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MOTHER3のROM内に存在する没敵でクラウス関連と思われるものをまとめてみました。 from niconico douga. *******
6 Nov 2011
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PLEASE READ FOR MY ADVICE!!!!! The Mother 3 Boss- The Pork Tank OVERVIEW- Fairly challenging. Salsa is very weak and and Kumatora doesn't have that much PP and HP to both keep hitting with PK Thunder and keeping the party alive. Here's how to take it down. 1. Use Salsa's Monkey Mimic NON-STOP!!!!! 2. USe Kumatora's PK Thunder NON-STOP!!!! 3. When one of them is about to die, quickly use Lifeup. 4. Heal RIGHT after the tank hits everybody. 5. Wess will help you. But don't rely on him. Most of the time he'll worry about Kumatora's safety. 6. Its OK to let Salsa die 7. Just because the tank malfunctioned doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet. he can still throw cannon balls that do about 20 damage Questions? Comments? Concerns? Recommendations? Message me and I will gladly help you. Want to play this to? mother3.fobby**** NO ROM FOR YOU! (yay Seinfeld!) (roms are illegal and I'm not giving you one.)
20 Aug 2009
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