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Frei.Wild beim Ehrlich & Laut Festival am 28.08.2010 in Alsfeld Produziert von creatist | Agentur für Medien Rückgrat & Moral gibt es exclusiv als Bonus-Track auf der Single "Dieses Jahr holen wir uns den Pokal" vom Sommer 2010 Dreh den Finger um, zeig ihn auf dich Opportunistisch, Taten lügen nicht Wie ein Fähnchen im Wind, mal so und mal anders Kategorisch mit dem Strom, Sagst Visionäre haben schon immer verloren Weißt, dass die Wahrheit zwar weh tut Doch der Gegenwind noch mehr brennt Und deshalb lieber mit der Masse schwimmst Und dich zu wehren so gar nicht kennst Man kann es doch eh nicht ändern So war und so bleibt es Da steh ich lieber auf der starken Seite als bei euch, dem ganzen Rest Verbiegst dich jeden Tag, und deine Würde ist dir mehr als scheißegal hast kein Rückgrat, keine Moral was immer du auch sagst Ruderst ziellos zwischen 180 Grad was für ein Ende wird das nehmen? geknechtetes Leben Nimm den Fuß vom Gas, brems dich mal ein den deine Phrasen stammen wie so oft nicht von dir allein Monotones Gelaber, synchronisierter Ja-Sager aber der Erste in der Reihe der ewigen Klager Wie kannst du nur so leben, verstehst du nicht im bestreben? hinterfragst nichts und nimmst alles in Kauf Hauptsache du fällst nicht auf wie kannst du dich nur im Spiegel ansehen? würd ihn zerschlagen würde ich mich so sehen charakterloses Gesicht schämst dich nicht, schämst dich wirklich nicht? Refrain Was du sagen willst, das weiß ich schon, ich kenn den ganzen Mist erzähl mir nichts von dem wie's laufen soll ich weiß von welchem Schlag du bist ich kenne dich, ich kenn den ganzen Rest ich schenk euch kein Respekt egal was ist, was war, was kommen mag ich hass euch wie die Pest Refrain
16 Jun 2012
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******* The Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner presents a video on Immigration Law discussing the basics of Good Moral Character & Naturalization. You can call us at 562-495-0554 or visit us online and book an appointment online for a free consultation with Immigration Attorney Brian D. Lerner
15 Jan 2013
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Morales Pavers Fort Worth, TX, 76106 Diamond Hill - Jarvis, Fort Worth, TX; North Hill Manor, Fort Worth, TX; North Side, Fort Worth, TX; Marine Park, Fort Worth, TX; Karren's Diamond Hill, Fort Worth, TX (817) 696-5347 Create beautiful outdoor areas with Morales Pavers! We are a team that carries over 17 years working with concrete and travertine pavers, as well as outdoor kitchen construction. Paving Contractor, Travertine Paving, Concrete Paving, Concrete Patios, Paver Construction, Banquette Installation, Driveway Paving, Paver Sidewalk, Paving Company, Paving
10 Nov 2016
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Un film documentaire de 52' sur l'arrivée au pouvoir du nouveau président bolivien Evo Morales Ayma. contact : lavoiedunpeuplegmail****
24 May 2007
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*******www.taipanfinancialnews**** -- The founder of the Moral Majority and the political awakening of the religious right has entered into the Happy Hunting Grounds. TFN's award-winning essayist Christopher Corbett says goodbye to Jerry Falwell in his own, inimitable way.
27 May 2007
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A Nightingale decides not to fly South for the winter. Driven by freezing cold and lack of food/water, he eventually does fly South. He arrives at a warmer clime when he falls exhausted from the sky. He survives the fall but has an unfriendly reception. A storyteller called Jolly Mixum narrates and tells of three morals that apply to the Nightingales fate and maybe us. (more)
19 Sep 2007
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Learn a lesson with seriously funny moral
16 Oct 2007
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David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero talk about the new compilation and their history
24 Oct 2007
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Dance, goa, trance, rave.... Vidéo et musique, artistique, experimentale industriel et psychédélique .... by Sweeny Titre: Bad Karma Title: Bad Karma ******* Vidéos ******* video ******* Loops ******* Blog *******sweeny-xalapa.blogspot****/ Pets ******* Matériel video *******sweeny.zlio****/ Le Karma dépend de la conscience. Vision grandiose qui associe la liberté humaine à l'ordre de l'univers et relie dans un ensemble coordonné le physique et le moral. il n'y a de déterminisme cosmique que pour la conscience ignorante.
