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She is Suzanne a U.K lady who got weight loss benefit from an obesity surgery in India at Mumbai because the cost and quality of obesity surgery in India at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore is very pocket friendly and deserves appreciation. Suzanne got her obesity surgery by gastric bypass method. As she was morbidly obese and required a sold weight loss procedure that could reduce her body weight by numerous pounds. Obesity surgery is a direct solution for weight reduction. It also cures heart and cardiac disorders, improves rate of respiration, regulates blood pressure, cholestrol and blood sugar level. Obesity surgery can be under taken by various methods the main methods are roux-n-gastric bypass, revision gastric bypass, gastric band and sleeve gastrectomy. Indian medical treatment services are of international quality and low cost. One can also experience health tourism in India. Pay less for your obesity surgery in India and visit the tourist destinations of India that you like the most. Get more details of low cost obesity surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail queries at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
11 Aug 2008
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28 Aug 2009
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This Hong Kong native named Raymond takes delight in telling his medical experience of getting successful obesity surgery in India. Raymond being a young guy didn’t tolerate any kind of weight increment so he looked up for a proper and permanent medical solution. The cheap cost packages and avon medical treatment facilities provided by Indian medical institutions were appealing so Raymond got his obesity surgery in India at Mumbai through the procedure of sleeve gastrectomy. Besides promoting weight reduction obesity surgery can also improve a number of health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, The selection of procedure for obesity surgery depends upon the extent of morbid obesity seen in the patient and the extent of morbid obesity would depend upon the BODY MASS INDEX or BMI of the patient. Medical tourism in India is a bridge for abroad patients who want to come to India for getting medical recovery with the best medical care at a low cost. Obesity surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Chennai is being provided by the best medical experts who are JCI accredited. Enjoy coming to India for health recovery and get the best medical hospitality that you would have got at U.S and U.K after paying a very high medical charge. Get more info on low cost obesity surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail at enquiryforerunnersshealthcare****
8 Oct 2008
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Spine decompression surgery in India at Mumbai helped to get recovery from spinal decompression disorder to a Nigeria native named Okino Moses. You can watch his post surgery opinion on this video. Spine decompression surgery in India is being provided at a low cost by reputed spine surgeons. Spine decompression surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed to alleviate pain caused by pinched nerves which is also called nervous decompression. During spine decompression surgery a small portion of the bone over the nerve root and/or disc material from under the nerve root is removed to give the nerve root more space and provide a better healing environment. As a safe and medically invasive spine procedure spine decompression surgery can cure many conditions like neural impingement, including spinal stenosis, a disc herniation, isthmic spondylolisthesis, degenerative spondylolisthesis, or (rarely) a spinal tumor. Spine decompression surgery is done by two methods like Microdiscectomy and Laminectomy. Microdiscectomy and Laminectomy are usually done with a minimum amount of morbidity and a high degree of success in alleviating low back pain and/or leg pain. Spine surgery hospitals of Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai are providing spine decompression surgery at a reduced price with super modern surgery techniques. The doctors and spine surgeons in India are also abroad trained and provide best provisions for post surgical care. Seeing the low cost options of medical treatment in India with international standard level abroad patients are arriving at Indian medical institutions and are getting speedy health recovery. To know more about spine decompression surgery in India visit *******www.dheerajbojwani**** or mail your case details at contactdheerajbojwani****
5 Apr 2009
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This is an American national’s testimonial video after his gastric sleeve surgery at Mumbai in India. Tony Singer from the US was suggested to take care of his weight by his local doctor as his body mass index showed morbid obesity in his body after an initial medical diagnosis gastric sleeve surgery was found to be reliable for him, keeping in view the target of saving more money as well as getting medical care of an international quality Tony got his gastric sleeve surgery at Mumbai in India and he got best results after the medical procedure at an affordable cost. Gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive weight loss surgery that permanently reduces the size of the stomach by about 85 percent. The procedure of sleeve gastrectomy is helpful for patients who wish to lose weight but have health conditions that make combined restrictive/malabsorptive surgery less safe at this point in time. These patients may want to consider a malabsorptive procedure like duodenal switch (DS) later to lose more weight. Obesity surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Goa have experienced weight loss experts who are providing an affordable cost gastric sleeve surgery in India with an assured success rate. Medical tourism in India is supporting and assisting patients who are searching for cost effective options medical treatment. It provides effective provisions of medical travel and hospitalization. You may get more info on gastric sleeve surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail your case details at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
18 Dec 2008
