in Paris or Africa? Why not do it all? There's really nothing like a view from the top" Visit the site to learn more about achieving financial success by working for yourself.
25 Aug 2008
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My friend, Tomas, gave me a list of people he admires and I morphed them. Da Vinci is represented by his alleged self-portrait, the Mona Lisa :D
9 Feb 2009
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This is a pretty cool video of someone speed painting the Numa Numa guy Gary Brolsma using chocolate syrup and a spoon. Look out Mona Lisa, we have a new most treasured piece of art in the world.
24 Aug 2008
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8 Jan 2009
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This week it's all about the new U.S. President, Barack Obama! He wants to use tech to make government more transparent and interactive, and we look at the positives and pitfalls. Plus, our Artist of the Week takes to into a world where the Mona Lisa has tattoos and we look at a couple of tools to expand Twitter and Facebook. To get the show early with all the show links, go to *******epicfu****!
22 Jan 2009
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EPIC FU: Where tech and culture get it on! ;) SUBSCRIBE on our site (below) and get your meds a day early! week it's all about the new U.S. President, Barack Obama! He wants to use tech to make government more transparent and interactive, and we look at the positives and pitfalls. Plus, our Artist of the Week takes to into a world where the Mona Lisa has tattoos and we look at a couple of tools to expand Twitter and Facebook. EVERYTHING FU: blog : : : : : shipping now available for FU tees! FU OF THE WEEK: President Barack Obama More info : MUSIC VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Under the Pines by Bodies of Water OF THE WEEK: Tebe Interesno More info : by Mike Ambs : If Obama posts legislation online for citizen feedback, how can they manage thousands of comments? LINKS: The number 44 : and the number 44 : Wired article about Obama's tech :'s discussions : TwitBlogs : : fakery discussion : MIX MEMBERS: Yanaboo : niece Chalice : VIDEO: Clangor and Flutes by Sin Fang Bous EPIC FU T-SHIRTS! International Shipping Available!: FU ON FACEBOOK!
9 Feb 2009
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apollo 20, august 1976 mission went to the Delporte-Izsak part of the moon. Despite the classified files, the apollo 20 belongs to all mankind It is a part of all human's heritage. Among the treasures found during the mission; the city, the spacecraft, the EBE mona lisa. Depending on the interest of viewers, i'll post 22 hours of tv transmissions from moon. Proofs that we are not alone, if there is still necessity to proove it. Nasa and USAF will be forced to tell the whole story before september 2007. If i do not post these files now, i'll never do it. This first part is an extract of the lunar rover transmission at mission elapsed time 140 , around iszak D, showing the city. Those who want to have the definitive opinion, verify the possibility of hoax can verify on the nasa server , search as15 - 9625 and as15-9630 pictures who show the spaceship, Please spread the word , the link on newsgroups
25 Jan 2009
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FELIZ CUMPLE NATI!!!100 ANOS -Nathaniel Adams Cole; Montgomery, 17 de marzo de1919 - 2009) Cantante estadounidense. Hijo de un ministro baptista, creció en la ciudad de Chicago, donde estudió piano. Sus primeras grabaciones datan de 1936, aún como pianista de jazz del King Cole Trio, que alcanzó cierta fama en los cuarenta. Su carrera en solitario comienza en 1948, cuando se disuelve la formación. Difícil de ubicar en un estilo concreto, Nat "King" Cole tocó diversos estilos de música y, a raíz de un viaje a Sudamérica en el que recogió diferentes influencias musicales en distintas lenguas, añadió la canción latina a su repertorio. Sus listas de éxitos son enormes, tanto en EE.UU. como en América latina o Europa. Su último éxito fue el más curioso, un "remaster" de la canción Unforgettable a dúo con su hija Nathalie cuando él había ya muerto. Junto al ya citado Unforgettable, Nature boy, Mona Lisa, Quizás, quizás, quizás y Ansiedad forman parte de sus discos más celebrados
11 May 2009
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i made this car on nfs pro street. it only took a lil under an hour and its hans car frof tokyo drift its the nissan silvia a.k.a "mona lisa" that sean messed up in the first seen
19 Jun 2009
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Kumari - the living Goddess. Every tourist in Kathmandu hopes to have a glimpse of her when she appears for a short moment in a window of the palace of Kumaru Bahal, where she lives. She's a beautiful little girl with black hair and dark eyes. She's the innocence of a child, but at the same time the sensuality of a woman with red painted lips and a Mona Lisa like smile. In her forehead she wears a large tika, which is more than a decoration. It symbolizes a third eye, with which she can see other dimensions. The process of finding a Kumari is complicated. Little girls from a certain cast are being selected. Great demands are made to the girl. priest She must have the body of the Banyan tree, legs like a deer, neck like a conch and eyebrows like the cow. She must never have lost a drop of blood. Before she's accepted she has to go through some awful situations, to test her nerves and courage. Kumari lives an isolated life in luxury. Her feet must not touch the ground, and the 4 or 5 times she appears outside the palace she's carried in a covered palanquin. The day when she has her first period, she must leave the palace and go back to her poor family, which is difficult after having lived in luxury. It's not easy to find a husband for her. Men are usually afraid of her, since she's been a goddess. The rumour says that a man who marries a Kumari will die young.
8 Dec 2009
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13 Dec 2009
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19 Jan 2010
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3 Feb 2010
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Cotorich's Mona Lisa Smile - A Music Video - YouTube Viewer Attention 90% +
18 Jun 2010
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