28 Nov 2007
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Visit floydmovie**** to see the movie in its' entirety. FLOYD, a short narrative film by new writer/director Vincent Tremblay, takes its audience to a bizarre world full of death, hunting, taxidermy, and anything in between. Richard aspires to the ranks of a mount maker with the unmatched skill and devotion that only his single minded teacher, Sandra, can provide. But when their mutual friend Donna brings in her deceased husband for a 'job' which Sandra happily accepts, Richard's world starts to unravel. As he's pulled further into the project, he questions his own morals by having to put 'work first,' while creating a life-like Centaur out of his old friend. Left at odds with his hidden feelings for Sandra and insecurities about his own work, he is taken on a ride that borders on horror, drama, and often comedy. It is Sandra, however, that must face much bolder issues when Donna winds up dead and the law starts knocking at her door. FLOYD is as funny as it is thought provoking, and paints a twisted picture where even the most bizarre is fair game, as long as its a challenge.
25 Jan 2008
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The objective of this competition is to raise awareness about AIDS among the youth around the world. I chose hip-hop and rap. This rhyme that I wrote is called, to the rain. As I lay awake at night listening to the sound of the rain, I say to myself how many more times can I hear it again, how many more times can I walk with a friend, so I pray silently, dear God please ease my pain, they come within sight and took a look at me, told me I was a product of moral indecency, used to frequent them hookers by the streets you see, one too many times now I’m infected by the HIV. My whole body is in so much pain, I can feel the virus running through my veins, I cannot keep these thoughts of suicide out of my brain, cause now me and the cops is basically the same. Every night in my bed I sit up and cry, why am I dying to live when I'm just living to die? I put the razor to my wrists and whisper goodbye, tears dripping down my cheeks I take one last look at the sky, I swear I saw my momma's face smiling down at me, and she said son, all this doesn’t have to be. Cause no matter what happens, you still got a family. Those of you, who want to try it, don’t do it for real, it may be too late for me, but it ain't too late for you.
6 Mar 2008
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Watch Eli Stone Episodes at *******watchelistone.blogspot****/ After suffering a series of hallucinations that upend his value system, an ambitious San Francisco attorney suspects he may be a prophet (or perhaps just suffering from a brain lesion.) He must now balance his career and personal life with his newfound moral goals.
17 Mar 2008
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*******www.informedtrades****/ The third lesson in a series on what happened to bear stearns, moral hazard, the federal reserve, and the JP Morgan Deal.
22 Mar 2008
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Escape By Night is a dramatic film that simultaneously presents the nineteen thirties version of rough criminal elements and contrasts them with the positive moral outlook of Americans at the time. After getting involved in a shooting, innocent man Nick Allen (William Hall) goes on the run with a gang being chased by the law. Thanks to car trouble, they end up staying at a remote farm. There they meet blind man Pop Adams (Charles Waldron from The Big Sleep) who shows them country hospitality, despite the culture clash. The gangsters start to appreciate the wholesome simple life on the ranch, while Nick Allen falls in love with the old man’s daughter. Everything looks sunny – until the mob boss comes calling for his gangsters back. Escape By Night is a fresh and interesting take on the ethical point of view of the times, as well as an entertaining feature.
25 Apr 2008
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*******www.EnOruro**** Por pintar “Autonomía” juez envió anoche a un universitario a la cárcel. Oruro Bolivia Evo Morales
9 Feb 2009
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Check Out For A Moral Story With The Combination Of Four Beautiful Seasons.
22 May 2008
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