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*******www.britethorn**** Bob Hespen as The Last Son of Krypton The Night League is a parody of the Justice League, with Superman and Batman on two different rooftops in two different cities talking about life, Mario Cart, Apple products, iPhones, apps, Lois Lane, Robin, BP, oil spills, and whatever else happens to occur to them. *******www.britethorn**** More episodes of The Night League are in the works! Be sure to hit our SUBSCRIBE button so you don't miss one SUPER moment! Superman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in publications by DC Comics, widely considered to be an American cultural icon. This is a work parodying Superman. Created by Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in 1932 while both were living in Cleveland, Ohio, and sold to Detective Comics, Inc. (later DC Comics) in 1938, the character first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) and subsequently appeared in various radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper strips, and video games. With the success of his adventures, Superman helped to create the superhero genre and establish its primacy within the American comic book. The character's appearance is distinctive and iconic: a blue, red and yellow costume, complete with cape, with a stylized "S" shield on his chest. This shield is now typically used across media to symbolize the character. The original story of Superman relates that he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton's destruction. Discovered and adopted by a Kansas farmer and his wife, the child is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strong moral compass. Very early he started to display superhuman abilities, which upon reaching maturity he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity. Batman, originally referred to as "the Bat-Man" and still referred to at times as "the Batman", is a fictional character, a comic book superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger (although only Kane receives official credit), appearing in publications by DC Comics. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. He is additionally known as "the Caped Crusader", "the Dark Knight", "the World's Greatest Detective", or simply "the Bat"; in the original version of the story and the vast majority of subsequent retelling, Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne (named for the historical figures Robert the Bruce and "Mad" Anthony Wayne), a playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist.
27 May 2010
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Sylvester Stallone reckons injury is inevitable when filming an action movie. The Hollywood legend is back in the cinema with The Expendables, which he co-wrote, directed and stars in. "I wish it did not happen, but it is just going to happen when you do physical encounters and you throw yourself into it. That is the price you pay," the 64-year-old Rocky star said. He attended the world premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday, with co-stars and friends Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke. The film reads like a who's who of action stars including Jason Statham, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren. It is released in the UK on August 19.
6 Aug 2010
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9 May 2011
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