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An Open Day at the Ihsan Mosque in Norwich. A talk for visitors entitled "Real Sufusm." The Mosque based Chapelfield Cricket Team winning their first match of the season. An Open Market as part of the Norwich & Norfolk festival in Chapelfield Park with traders accepting real gold and silver (Dinars & Dirhams) as currency. For more... *******www.muslims ofnorwich*******
25 May 2009
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1 Jun 2009
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This video covers the destruction of mosques in Palestine by Israel.
31 Jul 2009
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jakarta cakarta süleyman arif halis adana pozanti ascibekirli kiraat istiklal camii istiqlal mosque quran
29 Dec 2009
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and Emmy Award-winning journalist David Reese discuss: 1) a mosque that is supposed to be built in Temecula, but residents are objecting and 2) Lindsay Lohan. Aired July 19, 2010. NBC. This is part 2. The Filter with Fred Roggin airs Monday thru Thursday at 7:30 pm.
21 Jul 2010
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Thebrandanbrown show July 20th as always rate, comment, and subscribe. Shirley Shirrod makes racist remarks and gets fired, NAACP seems to say 1 thing and portray another. Lindsey Lohan gets ready for prison raping, Sarah Palin gets called a racist for not wanting a Mosque built on ground zero.
21 Jul 2010
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1-Ruling on women wearing tight clothes in front of women and mahrams 2-Ruling on items confiscated from students who break the rules 3-Renting out part of the mosque in order to make money from it 4-She fasted to make up days from Ramadaan without her husband's permission 5-Does Allah come down to the first heaven on the night of the fifteenth of Sha'baan? 6-The reason why fasting is prescribed 7-Buying real estate through the bank 8-How should we welcome the month of Ramadan?
27 Jul 2010
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Pakistan, August 09: The Taliban in Afghanistan was born in the late 1980s. And, the credit for its creation goes to Pakistan's covert military intelligence.To train the Army of Islam, the commissioners of Pakistan army selected 100 of the then existing madrasas,almost all Deobandi,in Pakistan.The training was executed by serving and retired army officers.The most important and the most active of these madrasas chosen were the Hamiya Uloom-e-Islami in the Binori mosque,Karachi and the Jamiya Ashrafiya in Lahore.These Islamic warriors,since then have spread their jihad to the Asian continent and later even took it to the United States. Bred in Pakistan madrasas,the fanatics are known by different names Harkat-ul-Ansar, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Al Qaeda, Markaz Dawa Al Irshad and Al Badr.
9 Aug 2010
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the people behind the mosque knew exactly....... hello Angel...........
12 Sep 2010
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the people behind the mosque knew exactly....... hello Angel...........
12 Sep 2010
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Two weeks before hosting the Commonwealth Games for the first time, unidentified gunmen opened fire near the Jama Mosque in India’s capital New Delhi.
24 Sep 2010
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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In world news — pressure continues to mount for Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. Sources including the BBC say Gaddafi’s number two man, Libya’s interior minister, is now among top officials who have joined the opposition. The Arab League has now put Libya on suspension. Still, Gaddafi remains defiant, yesterday saying, he would rather “die a martyr” than resign. The U.S. and European nations are now sending ferries and planes to evacuate their citizens from the violence-ridden country. Still in world news — an update on the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake. New Zealand Herald says the recent earthquake is likely to be New Zealand’s worst natural disaster yet. The Civil Defence Ministry has declared a state of National Emergency, the first for a non-military situation. The death toll is now up to 75, while 300 others are feared trapped. In U.S. news — the ACLU and a Muslim group filed a lawsuit yesterday, claiming an FBI informant who infiltrated a mosque has violated constitutional rights — targeting Muslims for surveillance simply because of their religion. The Washington Post says the lawsuit is filed against the FBI and seven agents and supervisors. The suit seeks three things: class action status, unspecified damages and a court order instructing the FBI to destroy or return the information the informant collected. Also in the U.S. - Rahm Emanuel is the new mayor of the Windy City. Last night he accepted his new position while breaking away from his rivals with 55% of the total votes. “Thank you Chicago for this humbling victory. All I can say, you sure know how to make a guy feel at home (cheering)." (Video: CNN) CNN reports the former White House Chief of Staff especially thanked his former employer President Obama for his support and praised former mayor Richard Daley as a “hard act to follow”. Emanuel says he’s ready to fix problems in the nation’s third largest city, including reforming the pension system and lowering high rates of crime. In entertainment -- singer Rihanna rocked the stage at this year’s NBA All-Star game, but her performance was not music to every one’s ears. Access Hollywood reports Rihanna was slated to perform at a charity event for Donald Trump the same night as the game. She cancelled her gig with the Donald due to illness, but really upset the Hotel mogul when she performed at the All-Star game only hours later. But Rihanna wasn’t the ‘Only Girl in the World’ for Trump, he found Jennifer Hudson as a last minute replacement. Perez Hilton notes Trump publicly responded to the affair saying Rihanna’s bail was insulting to everyone and showed a lack of respect. A rep for RiRi fired back. She was under strict doctor’s orders after battling bronchitis and feared losing her voice if she attended the event. