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Tina Munim in a romantic mood
17 Apr 2018
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From Album - 1989 - The Healer...By STUDIO DELTA
21 Apr 2018
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The result is an immediate acting, long lasting boost of mental quickness, verbal fluency, creativity, confidence, and balanced energy. Take control of your mood, your mind and your life with THRIIV.
26 Mar 2018
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Poses for a portrait: are also taken up close to the face. These poses usually entail the selling of products, like make-up, skin care, accessories and so forth. In these type of shots be more playful with the camera, smile softly with your eyes and give the look of an angel. Think about nature and beauty to get into the mood of feeling peaceful.
2 Apr 2018
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Colors have been scientifically proven to affect people’s mind, especially their mood. Whether it’s primal, or something we’ve been socially born into; colors can make us feel sad, enthusiastic, or even evoke a lost memory.
4 Apr 2018
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Stunts always appear to be cool when done correctly. Otherwise, it is just another fail that we are allowed to laugh at. This scooter driver seems to be in the mood to break rules. But see what breaks instead.
17 Apr 2018
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You have a great menu, an enviable wine library and a dream team of the best chefs, sommeliers and service staff. Yet, there is something beyond it all that keeps diners coming back for more and it could be in your restaurant’s design. 1. The Restaurant Tells A Story: At first glance, it may look like just how a conventional restaurant is, but its theme epitomizes what space stands for an era gone by, a charming representation of the modern world or just the cuisine's region. 2. Lighting And Mood Lighting: Soft, flattering lights in the evenings or ample natural light streaming in during the day – it is the lighting in your restaurant that makes diners feel welcome, warming their minds and appetites as well. 3. Colors: The color scheme of a restaurant is known to have a psychological impact on diners, determining their food choices. Modern restaurants often have one or two dominant colors with touches of contrasting shades to add interest. 4. The Layout Your restaurant exemplifies the smart use of space and the layout is a blend of comfort and visual merchandising. From displaying wine selections, coffee beans, desserts and more, the restaurant can present itself as a visual pathway, encouraging diners to walk through it. 5. Seating Capacity You want your diners to feel at ease and hence have incorporated the perfect blend of creating a welcoming atmosphere and the number of seats that can fit in. In fact, your ability to receive enough comfortably seated guests helps you make a profit. 6. Community Building Through Décor You could have a wall that serves as a gallery for budding local artists and photographers or a small herb garden that showcases your endeavors towards hyper local sourcing. The design of your space can speak volumes about how you are part of the community and not a disruptor to it. 7. It’s All About Comfort You don’t ignore the significant little details for the comfort of your diners and invest just as much in restrooms and ventilation
18 Apr 2018
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The poor guy was in no mood that day when the unfortunate incident took place, thinking why that is unfortunate? Watch the video you will understand.
23 Apr 2018
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create a dynamic mood message in skype in 60 seconds or less
13 May 2007
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Antigua & Barbuda - For three days the steelpan instrument took front and center as some of the most renowned musical talent in the world showcased their gifts at the 2007 Moods of Pan Festival in Antigua. Now in it's ninth year, Moods of Pan has firmly established itself as one of the international musical concert treasures. In addition it has made it's way into the consciousness of the Antiguan & Barbudan people. Operating under the guidance of its creator, Gemonites Steel Orchestra, the show has steadily increased in popularity and recognition. Go to *******www.panonthenet****/news/mop2007/festival_mop_12_01_07-day_1.htm for full story.
16 Dec 2007
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Anytime you bring the likes of Trinidad's Exodus, Antigua's Hells Gate, add Golden Hands and a large dose of Three Cylinder to a Gemonites production, you're going to have flames - "burning flames" that is. The cinders have not yet cooled from the ninth annual Moods of Pan 2007 Festival. When Steel Talks coverage of the festival continues. Go to *******www.panonthenet****/news/mop2007/festival_mop_12_03_07-day_2.htm for full story
16 Dec 2007
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