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Mary Starr an American national gained weight loss with a gastric bypass surgery at Mumbai in India. Mary was expecting to get a quick weight loss and the doctor had suggested her to get the procedure of gastric bypass. Searching for cost effective medical options Mary came to know about Indian doctors providing the procedure at a less cost so she decided to get gastric bypass surgery at Mumbai in India. Gastric bypass surgery is also famous by the name roux-en-gastric bypass treatment and is suggested for weight loss to those patients who have morbid obesity more 35 or 40. IN the outpatient procedure of gastric bypass surgery the stomach is made smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine. You will feel full more quickly than when your stomach was its original size, which reduces the amount of food you eat and thus less amount of calories are consumed. Bypassing part of the intestine also results in fewer calories being absorbed. This leads to weight loss. If gastric bypass surgery is done with laparoscopic method then a large incision is made in the abdomen or by making a small incision and using small instruments and a camera the stomach size is made smaller. Eminent obesity surgery hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai and Goa provide the outpatient procedure of gastric bypass surgery in India with the best medical care. Obesity surgeons in India are providing the procedure of gastric bypass surgery in India at a reduced cost plus medical provisions of post surgery care for foreign patients is of international quality. You may get more consultation on gastric bypass surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
1 May 2009
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Bariatric surgery in India at Mumbai gave weight loss to American sisters. Mary Starr and Angela Fox two sisters residing in the US were searching for good quality medical options at a less price when they saw appealing medical treatment packages in India so Mary and Angela took bariatric surgery at Mumbai in India by gastric bypass method. The appealing medical care facilities provided by Indian medical surgeons provided excellent results to these US sisters now they have lost a lot of weight and are advancing towards a good health. Bariatric surgery is a medical solution to get weight loss and cure morbid obesity. The aim of bariatric surgery is the same but its methods are of various kinds laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and intra gastric balloon surgery. 75% patients lose weight after a bariatric surgery if they keep a balanced diet schedule and follow the post surgery instructions well. Bariatric surgery in India at Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi is providing good medical results and the international patient care facilities being provided by medical tourism in India is worthy of being appreciated. India is a good place for getting health recovery at an affordable cost at the hands of well trained medical staff. You may know more about bariatric surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail your queries at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
19 Dec 2008
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In WRECKREATION NATION, an all-new Discovery Channel series, host Dave Mordal searches the nation for bizarre hometown traditions, unusual competitions and downright peculiar pastimes - then challenges the locals at their own game! In the premiere episode, Dave enrolls in alligator wrestling school despite his morbid fear of reptiles...but he's not the only one in harm's way! Premieres Jan 6 10pm E/T, only on Discovery.
20 Dec 2008
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Track six from Dan Bull's 2009 album Safe. Safe is available to buy on CD from or to download for free in mp3 format from sod it, it hurts but I'll reveal the truth Sometimes I'd like to curl up and be a recluse I mean it, it isn't simply an excuse I'm really feeling too weak to deal with you Do you see what I've been reduced to? A shadow of myself with the bleakest future I zone out, open myself And only hope someone else knows what I'm about It's lonely when you've felt so low you can't help But want to go for broke, and throw in the towel Go to the cabinet, open the tablets Overdose and lay comatose in the bath with the tap running That's not what I planned when I had hope though I once was the man in the photo Laughing with no load on my back and no hassle And the path to my happiness, that was still open In the past had I known that all that was over Perhaps I'd have known how to claw back those years I was sober, no drugs, I had a girlfriend But now I'm a loner that hopes the world ends How did I fall into all this torment I never portended this result then I wanted four kids, a mortgage, a crib with all the fittings But all I'm getting's more bored and morbid According to laws of physics actions all cause others Yeah? So howcome I don't have some sort of lover? It's all just rubbish, all religions and philosophical offerings Of knowledge on the source of our suffering It's just a thing thought up by people who lie to decieve All the world to lie at their feet So I'm actually beginning to believe That perhaps it's time for me to leave Cos I'm a misfit - I'm not an alpha male Misfit - my health's too frail I'm a misfit - worn out and pale Misfit - I'm bound to fail I'm a misfit - your inane conversation Misfit - puts a strain on my patience I'm a misfit - please take me away from all Misfit - this pain and frustration I'm a misfit Do I freak you out with what I speak about? Like I'm not even allowed to reveal myself Cos it breaches how people seem to chat It seems they really don't want to hear the real Dan But piss off, I'm just not interested in small talk I'd much more discuss thoughts on Bush, war and such All the fuss all you fucks all get flustered with football Means fuck all to me cos it's just sport, and that's all Don't you ever sit and think about the bigger things And how to figure things out that aren't just physical? The little bit of history we fit into How we're writ into it, and what it means to us I feel I don't ever belong, what a misfit But see, don't get me wrong, I'm not a thick kid Cross my fingers, I've got witnesses of this I think it's some kind of condition or sickness That inhibits my ability to fit in with hip kids Sit and sip drinks without feeling ridiculous Is there something I've missed, is this all just a trick? Can you all just admit that you're being pricks For shits and giggles? It itches and niggles This list of questions, riddles and things That fill my head and inner sense with visions of maliciousness With this malevolence I'm stripped of my innocence The pinnacle thing beginning my wishlist's A vision in which I'm just hindered with less stress So if I sink into and addiction and alcoholism Can I be forgiven for wishing to skip this Abyss of decisions? This piteous pit Full of pissy and shit citizens Cos if this planet I've seen's the epitome of existence Then shit, you can literally sit and spin on it I'm a misfit - I'm not an alpha male Misfit - my health's too frail I'm a misfit - worn out and pale Misfit - I'm bound to fail I'm a misfit - your inane conversation Misfit - puts a strain on my patience I'm a misfit - please take me away from all Misfit - this pain and frustration Cos if this planet I've seen's the epitome of existence Then shit, you can literally sit and spin on it
6 Jan 2009
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Apa la tajuknya?? Member cakap lagu dari Morbid Angel. Hantam saja...
