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Video recorded using the Viewty 120 fps slow motion video recording. Video shows the difference between 30 fps and 120 fps recording.
5 Dec 2007
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a skateboarding stop motion video of a skateboarding (everything) puppet, set, animation by me.
5 Dec 2007
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skateboarding stop motion animation
7 Dec 2007
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A stop motion video.
5 Dec 2007
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I borring me and make this stop motion movie wi... (more) Added: December 08, 2007 I borring me and make this stop motion movie with my Canon eos 400d xti rebel and some briquettes :)
8 Dec 2007
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I make a stop motion movie with some candle because i borring me :) i use my Canon eos 400D xti rebel
9 Dec 2007
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Based on a Sir Arthur Doyle novel (the author of Sherlock Holmes), The Lost World was the first big special effects film in cinematic history. Utilizing stop-motion capture to animate clay model dinosaurs, the monstrous prehistoric creatures come to life as had never been previously accomplished. Though silent, The Lost World is also a rich dramatic narrative: Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) theorizes that dinosaurs are still alive in a remote region of South America. Joined by friends, including the stunning Bessie Love who plays Paula White, Challenger sets off on an expedition to prove his theories correct. Once the lost location is found, the transcendent creature effects take center stage and the explorers watch the beasts hunt, gather, and fight. They decide to bring back a brontosaurus to make them all rich. This would work marvelously, if the monster didn’t escape into London! The ensuing chaos is as enthralling and unforgettable as the rest of The Lost World.
12 Dec 2007
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0:30 Presents GZ Motion Graphics Montage Music by Chris Bates; Produced by Spencer Striker; Edited by Troy Engelhardt
14 Dec 2007
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17 Dec 2007
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Made By: Imiko A YYH (Yu Yu Hakusho) AMV of the Yu Yu gang, made to the song Loco-Motion by Grand Funk Railroad. It funny ^_^
17 Dec 2007
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Motion Loops for Video Production in Sony Vegas
19 Dec 2007
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An episode of my Stop Motion series. Stop The Motion. Buttons. Artistic. Inspirational
20 Dec 2007
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in this 'How to make a stop motion video' can you learn how people there work with stop motion and animation every day do it. If people have any questions about the movie is they welcome to contact me.
24 Dec 2007
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Here is a cool little stop motion movie i made with cards and candy. Enjoy!
27 Dec 2007
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amazing stop motion animation hack animation starts 17 seconds into video
28 Dec 2007
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*******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ (ENG) The Big Accident in the Portugal Race 2007. This is a Short Film in Stop Motion made for a portuguese festival. In this video i wanted to apply some ideias that i had to make this type of videos, videos these that ... More»are in stop motion. All the used sounds had been created by me or recorded in the street, in order to coincide with what it was happening in the video. It was my first attempt to make this type of video, the result it was not so badly. (PT) O Grande Acidente no Portugal Race 2007 (SPA) El accidente grande en la raza 2007 de Portugal (FRE) Le grand accident dans la course 2007 du Portugal (GER) Der grosse Unfall im Portugal Rennen 2007 *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ iNFO: Video feito para participação num festival nacional, em Stop Motion, uns acidentes com carros, algum sangue e tal... Acerca do Vídeo: Neste video quis aplicar algumas ideias que tinha para fazer este tipo de videos, videos estes que é gravado frame a frame. Todos os sons utilizados foram criados por mim ou gravados na rua, de modo a coincidir com o que se passava no video. Foram utilizados pequenos carros de brincar, legos e bonecos dos legos, etc. Acho que para uma primeira tentativa de fazer este tipo de video até não ficou mal.
29 Dec 2007
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