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Mr. Dudley wanted to" buy" one of those lovely Thai ladies xDD But the reality didnt apply to his dreams, cos Ting Tong was kinda "weird" lol.But Ting Tong vewy clevah gal and Mr. Dudley gave her a second chance....even after he found out some "atrocious" xD facts about Ting yeah...and shitty video editor tagged my vid cos its a trial..gotta get somethin better..
9 Nov 2010
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The clip norman's rights as a murder from Psycho III (1986) Afternoon, sheriff. ... alone. Mrs. Dudley... What'll it be, Norman? Chicken fried steak is good today. Alright, and a glass of milk, please. And a couple of burgers to go. I'm warning you. I don't want trouble. Then let go of my arm or I'll holler police brutality. Mind if I join you, Mr. Bates? Tracy Vanderbilt. Thanks, Myrna. Coastal Reports? I write for them sometimes. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions. I mind. Mr. Bates... Norman. I'm writing on the insanity defense and the rehabilitation of mentally ill murderers. Many people think they can't be rehabilitated and there shouldn't be an insanity defense. We hear the objections of the victims and relatives, but the murderers, who can't help themselves, are victims too. What do you think? If this lady's bothering you, I'll have her leave. Isn't your coffee break over, sheriff? Anything else, Norman? What do you think? About? What we were just saying. You were incarcerated for 20 years. 22. Right. For 22 years, you were locked away. The state says you're sane. You paid your debt. Then Lila Loomis starts to persecute you. Because of what happened to her sister. Yes. Marion Crane. Right? Right. But that was 20 years ago. 22. A long time to harbor revenge.
21 Nov 2011
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From the movie The Haunting - Mrs. Dudley (Marian Seldes) “welcomes” Eleanor (Lili Taylor) to Hill House.
7 Apr 2012
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Ting Tong and Mr Dudley finally get Married. They spend their Honeymoon in Belgium at a campsite with Mr Dudleys brother Les (Peter Kay) and his new girl Ivanca
22 Jun 2014
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