5 Feb 2009
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With more of Americans being diagnosed with morbid obesity, we are trying to do our part by offering free fitness videos. These videos include such disciplines as yoga, pilates, cycling, power walking, kick boxing and more. All of these videos are designed for the beginner athlete, or for someone just trying to start exercising again, dont miss this opportunity to jump start your exercise regime. *******www.pole-dance-fitness****
23 Mar 2009
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Another tune from our favourite morbid pooch! Enjoy
25 Mar 2009
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Weight Loss Surgical Center is dedicated to treating the very serious disease of morbid and super morbidly obesity. We have had a surgical program to treat this disease since 2000. We are committed to offering our patients the highest quality care, the best equipment and a successful long term result and lifetime follow-up care. Following your bariatric surgery many of the serious co-morbidities associated with the disease of morbid obesity will be cured or markedly improved, leading to a better quality of life, increase patient activity and longevity. This is our purpose
2 Apr 2009
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Set in a sleepy British seaside town in the 1980s, Is Anybody There? tells the story of a morbid, bookish 10-year-old boy whose parents have turned their house into a retirement home. While his mother (Anne Marie Duff) struggles to keep the business afloat and his father (David Morrissey) copes with the onset of a mid-life crisis, Edward (Bill Milner) becomes increasingly obsessed with the afterlives of the homes elderly residents, following them around with a tape-recorder to capture the sound of the soul as it escapes the mortal coil But Edwards macabre behaviour is cut short by the arrival of The Amazing Clarence (Sir Michael Caine), an anarchic retired magician and grieving widower who is determined to age disgracefully. As an unlikely friendship blossoms between them, the old man comes to terms with his past, the child masters his fear of the future, and both learn to seize the day.
31 Aug 2009
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Francisco Saldana thinks morbidly-obese people should work at fast food restaurants.
1 May 2009
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Z Zegna is the urban reality of the modern man, poetic in spirit and always refined, it is a balance of worldly sensitivity and masculine strength. Romantic design is expressed with the imaginative language of composition, creating a liberated vocabulary for tailored dressing. Z Zegna è una collezione che nasce da una visione urbana, destinata ad un uomo moderno che riassume in sé spirito poetico e gusto sofisticato, è un punto di equilibrio tra sensibilità e forza. Il design dall’allure romantica è tradotto in un linguaggio creativo, capace di inventare un nuovo vocabolario per il vestire sartoriale. La collezione primavera-estate 2009 interpreta le idee attraverso la facoltà dell’immaginazione, superando le convenzioni con sofisticata semplicità. I disegni tridimensionali sono enfatizzati da tagli grafici e suggeriscono forme a contrasto e textures affascinanti. Le costruzioni sartoriali sono morbide e soffuse di un’eleganza dai tratti poetici per individuare una nuova, moderna sensibilità. L’antica tradizione dell’artigianalità e i tessuti, innovativi e preziosi, sono qualità innate, che si rinnovano grazie all’introduzione di contrasti sia nelle forme che nelle proporzioni. La silhouette delle giacche è asciutta e allungata, mentre i pantaloni mostrano un’ampiezza centrale che si va affusolando verso il fondo. The Spring Summer 2009 collection apprehends and interprets ideas by the faculty of imagination, shifting conventions with sophisticated ease. Three-dimensional designs are outlined in graphic cuts, emphasizing contrasting forms, textures and the playful position of core shapes. Soft structured tailoring is blended with poetic elegance, to cast a new modernist sensibility. Old world craftsmanship and innovative yet precious fabrics are innate, revived with animated contrasts in both form and proportion. The jacket silhouette is lean and low, with trousers focussed on a voluminous center and a tapered base.
19 May 2009
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