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CCTV Systems - Surveillance and Control CCTV refers to closed-circuit television This means that you can monitor your property over a secure line of media transmission These ‘closed-circuit’ systems are only accessible to displays and monitors that are authorized or allowed to access its live feed CCTV is the most common type of surveillance system used in Homes, Schools, Businesses, Offices, Public facilities, Industries, and much more CCTV systems use NVRs (network video recorders) and servers to store surveillance data to be reviewed in the future The latest NVRs are capable of recording media from several HD input streams, with multiple channel outputs, ideal for all kinds of field applications Infrared Cameras detect infrared (or heat) signals which is transmitted to display a thermal imaging feed on a monitor IP cameras are those that use secure IP or a secure network to transmit a live feed to authorized receivers CCTV cameras are either equipped with a dome, box or motion-controlled casing, which is usually resistant to threats like Vandalism and Weather conditions CCTV systems are commonly integrated with other ELV systems to achieve exceptional automation, as well as improved building functionality Visit Oasis Enterprises Official Website CCTV Camera UAE | Video Surveillance Systems UAE i e at http://www oasisppd com/estore/index php?module=view/category&MsID=4
6 Mar 2017
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Sony has unveiled there new motion controller, the playstation move. Similar to the wii it has two parts, adn will be released later 2010 for the price of less than $100. Check out for more information, and games details.
11 Mar 2010
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7:00 Nicole Scott of Netbook News fame is on the floor for us at the annual Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco. You can normally see Nicole shooting all of the latest netbooks and tablets over at Netbook News, so gaming is something new for her. In our forth video from GDC 2010, Nicole visits the Intel lounge in the North Hall of the show floor and has a chat with Josh Bays from Sixense. This company is actively promoting a new motion controller technology called 'TrueMotion' that uses a low-powered 12-foot sphere magnetic field to track even the slightest movements and button pushes. With a brand new Core i7 980X Alienware powered desktop system and Left 4 Dead 2 in a wicked ATI Eyefinity three monitor setup, we get a hands-on demo from Josh with their new motion controller and how it works. Cool! Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Mar 2010
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5:11 In our first batch of pre-Computex Taipei 2010 coverage this week, we visited ASRock who had some pretty cool new stuff on display that it will show at the big Asian IT show next week. The second thing we were shown was ASRock AIWI that was only just officially launched by ASRock a little while ago. AIWI is an Apple app for devices with a motion sensor such as the iPhone that gives your ASRock powered system the ability to play games through your iPhone or iPod touch over wireless or Bluetooth. After you’ve installed the app on your phone and the ASRock software on your system (and it has detected which games you have that are supported – not all games are supported but there is a pretty good list so far), you simply connect your phone to your PC and then you are in business. Not only can you play games using your phone as the controller with motion control like a Nintendo Wii controller, but you can also use it to control your system as it has mouse and keyboard functions too. Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 May 2010
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SIMOTION P320, die embedded PC-Lösung für alle Motion Control-Anwendungen, bietet durch den Wegfall von beweglichen Teilen wie Harddisk und Lüfter eine hohe Betriebssicherheit. Windows Embedded Standard Software 2009 sorgt für Kompatibilität und Funktionalität. Low Voltage- Kondensatoren senken den Energieverbrauch und reduzieren Abwärme. Mehr:
22 Mar 2011
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SIMOTION P320, the embedded PC solution for motion control applications, offers a high operational safety by eliminating moving parts such as hard drives and fans. Windows Embedded Standard Software 2009 provides compatibility and functionality. More:
22 Jun 2011
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Best industrial joystick and motion controller CTI Electronics at work. check out various features of high quality industrial joystick and motion controllers, aerospace flight sticks, medical joysticks, and military trackballs.
8 Sep 2011
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Best Motion Controller CTI Electronics at work. check out various features of high quality motion controllers, aerospace flight sticks, medical joysticks, and military trackballs.
14 Sep 2011
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0:30 The product is a gun pistol motion controller for playstation PS3 move, it provides the most intuitive game play experience, each hit, crash and explosion is more realistic when the user feels the rumble right in the palm of their hand.
19 Feb 2012
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The workstation/desktop version of the Motion Controller has an ergonomic; stainless steel NEMA 4X (IP66) sealed enclosure. This design is perfect for harsh or wet environments requiring rugged Industrial Motion Control devices (USB FlightStick a.k.a. sidewinder joystick). In addition to the three sealed switches on the enclosure, the standard low profile N3 joystick knob offers a "point and click" button in the USB Joystick handle. The stainless steel enclosure with gasket sealed bottom plate has rubber feet and a sealed stainless steel threaded insert allowing for easy securing to any work surface with just one bolt. Options include industrial joystick knob, various application specific options, including an optional bulkhead waterproof cable assembly for simple installation of the cable through metal cabinets. Please Visit ... for more information
24 Feb 2012
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The CGRundertow team evaluates the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360's Kinect and the PlayStation Move motion controls.
22 Sep 2012
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2:01 Modular. Leistungsstark. Leicht zu bedienen. Das ist Motion Control mit der neuen Firmware V4. Der Controller SIMATIC S7-1200 ist extrem flexibel, skalierbar und nahtlos in die Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Architektur integrierbar. Er überzeugt durch das perfekte Zusammenspiel mit HMI, I/O, Antrieben und Software.
18 Apr 2013
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2:01 Modular. Powerful. Easy to use- this is motion control with Firmware V4 and this is what the SIMATIC S7-1200 stands for. It is flexible, scalable and seamless to integrate in totally integrated automation (TIA). Siemens now launches a whole new dimension of compact automation at the Hanover fair 2013.
18 Apr 2013
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Pan across olive groves in Tuscany, Italy with clouds moving over head.
8 Oct 2007
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You never need to change SIM cards when you travel. [ ] Just leave your regular SIM and insert the SIM of the Country you are visiting. Both SIM cards will be active at the same time. Listen to music and watch video on your journeys. Let this GSM mobile phone keep you entertained.
3 Apr 2009
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The new controller from Sony for the PS3. It looks really really good. Released in 2010, has a lot of potential IMO. Not as good as the XBOX NATAL however, IMO.
5 Jun 2009
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