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17 Nov 2017
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Favorite moments captured and put to music.
3 Dec 2017
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Hey guys thanks for watching this Highlights montage! If you enjoyed , remember to slap a like on it and share with your friends. I hope you've enjoyed the new style of content. I personally feel that it's not as funny as it used to be even though I work harder. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.
6 Dec 2017
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This is an amazing Halo 2 montage that my buddies and I put together!
18 Sep 2006
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great montage
17 Dec 2006
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this is the Opening Montage of the chrono cross game this game in play station one ... its RPG game but its the best game i have ever played on this clip u will hear a great music with great movie you will enjoy it.... thanx to SQUARESOFT for this game
29 Dec 2006
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HIKARI's First Montage. Compiled of footage from less than a week of play, it is more of a teaser / test video than a serious compilation.
15 Feb 2007
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a nooby montage i put together in like 2 hours
12 Mar 2007
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This video displays 40 of the most popular early personal computers and covers the years: 1970 - 1980, The photo morphing montage is less than 30 seconds, so you will have to look closely! The list of these early PCs include images of the Kenbak-1 (purported to be the very first personal computer), Micral, Scelbi-8H, Mark-8, MITS Altair 8800, SwTPC 6800, Sphere Compucolor, IMSAI 8080, IBM 5100, MOS KIM-1, Sol-20, Hewlett-Packard 9825A, PolyMorphic, Cromemco Z-1, Apple I, Rockwell AIM 65, Netronics ELF II, COSMAC VIP, Apple II, Wameco QM-1A, Vector Graphic Vector-1, Commodore PET, Radio Shack TRS-80, NorthStar Horizon, Heathkit H8, Heathkit H11, Exidy Sorcerer, Dynasty art-ALEC, Ohio Scientific Superboard II, Synertek SYM-1, Interact Model One, TRS-80 model II, Bell & Howell Computer, SwTPC S/09, Heathkit H89, Atari 400, Atari 800, TI-99/4, HP-85, Sinclair ZX80, Micro Ace, IBM 5110 Model 3, TRS-80 Color Computer.
12 Mar 2007
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This is my 2nd Montage...
17 Mar 2007
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Just a short stupid montage put together with old footage.
26 Mar 2007
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Here is a sample video of what you can do when you create your own video montage. Everyone has a story. What's yours? Tears of Joy Video is waiting to create yours. Please call us at (877) 887-8658. For more information and prices check out our website at *******www.tearsofjoyvideo****
30 Apr 2007
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