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In this episode, I discuss a fundamental woodworking joint, the mortise and tenon.
29 Jun 2009
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John W. Nixon from Eagle Lake Woodworking demonstrates MLCS Woodworking's Horizontal Router Table The horizontal router table is my new favorite addition to the shop. The benefits of having a router in the horizontal position for some operations is unatched! This 12 minute video shows how to make crown molding, trim molding, mortise and tenon joints, and raised panels - all using the MLCS horizontal router table. See the benefits of using a horizontal table when working with wide stock. The Horizontal Router Table makes auxiliary fences, multiple featherboards and jigs unnecessary. Visit www.mlcswoodworking**** for more information. This video covers: Making custom trim molding Crown Molding Mortise and Tenon Joints Rabbits Raised Panels
23 Jul 2009
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www.shopsmithscademy**** presents: How to "undercut" the shoulders of a tenon so it will fit its mortise without showing a gap between the boards. Search: woodworking woodworker wood shopsmith handsonline hands online academy mark v tenon mortise joint joinery fit fitting shoulder undercutting cutting
7 Sep 2009
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Kitchen Cabinet Building with tongue & groove/Dado carcass, Top frames, Back frames with panels, Mortise and tenon face frames, Interlocking drawer assembly.
24 Oct 2009
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The clip bra wrire from Thunderbirds (2004) This seems to be a six-lever mortise, milady. Sometimes your chequered past comes in handy. Thank you, milady. I shall need a piece of wire to access the mechanism. Will this suffice, Parker? Most certainly, milady. I didn't actually need it, anyway. Of course not, milady.
22 Nov 2011
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The mortise-and-tenon joint is the true workhorse of solid wood woodworking. Loose or floating tenons are a remarkably useful variation on the traditional mortise-and-tenon. Learn more about the mortising block and the techniques used in this video at: *******woodworkersjournal****/Main/Articles/Skill_Builder_Loose_Tenon_Joinery_with_a_Router_9064.aspx This is the first supporting video in a series of Skill Builder articles found in Woodworker's Journal magazine. Learn more about Woodworker's Journal at their website: *******woodworkersjournal****
16 Apr 2013
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******* Showing how my template router machine, which I call the "pantorouter" actually works. It's a very flexible machine that can be used for all kinds of joints, including mortise and tenon joints, and dovetail joints
27 Oct 2013
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