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ENGLISH VERSION Yes, this Wedding Video in the Field, had the special participation of a Spectacular Sunset in the Mountains, a spectacular scenery that charmed all the guests present. It was an end of Special Afternoon and a Brigadier's Sky. A beautiful day as it should be. The GABRIELA AND ADRIANO Field Wedding was a Mini Wedding in the Field, with the scenery of the mountains in the Water Circuit, in the city of AGUAS DE LINDOIA - S.P. The Beautiful Wedding took place at the POUSADA MORRO VERDE, a place that is too beautiful, and that reminds me of the times of a child, who was vacationing at my grandfather's farm in the south of Minas Gerais. We started the Work in the Making Of, in the CABELEIREIROS JACKES JANINI HALL, in the city of Aguas de Lindoia. Finished the production of Making Of, we are directed to the Religious Marriage Ceremony. The Bride Gabriela was beautiful and smiled a lot during the entire Wedding Ceremony. It was a relaxed ceremony, in the late afternoon, between the Mountains of the Water Circuit. The Exchange of Alliances, marked one of the Most Exciting Moments of Marriage .. After the Final Blessing of the Wedding, the Sunset was already incredible, only a slight Penumbra, illuminated the Place .. Simply Wonderful. Photographing and recording a Wedding Video in the Field, we always have beautiful Images. After the Religious Ceremony, we started to photograph and capture Video Images to Compose the Wedding Movie. It was a Bride and Groom rehearsal, Gabriela and Adriano. The reception, by the way very lively and relaxed, also had the animation of the couple, who with their Families and Friends, had a lot of fun at their Wedding Party. See the TEASER OF MARRIAGE by Gabriela and Adriano.
13 Jul 2017
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Escape into nature's own lap at our retreat house in Hot Springs, NC. We await you with the pristine beauty of The Blue Ridge Mountains, roaring streams, exquisitely beautiful waterfalls, dense forests and mountains, to give you the best retreat experience you can avail. Wheel Of Bliss Retreat Center offers private rest and relaxation, solitary spiritual retreat, group retreat and more in Hot Springs, NC.
14 Jul 2017
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Did I win or did I get blown up? Find out as I'm racing thru the peaks of deadly mountains!! :)
16 Jul 2017
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Things to Do in Tenerife Tenerife is filled with endless opportunities for fun and adventure. An abundance of beaches from rocky coasts to fine sand allow for all types of water activities. At the center of the island, the rugged landscape leads to gorgeous views of the mountains that can be attained through a vehicle or on foot. Home to a number of amusement parks and animal centers, families with kids that have varied age ranges will find it easy to keep themselves active and entertained with endless things to do.
17 Jul 2017
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Rupert Stroud – a unique British singer/songwriter whose outstanding beat-driven sound has seen him share a live stage with the likes of Texas, James Blunt, JP Cooper, Little Comets, garner radio claim from names including Dermot O’Leary, Alex Lester and Janice Forsyth and shoot to No11 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart with his last EP. Now the Yorkshire boy is back with probably his best work to date as he releases his new Single/EP ‘Heart & Soul’ on 28 July. As an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Research UK, Rupert is also a well-known media campaigning voice, appearing to over 200 million people through an Al Jazeera International News broadcast on ‘Inside Story’, as well as featuring in The Guardian. A voice of campaigning substance, a heart that shines with hope and a lyrical and vocal ability that’s so unique it moves mountains – Rupert Stroud is back with his best sound ever! The EP ‘Heart and Soul’ is a generous 6-track mini offering, born from Rupert’s newly created DIY studio in Leeds, a freshly built space which gave him a creative awakening and full control and liberation of his own music, on his own label, Xidus Music. The EP is a musical canvass, with Rupert’s life-experiences soaking into the very fabric of his creative process as he draws influences from his day-to-day life. It exposes how main stream media, and humans in general, focus on the bad in life – cutting out the good. ‘Heart & Soul’ is a tempting-taster of what we can expect from the forthcoming album from this UK artist. Bolder, more aware and seeing life through wiser eyes, this sound takes on a mature perspective and observation from Mr Stroud.
19 Jul 2017
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India is home to some of the world’s beautiful treks on its vast Himalayan mountain range. Though age is no barrier to those who are passionate about their mountain adventures, these ten treks are best taken before you turn 30 – they are difficult, offer jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas, and the perfect way to find your inner peace.
20 Jul 2017
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Adventures of a Turkish Mountain Climber Nasuh Mahruki. Also Known As Snow Leopard.
24 Dec 2006
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Nice view when you drive the mountain road.
30 Apr 2006
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fun filled mountain bike ride
3 Aug 2006
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Romanian Mountains - Random Pics.
8 Oct 2006
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What it's like to attend & ride in a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race. This is the real deal from the first day to the next- straight through the night! Music by CRYSTAL METHOD
18 Oct 2006
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Anthony Minghella, director of movie "Cold Mountain" talking about Romania - The country where the movie was filmed.
6 Nov 2006
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Mountain Lion vs Bear, Mountain Lion vs Wolf, and a video about Total domination by the Moutain Lion.
26 Oct 2006
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Mountain bike Wheelies and Trails taped with a helmet cam and edited in Adobe Premier Pro
8 Nov 2006
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A hell Of A fire All over the mountain.....check it out
28 Nov 2006
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