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Chad Ruble's weekly wrap of odd and offbeat news from around the Reuters world. This week: nightingale poop for glowing skin, moustache madness in Bavaria, and a cute polar bear cub.
26 Apr 2008
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Comedy (?) song about the difficulty in deciding whether to shave or grow whiskers at any given time, including the additional challenge of predicting your lady's reaction to your moustache.
19 Jun 2008
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Hairy Highlights from the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Free popSiren Daily and Weekly Video Podcast on iTunes: ******* Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: ******* For more visit: *******revision3****/popSiren
10 Sep 2008
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*******www.236**** Rep. Henry Waxman is the new chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which means the mustache is back and for once, it's not in a porn movie. Can you tell a Democratic mustache from a porn star moustache? If you guess wrong more than twice, chances are that, within the year, you'll be watching C-SPAN with your pants off. Watch more at *******www.236****/video
3 Sep 2009
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An advert for *******www.gocompare****/ featuring a jolly chap with a moustache. Warning: Song is annoying and will stick in your head.... New ads will be uploaded soon, sorry for the lack of.
13 Sep 2009
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Spock grows a moustache for Movember. (Google Movember, and grow a moustache during the month of November to raise money for men's health)
30 Oct 2009
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This is a teaser for the new album EGO by the Dutch alternative jazz band Tommy Moustache, which will be released in April 2017. Band members: Jasper van Damme - Saxophone Jorn ten Hoopen - Guitar Bas Kloosterman - Bass Mark van Kersbergen - Drums The video is recorded and edited by Sasha Ivantic. All artwork is created by Auke Triesschijn. The songs used in the video are all written by Tommy Moustache except for Un Hombre Verdad, which is written by Tommy Moustache and Jimmi Hueting: Intro: Operation G-Ball 1. Brute Force 2. Bax! BaxBax! Bax! 3. Monacre 4. Hosternokke 5. Un Hombre Verdad
6 Mar 2017
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Short interview with the alleged baby stopped only seconds into it with a smelly number 2. CC music Four Beers Polka.
17 Dec 2006
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Gene Shallit caught on tape in disguise
22 Feb 2007
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(First released January 4th 2002) - Adam rented an Alf costume in the summer of 2002, and ran around Sportsworld with DaN-0. Filming took more than an hour, and there was lots of footage. People sure loved Alf back then. In this video, you will see a girl in a leg cast, Who was actually filming a video herself. Shes was a Playboy model filming some stuff. This video, was going to be released as a NBK video back in the day, but was released as one of the very first me6 videos ever. The music in this video has changed many times, finally to "The Goldfish Bowl" by Room Without A View
22 Apr 2007
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This was done for a school project. Basically the video we made could not be over 3 mins long, so we wrote a short Star Wars script, that in the end, makes no sence, follows no timeline, and has new charachters that make no sence. We did it so we could play around with after effects and try out the hologram/light saber effects.
27 Apr 2007
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(First Released May 19th 2001) - An oldie but a goodie, this video is basically trying to get 2 packages of big league chew gum in the mouth at once. Simple, and stupid.
1 May 2007
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(First Released January 5th 2003) - This is the sequel to Gum. Its the same video, only newer, and with a lot more mouth to mouth passing of the gum.
28 Apr 2007
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Me doing numa with a mustache
29 Jun 2007
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Me n my friend trey had to make a visual for english class while reading "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. The book kinda sucked to tell the truth, but I thought this project turned out pretty good. plz check out my other vids on youtube: *******youtube****/user/sputnik410
12 Jul 2007
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We decide to do some serious rocking out while we were out to sea.
27 Aug 2007
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