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خطبة الجمعة بمسجد بانشبول - سدني الدكتور محمد راتب النابلسي
16 Jan 2012
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15 Oct 2012
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19 Nov 2012
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14 Mar 2013
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current affairs
5 Oct 2017
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These videos contain the biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi. Prophet Muhammad was the last of God’s messengers send to people. He is continuation of previous prophets (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, and etc.) and the seal of all prophets. Unlike the previous prophets who were sent to certain nations, Prophet Muhammad was sent to all mankind.
8 Oct 2017
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A mosque is in flooding water at narmada river in india.
19 Sep 2006
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Some destroyed mosques.
17 Dec 2006
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This animation plays on the much hyped canadian show 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'. Irrespective of your political views, our troops need your support. This animation is dedicated to the brave men and women of the armed forces serving Canada. Support our troops
5 Feb 2007
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The Dome of the Rock, with its golden dome, is a magnificent mosque surrounding the rock where Abraham is believed to have tried to sacrifice Issac, and from which the Prophet Mohammad ascended to heaven. It's the third most holy site in Islam, located above the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. This is part of a free video presenting a 1995 trip to Israel and Petra, Jordan. The video includes Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Galilee, Golan Heights, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Masada & the Dead Sea. Jewish, Islamic, and Christian holy places are all presented. (The movie reflects a time of optimism regarding the peace process, and the viewer should approach it from the context of 1995.) To enjoy all of this film, and over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on the IntrepBerkExplorer link below, and then on the direct link to my geocities Video Page that follows; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
17 Feb 2007
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Mosques, Houses of God around the world, from many countries.
16 Mar 2007
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The biggest mosque of the maghreb
2 Apr 2007
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Turkey is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Turkey with its glittering, historic and mysterious capital Istanbul is part of the west and part of Asia Minor. Turkey is a big country. Turkey is a varied country and Turkey is rich in natural beauty and history. Turkey is a Muslim country with thoroughly western, secular institutions and practices. Istanbul is of course Turkeys crown jewel. Istanbul, once Constantinople, is home to the world famous Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the exquisite Topkapi Palace, the home to all the Ottoman sultans until the nineteenth century. But theres more to Turkey than Istanbul and its many touristic jewels. Turkey has the Lycian Coast for example, a perfect Adventure Travel Hiking experience. Hikers along the Lycian Coast say walking on Lycia's rocky landscape is like walking on an unknown planet. The Lycian Hills are breathtakingly steep and hearstoppingly beautiful. Paths lead past ancient tombs in the valley of Sidyma and through villages with happy children and tired fathers. It has been said that in all of Anatolya the coast of Lycia is the most fascinating, the air the sweetest, the moonlight most magical. The Lycian Coast boasts incredible beauty, beaches and small villages.
9 May 2007
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The Musharraf government takes journalists on a tour of the devastated Red Mosque Tensions had been building for 6 months between the Musharraf government and those inside the Lal Masjid. Yesterday, troops using tanks and heavy artillery, stormed the Lal Masjid, killing a yet to be determined number of civilians while losing about a dozen soldiers. It's not clear how the guns, grenades, gasmasks and ammunition got there, or what the government knew about it. But we bring you the images from the media tour, provided by Pakistani Television. Pakistan's 'Dawn' Newspaper Online raises questions about the number of civilians killed. It says the media tour was delayed for a day,' fuelling speculation that the government was buying time to remove some telltale signs.' --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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Historic mosques, outside and inside, plus the Citadel, a clip from “King Tut, Ramses and Me”, a free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video of time travel in Egypt; featuring the Pyramids of Giza, a talking Sphinx, King Tut, the temples of Luxor (Thebes), Ramses the Second’s Abu Simbel Temple, sailing on the Nile, Cairo mosques, and much more. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on Related Link below, which takes you to my Video Page; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
9 Jan 2008
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Watch this Web-exclusive CBN News update with Gary Lane. Top Stories: Tropical Storm Fay moves inland and brings rain; Grand Canyon rescue; Atlanta opens mosque.
21 Aug 2008
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