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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ----- Plot Summary; Credit: Wikipedia. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Erik and Cooze are attending their first year at college, and Dwight Stifler brings the boys into the Beta fraternity. The boys go through a long list of trials to get into the Beta fraternity. They end up being challenged by the GEEKs for their house to end their feud once and for all. Dwight, Erik's cousin & leader of the Beta frat, wants to put an end to the Geeks who keep messing with the Beta traditions so the leader of the GEEKs proceed to bring back the "Greek Olympiad" under the terms that if Beta House won, the GEEKs would move out and vice versa. The Olympiad was banned after the '60s match when Mr. Levenstein was Captain. In the end the Beta house beats the GEEKs and take their mansion house making them the dominant house once again.
7 Sep 2009
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