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Columbia Pictures Head Harry Cohn believed in the 1941 Fantasy Film "Here Comes Mr. Jordan." Produced with background music and sound effects in the style of old time radio, Hollywood Stories with Stephen Schochet is a new syndicated one minute program on the TalkStar Radio Network heard throughout the USA and Canada: *******www.hollywoodstories****/radioshow.htm All stories are written and narrated by Stephen Schochet and produced by William Madden. "Hollywood Stories" has become a regular feature on our morning show and we enjoy the program very much."---- Chris Burgin Director of Broadcast Operations SportsRadio 1410 WPCC. Stephen Schochet is the author and narrator of the audiobooks "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood". GREAT GIFTS!! Available at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Stores or toll free twenty four hours at 1-800-431-1579. "So many of our listeners have told me that when they needed gifts your Hollywood and Disney CDs have really helped them out" -- Tron Simpson, Morning Host KCMN Radio, Colorado Springs "These two elaborate productions are exceptionally entertaining." --The Saint Louis Post Dispatch. For more information go to *******www.hollywoodstories****.
24 Jun 2008
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It’s painful to imagine -- going fishing with your father at age 10 and waking up four days later from a coma. That’s exactly what happened to Joseph Jordan, right before he learned he had type 1 diabetes. As bad as the news was, the 10-year-old heard something even worse that day -- the implication that he could expect to die young. Watch this two-minute video to hear Mr. Jordan explain this unforgettable experience 30 years ago -- and how it helped shape his support for lifesaving stem cell research. And please visit www.MissouriCures**** to learn what you can do to protect stem cell research in Missouri!
31 Oct 2009
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This is my video I made for our movie maker project. I used two other videos from youtube****
25 Nov 2009
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Its painful to imagine -- going fishing with your father at age 10 and waking up four days later from a coma. Thats exactly what happened to Joseph Jordan, right before he learned he had type 1 diabetes. As bad as the news was, the 10-year-old heard something even worse that day -- the implication that he could expect to die young. Watch this two-minute video to hear Mr. Jordan explain this unforgettable experience 30 years ago -- and how it helped shape his support for lifesaving stem cell research. Learn what you can do -- visit *******www.MissouriCures****.
29 Oct 2009
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The clip Preparing for Emergency Landing Part 3 from Airport (1970) with Dean Martin Mr. Jordan said you wanted to see me again, Captain. We radioed ahead, and they'll have all the equipment that you asked for. Oh, good. You'd better call again. Ask the airport doctor to have an ophthalmic surgeon stand by. For Miss Meighen? Yes. Besides the other injuries I mentioned, I'm afraid her right eye has splinters. Whether they're wood or metal, I have no way of knowing. Her left eye, as far as I can tell, is unharmed. Of course, it's too early to draw conclusions. Modern ophthalmic surgery can do extraordinary things. I'd better get back to her- Doctor? Gwen-Miss Meighen- she's pregnant. Does that make a difference? I had no way of knowing. Her pregnancy can't be very far advanced. No, it isn't. She wasn't deprived of oxygen long enough to harm the child. No one was. If there are no abdominal injuries and she survives, chances are good that the baby should be born normally. Global two leaving 8,000. Advise Lincoln doctor to have ophthalmic surgeon available. Roger, Global two. Will notify. I'll take over now. Vern, I guess you know how badly I feel about Gwen. What's between you two, that's none of my business, but if there's anything I can do as a friend... You already have.
27 Nov 2011
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The clip find Orville from Road to Morocco (1942) Geoffrey! Geoffrey! Huh? What do ya want? You're a naughty boy. You shouldn't have done that wicked thing to Orville. You must find him, Geoffrey, and bring him back. I'm so distressed. I didn't know, Aunt Lucy. Honest I didn't. The fellow I sold him to... was only a jobber and he resold him later at a profit. He wouldn't tell me to who. "To whom," Geoffrey. Yes, ma'am, to whom. I still don't know where he is. You've got to find him. Little Orville needs you. What can I do? I've been looking for a week! Remember that song you used to sing? The one Orville loved? Which song was that? Ho-ho-hum, you hear me shoutin' Ho-ho-hum, zoot You remember. Well, go through the streets singing that song. Little Turkey Orville, will hear you and reveal himself. It might work at that! Aunt Lucy, you, being up there, must see everything. You could save me trouble if you tell me where he is. I'm not supposed to. It's against the rules. Come on, Aunt Lucy. I won't crack to nobody. If you go to the marketplace, head east 200 paces... you'll come to- I can't talk to you anymore. Here comes Mr. Jordan! Aunt Lucy! Aunt Lucy!
2 Dec 2011
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The clip Aunt Lucy's reproach from Road to Morocco (1942) Orville. Orville! This is disgraceful! Tsk, tsk. Shh! I'm not gonna let you do this dreadful thing to Geoffrey. Shh.! You'll be the death of me yet. Please, Aunt Lucy. You've got to talk to him, tell him the truth. I ain't doin' nothin'. Look what he did to me! I insist. If you don't tell him, I will. You can't talk to him. You're in my dream. Goodness, gracious me! That's right. We're only allowed to be in one dream a week. Mr. Jordan doesn't like us pestering people. I can understand that. I've got to make him hear me. Geoffrey! Geoffrey.! Geoffrey.! Shh.! Shh! Geoffrey! Oh, oh.! Take your hands off me.! Stop it.! Oh, oh.! Ahhh.! Guess that'll show her. Your feet are cold.
2 Dec 2011
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The clip The girl with the goat from My Man Godfrey (1936) with Eugene Pallette, Selmer Jackson Thank you. My name's Blake. My name is Bullock. The place slightly resembles an insane asylum. Well, all you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people. That's right. Oh, good evening, Mrs. Jordan. Look what I brought with me. Oh, why, look! And the baby came along too! Here. Take a look at the dizzy old gal with the goat. I've had to look at her for 20 years. That's Mrs. Bullock. Alexander! Alexander! Alexander! I'm terribly sorry. How do you think I feel? All right, Angelica! Alexander, Alexander, come here. Look at the pretty goat. Carlo and I found him in the Bronx. Isn't he just sweet? He doesn't smell very sweet. Oh, Alexander never did like animals. Come on, goat, goat, goat. Come on. Come on. Are you talking to me or that thing? Oh, Alexander! Don't be afraid of the stairs. Angelica won't let anything happen to you. Quick, quick, quick. Come on. Quick, quick. Come on, goat, goat, goat. Come on.
22 Dec 2011
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26 Sep 2014
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