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From the Ouse Valley Singles Club, the new music video for their track "Bedford Rascal" from their debut album Aim Low & Early. download the album from iTunes NOW ***********/gb/album/aim-low-and-early/id450043605 The Ouse Valley Singles Club are based in Bedfordshire and are gigging around the Greater London area. Check their facebook page for more info See them perform on the 30th November, for charity Movember alongside such acts as Nina Konti at the Arts Theatre in Leicester Square. Click the link for event details. ********www.facebook****/event.php?eid=228934847166155 *******facebook****/theousevalleysinglesclub Starring: The Ouse Valley Singles Club Director: Marcus J. Richardson D.o.P: Ashley David Production Assistant: Chris Thompson Studio Operator: Louis Szecowka Editor: Marcus J. Richardson This Music Video was produced by mini mammoth films for the Ouse Valley Singles Club. mini mammoth films is a London based production company established in October 2011. If you need a music video producing or any other variety of film production for live events and internal projects go to *******minimammothfilms**** and contact us with your budget info to discuss what we can offer or email minimammothfilmsgmail**** also like our facebook page *******facebook****/minimammothfilms follow us on twitter *******twitter****/minimammothfilm and subscribe here on youtube *******youtube****/minimammothfilms Dont forget to check comedy web series Zack Rowan *******youtube****/TheZackRowan
17 Dec 2011
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Now that we're well into Movember...we though what better time than now to celebrate the stubble.
15 Nov 2012
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For more go to: ******* and for her nude shots go to: ******* Sexy Playboy**** Cybergirl Lauren Elise gives us the run-down on how to get the smoothest shave possible in this hot video just in time for the end of Movember.
8 Dec 2012
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After ten years, Troy Polamalu has been cut! Oh, he's still the Steelers strong safety, but he just got his first haircut since 2003! He has one of the most famous heads in hair history, and after having it insured for a million dollars, it's news when Troy Polamalu even looks at scissors! The 7-time Pro Bowler cut a single 3-inch lock on Veteran's Day as part of the VFW's "Mane Event" Fundraiser, which provides assistance to returning troops. It's similar to the Movember mustaches, only dudes with long hair solicit donations from family and frinds who literally pay them to cut it off! Pre-haircut, Troy raised $208,000, but now the stripped strands will be auctioned off for even more!
18 Nov 2013
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I finally get up the courage to shave of my mo, then get over excited and take it a bit too far.
2 Dec 2009
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No Shave November 2009 - Watch a beard grow in place. Notice the Cincinnati Bengal jersey coming out on Sundays and a Chick Fil A Grand Opening mixed in.
26 Mar 2010
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2 Nov 2011
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*******petalpusherfancies**** Legos & Dandy Candy Moustache Wax...two great tastes that...well, you know the rest. Enjoy our newest commercial! Please share our videos & Check out our New Favorite E-zine/blog *******howtogrowamoustache**** too! Cheers!
18 Feb 2013
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Week 3 of Movember sees fresh content from Channel J's Jason Collins who stumbled upon Andy & Bruce Irons & Dean Morrison whilst they where surfing in Mexico for the new Taylor Steele movie TRILOGY www.trilogymovie****. We take a ride with Matt Cole with some silly BMX foam stacks. Get Skuffed brings you a clip sent in by Addo in South Aus of him wacking a fire cracker down his pants. Stickos DVD Review takes a new low in the form of Brute Horsepower 16 - giving it a royal roasting! And in Muzik we check in with the good-guys of Aussie Hip Hop Bliss n Eso who are donating all the profits from their latest track Bullet & A Target to impoverished communities in Africa, where they shot the clip. Onya Lads! Booooya!