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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BY ALANA YOUNG ANCHOR ALISON ARCHER You're watching multisource U.S. video news analysis from Newsy. Known world-wide for his highly criticized “Burn a Quran Day” event, Jones requested permission to protest in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan -- home to the largest Muslim population in the country. His request was denied by the city, citing “a threat to public” safety, and saying the protest could block traffic and cause accidents. As late as Friday -- a jury deliberated his rights -- and a legal analyst tells Detroit’s WJBK -- it’s complex. “The only issue is whether the speech by reverend Jones is likely to breach the peace -- whatever that means. Breach the peace means a disturbance, or something like that. It’s not very well defined in the statute that came out in our books in Michigan in 1857... the bottom line here is that procedurally, if the jury comes back and says, ‘yes, Reverend Jones is likely to cause a breach of the peace’, then the judge will set the parameters of what he can speak. And probably, it will be money.” Many say the ethical implications of hateful speech is clear -- it hurts innocent people and shouldn’t be allowed. But the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Westboro’s hurtful -- but legal -- protesting rights back in March. And a writer for the Michigan Messenger agrees with the courts, and says no matter the tone, free speech must be protected. “All of this is extremely unusual and almost certainly unconstitutional. The boundaries of the First Amendment are not determined by juries. And the practice of requiring those who wish to protest to put up bonds before holding controversial protests was declared unconstitutional decades ago by federal courts...” A writer for the conservative website Human Events argues -- in effect -- what the city is doing is anticipating behavior. And he argues -- that’s wrong. “...the express reason for telling Terry Jones he can’t demonstrate anywhere near the mosque is the anticipated violent reaction of the audience... The worshippers of the Islamic Center of America should be granted the respect and dignity of assuming that they are good Americans, as well as good Muslims, and can handle the free expression of others like reasonable adults. If someone can’t handle it… well, that is why we have a government to defend our inalienable rights.” But the mayor of Dearborn says what this is really about is - Pastor Jones was misleading in his permit request -- giving the city a basis for the denial. “Everybody has to understand when we do enforcement we have to respond to what someone else does. We don’t anticipate behavior, we respond. (FLASH)... What he did in his petition is he said I’m going to have five or six people. That’s why we kept evaluating it. On Tuesday, he put out this flyer on the Internet, which was inviting everybody under the sun to come, and we went, ‘Oh my gosh, that clearly blows it’.” One writer for the Detroit Free Press says the trial is a lose-lose situation -- Jones will get exactly what is wants - attention - no matter the outcome. “People like Terry Jones pose a dilemma. Comment on their disgusting conduct and you give them the publicity that they crave. Ignore them and you risk creating the impression that their extremist views are somehow acceptable... Jones will attempt to paint himself as a martyr...” Jones says he still plans to hold a peaceful protest -- while adding that fellow protesters will be armed. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for updates in your feed. Get more multisource U.S. video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
23 Apr 2011
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Beautiful azan from Egypt with nice pictures of Masjids. The masjids in order of appearance: 1. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, Brunei 2. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, Brunei 3. Faisal Mosque, Pakistan 4. Blue Mosque, Turkey 5. Kaaba - Masjid al-Haraam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 6. Masjid Nabawi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 7. Masjid Nabawi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8. Green dome of Masjid Nabawi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 9. Kaaba - Masjid al-Haraam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 10. Masjid Zahir, Malaysia 11. Masjid al-Quba, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 12. Great Mosque, Senegal
28 Jul 2011
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource headline news analysis from Newsy. In world news-- a mosque bombing during evening prayers in Baghdad leaves dozens dead-- including a member of the Iraqi parliament. Worshippers were attending a special service at the Sunni mosque as the Holy Month of Ramadan comes to an end. Euronews has more. “The attacker, posing as a beggar, detonated the explosives in the middle of the building just as evening prayers finished. …It’s the most serious incident in Iraq for two weeks, when a series of suicide bombings killed at least 70 people across the country. The power-sharing government is struggling to overcome sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites, that almost left to civil war after the U.S.-led invasion.” Still in world news-- Libyan rebels make their way towards Sirte (Sert), the hometown of ousted leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Al Jazeera reports-- they have a different tactic now that Gaddafi is out of power. JACKY ROWLAND, AL JAZEERA: “The strategy of the Libyan fighters now is to move forwards steadily. They tell me that in the past they’ve made mistakes, they’ve dashed forward, they’ve captured towns, and then they lost them. …Morale is high, and even as they fight on, they hope for a peaceful solution.” ALI GELAL, FIGHTER: “Already, the other people inside Sirte, it’s our family. They are Libyan. So we don’t need more blood. That’s enough.” In U.S. news-- the East Coast begins picking up the pieces after being pummeled by Irene over the weekend. Irene was downgraded from a Hurricane to a Tropical Storm as it passed, but as of Monday morning, more than 20 deaths have been blamed on the storm. Here’s HLN with a look at some of the devastation. ROBIN MEADE, HLN: “In Prattsville, New York, an official says that the volume of water coming off the Catskills Mountains could be bigger than Niagara Falls. Isn’t that incredible? Now look what happened in Vermont. Peaceful streams have turned into raging rivers. Floods washed away some of this building’s foundation. Look at the flashes of light in the window-- those are alarms going off.” Finally-- in entertainment news-- the world gets a peak at the latest installment in the Halo series. New series developer 343 Industries released this trailer at the Pax Prime convention over the weekend. Halo 4 will be the first game in a new "Reclaimer" trilogy and according to PCWorld, should be available around the 2012 holiday season. (Video: YouTube/HaloWaypoint) Stay with Newsy for more analysis on news throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Christina Hartman, highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
30 Aug 2011
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Respected viewers, this hadith reveals the great reward for to reciting Aazan and sitting in the first row in the mosque. Must watch.
2 Apr 2017
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