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A tutorial to make your hair long and good looking, make moustache and many other changes... whatever u wish... by using a few tools of photoshop
6 Jan 2007
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Londons Daily Express, the bible of film (?!), says Cage will be Magnum P.I., but can he do the moustache?
18 Sep 2007
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In this moustache-filled episode: MICK FANNING wins the ASP World Title! MTB and BMX action c/o Volatile Visions. Sticko wakes up to review snow flick; Sleeping Giants. Skate carnage c/o the Afends lads. And in music we shout out to those who DIDNT win an ARIA - including nominees Justice & Kaos. All topped off ofcourse with another harden the f$% up clip of a Rollerblader eating pavement... enjoy! See more & grab the episode podcasts at
27 Feb 2008
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From the PROPHET MOHAMED recommendations: Inform about me even a verse. From the persons allah will not look at or purify: A liar prince, haughty poor, adulterer old man,those who swore 2 give something but did not,those who don't give workers 4 them their wages. Hoarding brings curse of allah. If u r in a country with an epidemuc, don't leave it. Two eyes hell doesn't touch : a crying eye for fear of Allah and a guarding eye for allah sake. Fear Allah whenever u r, follow the sin with good deed to delete it and treat people with good manner. Dice(stone in backgammon..) players disobeyed Allah and his messenger. Those who raised weapons against us r not from us. This who raises an iron bar against his brother, angels will curse him till leaving it. Once a man knocked at prophet Mohamed door, the prophet asked: who s at the door? The man said; it s me, the prophet said: me? Me ? .it means that he hated this way of replying so the man should have mentioned his name. You should knock three times at door and mention your name as prophet Mohamed recommended. From the instinct cutting your nails,moustache and unnecessary body hair. Only the clean will enter paradise. Avoid black dye in coloring hair. Hypocrisy s minor polytheism and the first people to start hell r martyr, generous and scholar as their good deeds were to get reputation(hypocrisy) not to satisfy Allah.hypocrisy s like a creeping black ant on black rock on a dark night. The devil comes to u asking who created the tree, the stone. then who created Allah .so seek Allah protection from devil three times and spit on the left and read chapter of ekhlas. Don't make your homes like graves, read surat al baqarah(chapter of cow in Quran). Before sleeping u should move your bed cover to dismiss the devil. U should also read the final two verses of surat al baqarah. When eating,entering mosque and wearing your clothes or shoes: begin with the right but when cleaning your genitals use the left hand and enter the bathroom with left leg. As Prophet recommended. Days will come when some of my nation will consider as halal(not banned) adultery,silk ,wine and playing musical instruments. The drink that much of it makes u drunk, the little of it is haram( banned). When washing your body , begin with the higher and the right parts of your body and rub hair well as prophet recommended. u should eat in groups and eat and drink sitting,drinking should be on 3 stages. We r people who eat only when we r hungry and don't fill our stomach greatly. Allah says in hadith: I am with my slave as long as he mentions me and I mention him in my soul or in a group if he mentions me in his soul or in group. Those who lie to the prophet deliberately should wait for their hellish seat.And so do those who wanna others stand up for them. No one should occupy his brother seat without his permission and u shouldnot be the prayer leader (imam) of anyone at his home. The worst sin after polytheism s the illegal sperm in a woman womb. The sessions of mentioning Allah and learning his religion makes your misdeeds turn into good deeds. From Prophet Mohamed supplications; Allah, I seek your protection from infidelity, poverty, grave torment,cares, sadeness,debt,disability and laziness. Surat al-molk(ownership) prevents grave torment. Yassin Chapter s the heart of quran and reading it in the morning then asking allah for your need makes allah respond to u. Never Flatter me like what christians did with jesus but say allah worshipper and messenger. The religion s advice. From the muslim rights on muslim : following his funeral ,visiting him when being ill,saying 2 him: allah guide u and rest your minds after sneezing and offering advice in need. Allah hates yawning and likes sneezing. it s great evil 2 despise your muslim brother. Those who help others,allah will help them and they will cross like lightning on Judgement day. The prophet ordered not to waste money,repeat what others say(rumours) and many requests. The believer honour s night praying and his self-respect s when he does without people.Dream s from the devil.those who harm their neighbours r not believers.those who believe in allah and judgement day should honour their guests,treat their neighbours well,join their relatives and say good words or shut up.Those who die with polytheism willnot enter paradise and vice versa.from the greatest sins: magic and adultery with your neighbour wife.say I believed in allah and continue in good deeds.All of adam son organs r adulterers.Forty traits top of which s giving your goat to your neighbour to milk it then give it back to u,those who do any of these traits to get reward from allah,allah will make them enter paradise
30 May 2010
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Becoming immortal ? Sharpened moustache, smile accross the face, sprinkle in the eyes, Pham-Công-Quân in the kitchen has the solution. And reveals it.The Cosmos, the Unkown Warrior and the Being are written proofs of an immortal thought. To reveal it, a restaurant in which everybody is a student again when it comes to pay the bill. Arrived in 1976 while boat-people were escaping the newly set up communist regim, Quân was born during the Second World War. After a PHd in philosophy in 1970, he became a teacher at Saïgon university. Five years later, American soldiers left. Mister Quân leaves for France. Freshly arrived, he abandons his writing for baguettes and forks, glasses and cloths. On the front of his restaurant, the French and vietnamese flag allow to forget that Eurasian roads separate us. Inside, having a drink is pleasant and listening to Monsieur Quân, is like getting to know a world in which humanitarian capitalism becomes faithfulness. The thinking of an immortal.