9 Feb 2009
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In this hair-lipped Skuff TV special we say "goodbye Movember, hello Beardcember!" joining the Movember Foundation at their Morning of the Mo' surf-comp where single fins are a must, leggies an unfair advantage and retro-styled moves are the order of the day. We've got more entries in Waves Mag's Black Night Awards too - check em out and don't forget to vote on who you reckon deserves the crown of Australia's best freesurfer. More surf action as we take a look at what makes Pipe so goddam spesh in the lead-up to next week's Billabong Pipeline Masters event. And in Muzik; we head along to one of the many Movember gala parties that went on around the nation to round out the month of cookie-dusters... braving busted dunnies and backstage beer-theft to catch up with the bad girl of roots music Dallas Frasca.
29 Feb 2008
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Is Google Caffeine Live? Lot's of updates seem to be going on. Also Page Rank has been updated. Also it's Movemeber again sponsor my mo here *******au.movember****/mospace/329492/ follow me jimboot *******stewartmedia****/myblog/
4 Nov 2009
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Google has switched off the Google Caffeine sandbox and it's full roll out is imminent. How to crosscheck your results. Sponsor the Mo! *******au.movember****/mospace/329492/ jimboot on Twitter
11 Nov 2009
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*******stewartmedia****/myblog/ Great new Google keyword tool. How you should handle your images for image search. Sponsor the mo *******au.movember****/mospace/329492 Twitter jimboot
18 Nov 2009
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In which I talk about why graduate school is awesome, being michael scott, getting attacked by bears, determined sperm, killing spiders, and a crass best buy employee. SUBSCRIBE! Please. Thanks. Blog! *******phdlight.blogspot****/ Movember: *******mobro***/allhailskippy GTA V Trailer: *******tinyurl****/3we29x3 Like what you see, but have ideas of how to make it better? Leave a comment or send me a message! Follow on twitter: *******twitter****/#!/jtrousd Today's Uncyclopedia: How to snowboard your way to awesomeness! Peeking through your window, you observe the snowflakes gently drifting in the fresh air and landing smoothly on the ground. It reminds you of dandruff landing on your shirt. You are witnessing the splendid spectacle of Winter, as it extends its claim over the natural realm. You think: "This winter, I want to do stuff just like the cool kids. I'll learn how to snowboard". There's nothing you'd rather do than descend the slopes gracefully on your board, nail a 360 here and there, and maybe even perform a backflip over a snow machine or a pack of polar bears, all in front of a mesmerized audience. Armed with your newly bought gear, a lot of courage and some light painkillers, you head for the slopes with a single goal firmly instilled in your psyche: learning to Snowboard your way to awesomeness! As you fall back into the chairlift, getting closer and closer to your first descent, you feverishly try to remember the fundamentals of boarding and turning (both left and right) from that snowboarding leaflet you read (or was it a water skiing manual?) As you disembark from your seat you miserably fail the turning maneuver and miss the bunny slope situated on the South side of the mountain.
4 Nov 2011
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Download filea here: *******storageget****/3vp0i Click here to watch IGDaily - Steam Forums Hacked, Modern Warfare 3, MGS - 11/11/11 IGDaily - Skyrim Tricks & Tips, Modern Warfare 3, Dead Island DLC - 11/14/11 What did you do over the weekend? Us, we played Skyrim until our eyes fell out of their sockets. It was amazing! And we aren't done with it yet, we've got some tips and tricks for you that we've learned. Oh yea, and we have news too.TAGS: IGDaily Machinima Inside Gaming Daily IGD Adam Kovic Matt Dannevik Dragon Speak Tongue Goats Blood Skyrim Tips and Tricks Reddit Fast Travel Put Baskets on People's Heads Steal Things Dead Island DLC Bloodbath Arena Releasing Next Week Brain Wave Bomb Zombies Sledgehammer Studio Head Call of Duty Developer Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Twitter Glen Schofield Metacritic Nolan North Interview Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake Drake's Journal Blog Halo Anniversary Review Assassin's Creed Revelations Review Trailers Shinobi Launch Nintendo 3DS Living Monument Movember Mustache Facebook Newsletter Best Video Ever "how to"
22 Nov 2011
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Dr. Ali Kasraeian discusses prostate cancer awareness during Movember with Chef Robert Tulko. It is essential that you catch prostate cancer early by having annual PSA screenings with your PCP.
12 Jan 2012
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