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Hi , My name is Liron Mor and I'm also known as the VIDEO WONDER WOMAN. Less than a year ago I didn't know a lot about the Internet and I was stuck in a business that didn't take off no matter what I did. After I discoverd the VIDEO MARKETING SUCCESS FORMULA I've been able to build a HUGE list of prospects and clients who are DYING to buy my product and want to pay me to teach them my system. I even became the #9 most viewed Guru in Israel (you can see at the end of this page) After seeing the amazing results I achieved with video marketing online I decided that my goal is to teach and empower as many entrepreneurs as possible how to turn simple videos into cash and change their business FOREVER ! Only because you visited my channel today I want to give you a present - my ebook entitled "HOW TO BUILD AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS WITH VIDEO" for FREE!! In my ebook I tell you why video marketing is so important in your marketing campaign and how to do it right. All you need to do is to go to my website (at the end of the page you can find the address) and leave your name and email and the book is on its way to you. To get online tips from me, please add me to your friends: facebook:http://www.facebook.c om/LironMor twitter: Thanks for visiting my channel today:) Have a great day Liron Mor