7 May 2008
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PC Nanterre FN Rue89 Elle est belle cette manifestation , elle sent bon la France , surtout la musique à la fin du clip , vraiment france profonde ou Afrique profonde on sait plus en fait lol! Manifestation Antidemocratique, Allez crever ailleur bande de vendus! Ah qu'ils sont beaux, les "démocrates" ! La liberté d'expression, ils connaissent, mais à condition qu'on pense comme eux ! Ils faut vraiment avoir le cerveau bien LAVÉ par la pensée unique pour croire à une quelconque menace fasciste. Dans cette manifestation, on aperçoit d'ailleurs quelques beaux spécimens "à un neurone" qui doivent penser que le gros JMLP va arriver avec sa moustache carrée, son baudrier, ses bottes cloutées et il va dérouler les barbelées. Pitoyables petits "résistants" de m... s'inventent des "bêtes immondes" pour tenter de donner un sens à leurs vies d'esclaves du grand capital anonyme et vagabond...
17 May 2008
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The tree called cat moustache =)
8 Jun 2008
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Hairy Highlights from the World Beard and Moustache Championships.
1 Apr 2010
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Vote for Your Geek News: *******tinyurl****/69qbzl at rhe CBA's! Disappointing Black Friday at the Apple Store: still no MacBook Airs... heading to Niagara for the weekend and time to shave off the Movember Moustache! Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 Nov 2008
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FINALLY! A new video! Song used: Nirvana - Mr. Moustache
19 Mar 2009
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1.Goatee 2.Goatee Moustache 3.Moustache 4.Stash 5.Stash shave 6.Bald
18 Apr 2009
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Andy Samberg Rashida Jones Best Villain mtv promo sketch lonely island puppies funny moustache
31 May 2009
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All that is bearded is at the Beard Show in Margate. From handlebar moustaches to full beards, it's a positive pogonocopia! The Beard Show took place at the Substation Project Space in Margate Town, between October 2nd - 9th 2009, 10am - 5pm. Follow us on Twitter at *******www.Twitter****/KentTV
20 Oct 2009
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YOUTH IN REVOLT is a coming-of-age comedy that puts a fresh and outrageous stamp on a tale of adolescent obsession and rebellion. Starring Michael Cera (Juno and Superbad) it's the story of Nick Twisp a unique, but affable teen who meets the girl of his dreams on a family holiday. But family, geography and jealous ex-lovers conspire to keep these two apart. With Sheeni's encouragement, Nick develops a rebellious alter ego: Francois. With his ascot, moustache and his cigarette, Francois will stop at nothing to be with Sheeni, and leads Nick Twisp on a path of destruction with unpredictable and uproarious consequences. Also starring Justin Long (DRAG ME TO HELL, DIE HARD 4.0), Steve Buscemi (RESERVOIR DOGS) and Ray Liotta (GOODFELLAS).
29 Jan 2010
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The Master of Malt team has shown its support in 2009 by growing (mainly very inadequate) moustaches, and launching a special edition ‘Whisky 4 Movember’ bottling. All the profits generated by this bottling are being donated directly to Movember. At www.masterofmalt**** more information about whisky 4 movember and many other whiskey tasting notes.
11 Jan 2010
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7 May 2010
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