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If you are an employer, you definitely want to experience the most memorable experience in team building. Blue Mountains can provide you all your needs to achieve this.
24 May 2018
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Tumsong Chiabari - Best Heritage Tea Resort in Darjeeling.A great hills hotel surrounded by greeneries, tea garden and, mountain views. Makes your stay awesome and memorable!
22 May 2018
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Want to get premier north GA mountain realty company? Call Blue Ridge Realty today. We offer best homes and properties for sale in north GA. Call us - +1 706-632-5596 Address - 37 W Fain St #101, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, USA
18 May 2018
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An editorial about the scariest moment in Disney history. The Night on Bald Mountain sequence from the 1940 concert feature, Fantasia.
17 May 2018
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Most beautiful view of River Alaknanda and River Bhagirathi flowing from Himalayas merge and form the iconic River Ganga in Devprayag. Wow that's so beautiful view of the nature...The difference in the color of the river is really cool. Great to see the Sangam. One has muddy river bed,another coming from mountain top has rocky river bed which due to light reflection looks green. Would you like to visit this place? Please share your thoughts.
17 May 2018
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#Majorca #BeachHoliday Starts from £99 pp For Booking Call us: +44 (0) 203 883 2847 Enjoy your 5 Nights at 4* 'Loryma Resort' -save up to 43% Loryma Resort is situated on a verdant hillside overlooking Turunc Bay with magnificent views of coastal and mountain scenery of the Bozburun Peninsula.
15 May 2018
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True to its name Mount Olives is covered with ancient olive trees during the biblical time in one of the mountains of Mount Zion in the northern part which shows the direct view to the old City, the Kidron Valley and the City of David. Mount Olives is the place where Jesus has encouraged his disciples and has given those instructions on what to do after He will be crucified. Mount Zion is close to many historical places and churches.
11 May 2018
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Enjoying the fun-filled activities you can do in this beautiful Australian place. Here’s a guide to help you with your choices of good eats yet easy on the budget.
10 May 2018
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Get the best price after selling your homes in Blue Ridge. Contact us today. We offer homes for sale in the Blue Ridge Mountain area. Call us - +1 706-632-5596 Address - 37 W Fain St #101, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, USA
8 May 2018
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A land of splendid mountains, a pristine place which feeds and provides solace to the mind and soul, a pious land which is associated with the supernatural, an enigma of a place which attracts people from every nook and corner of the world- It's incredible, it's beautiful, its enchanting- It's Himachal !
5 May 2018
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He was far away from the mountain when the Avalanche took place. It was not a very big one but still, the snow reached the spot where the man was recording from.
4 May 2018
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Bapa’s family background originates from Rajestan (Adhevada), and they were Ramanandi Sadhu. His mothers name was Shiwar kuwarbai and father’s name was Hiradas. Bapasitaram was born on 1906 (no exact date) at Janjariaya Hanuman Mandir, in a village called Adhe Wada in Bhaunagar. At birth his parents names him Bhaktiram. It was known to all that Bapa was the complete incarnation Shesh Narayan. He studies until the 2nd standard. Bapa first attended Nashik kumb mela in 1915 along with his Guru Pujya Shri Sitaramdas Bapu (ashram was in Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya). He performed his main sadhna at Mandakini river at mountain Chitrakut which is by the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. He gained yog sidh at the age of 28. His guru advised him go on his own journey and named him Bajarangdas Bapa. Bapa encouraged people to call him Bapa Sitaram so that people recite the name of mother (Maa) and father (Baap). When he was about 30 he went on the Himaliya yatra, traveled and resided in numerous places: Mumbai, Kaanan Vistar, Surat Laxmi Mandir, Dholera for 1 year, Bhaunagar, Warugat Bai's Hanumanji place for 5 years, Palitana, Karmodar for 5 years, and then Bagdana at the age of 41. He performed many miracles that were unexplained, but bapa never took any credit for the results. Once during the Kumbh Mela, when thousands of Saints and Gurus Sitaramji got together at the sea bank in Mumbai. It was very hot and the water available was the salt water. How could they quench their thirst? Guruji gave Bapa the responsibility to get clean drinking water for all. Bapa did not know what to do, but naturally started digging on the sea banks. Others were surprises of what he was doing. As he continued digging, Ganga appeared on the sea bank of Mumbai. All of them began to drink the water. Guruji eyes opened for Bapa and saw him as having the capabilities of becoming a proficient saint. Guruji Sitaramji was so impressed with Bapa that he gave him the permission to leave the mona
3 May 2018
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