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The Monkey King excels at close-range combat, "comboing" his abilities in quick succession to keep an opponent disoriented and disabled. In order to truly optimize his early/mid game damage output and mobility, he requires a sizeable mana pool to frequently use his abilities. Buying a Bottle or Blood Chalice will help to ensure he will always have mana for the early game. A Nullstone or Shrunken Head can help you survive against casters if you wish to play more defensively, while a Ghost Marchers and Frostburn combo can launch you past the 500 movement speed mark by the time you are level 16. In general, your luxury items should focus on both keeping you alive and maintaining good damage output. You will want to skill Heavenly Vault primary, as it will be the greatest source of damage output. As your secondary skill, you can either level Illusive Dash or Wan Jin Slam to max, depending on whether you want additional mobility or simply want reliable damage on your disable. Whichever route you go, you should always put at least one point in all three abilities for combo purposes, and pick up Flying Nimbus as soon as possible. Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Video editing and effects team: Smyger, RuthlessVoid, Jimfro, and Swebyson Intro music by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory Try Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.HeroesOfNewerth****/trial.php Discuss Monkey King on our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=303937 Monkey King Dev Blog: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=300532
19 Aug 2011
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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.heroesofnewerth****/ Directed, scripted, and narrated by Christine Brynn Khalil "MsPudding" Intro sequence and final render courtesy of David Kim "RuthlessVoid" Demonstrative staged scenes and other tidbits by "Smyger" Replay clips organized by Mia "Viole" Violet Introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory Discuss Gemini on our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=349507
4 Jan 2012
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Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Replay clips organized by Viole Video editing and effects team: pLoLock, Smyger, RuthlessVoid, Swebyson Intro music by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory Finale remix by Soundwizard. *******www.soundwizardry****/Music/Mortal_Heroes_The_Champions_of_Newerth.mp3 Master of Arms excels with a variety of different skill and item builds. For early burst damage you can choose to either max your Q or W spells first depending on your preference, though you should always put at least one point into charged shot for the stun. If you prefer to play him more passively and farm up for the late game, you may max his weapon enhancement first, and use the damage bonuses on the electrical gun to last hit with ease. Which spell you choose to max first will provide you with different early game strengths. With maxed Q, you gain a longer disable for gank-oriented play, and With maxed W, you get early pushing power. Master of Arms can pack some serious late game damage with use of his mag gun and chance-on-hit bonus damage items such as savage mace, and charged hammer. As an agility hero, he still lacks survivability though, so it's important to also pick up health-boosting items such as shrunken head, and strength steamboots. Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.heroesofnewerth**** Discuss Master of Arms on our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=315714
25 Mar 2012
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At early levels, your greatest challenge as the Drunken Master will be maintaining your mana pool. He has built-in HP regeneration with his "Drink" ability, so by getting a Blood Chalice, Bottle, and/or Power Supply, you'll be able to boost your Lunge and Stagger while keeping yourself regenerating at all times. As a strength hero that is quite dependent on mana in order to survive and deal damage, this is high-priority in the early levels. In terms of skill build, Lunge should almost always be your first pickup at level 1, unless you're in need of a short-range escape from an early gank. The disable and push in itself makes for effective early kills, and has its full crowd control potential with just one rank. Many players underestimate the strength of his "Drink" ability, and skip getting it altogether early on; this can be a huge mistake, as it forces the player to purchase health regeneration items immediately to compensate, reducing the amount of available mana he can use as a result. The combination of Drink and Stagger alone can grant him up to 80 bonus damage on his attacks, boosting the damage of Lunge simply by having more attack damage to scale the skill on. For this reason, the optimal skill combo for damage output and movement speed goes in this order: Drink - Stagger - Lunge. Effective core items on him include Helm of the Black Legion, Shaman's Headdress, Sol's Bulwark, and Shrunken Head. Luxury items include: Frostburn, Behemoth's Heart, and Daemonic Breastplate. Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Video editing and effects team: AtroCty, Smyger, RuthlessVoid, Swebyson Intro music by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory Try Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.HeroesOfNewerth****/trial.php Discuss Drunken Master on our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=304989
9 Aug 2012
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The long lost hero finally sees daylight. Coming this friday to Newerth, this elusive wasteland wanderer has his own bag of tricks to show Newerth a whole new art of ass whooping.
3 Mar 2012
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Intro music by SoundWizard - Glenn Goa *******www.HybridTwo**** Try Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.heroesofnewerth****/trial.php Parasite should begin with a single rank of infest, some mana potions, and the components for an early blood chalice in order to make his way through neutral camps efficiently. Always start by infesting the most powerful creep in a camp, since you'll also get the gold and experience for the unit you're inhabiting. Depending on your preference, you should either stick with a single rank of infest, and prioritize leveling Leech and Draining Venom, or maximize your damage and movespeed while inside creeps by training Leech and Infest to max at the start. Facehug should be trained whenever available, as it provides an extra spurt of mobility and burst damage. Keep in mind that items, while valuable on any hero, are not a prime necessity in order to perform well with parasite in the early-mid game phase. You should roam and gank with your allies whenever possible, and focus on gaining a level advantage. As an intelligence hero that gains bonus damage to all sources with his passive, Parasite can gain up to 24% bonus damage when using items such as codex--making it a viable pickup for boosting his damage output. Other great items on him include puzzlebox, stormspirit, hellflower, and, depending on your preference, either ghost marchers or steamboots. Discuss Parasite at our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=283028
18 Mar 2012
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Moraxus storms onto Newerth on Friday, November 19th! Until then, you can enjoy this video spotlight/guide made by Nigma and MsPudding This Guide video not only showcases all of Moraxus's skills in length, but also displays how they can be effectively used in real-game situations to give you an edge come Friday, when HoN gets more axes. So go ahead, get teased a little.
14 Aug 2011
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Are you looking to satisfy Dampeer's thirst for blood with a Bloodbath? Nigma and MsPudding are back to show you how in the newest Hero Spotlight, so grab a Hawaiian shirt and prepare to Nom! Intro music by Ryan Huebinger (CreamingStar) of Newgrounds**** *******creamingstar.newgrounds****/
11 Mar 2013
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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.heroesofnewerth**** Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Replay clips organized by Viole Video editing and effects team: pLoLock, Smyger, RuthlessVoid Development Blog: *******s2nome.wordpress****/2011/09/07/hero-development-midas/ Being a ranged strength caster, Midas can fill a number of roles on a team. For a more semi-carry oriented build, getting some early mana regeneration items, followed by standard attack boosting items that give him survivability, such as frostwolf skull and geometer's bane, will set him up to do significant damage with his normal attacks, and make full use of his disables. With enough survivability, he can fearlessly warp into groups of enemy heroes, stunning them and shutting them down with strong attack damage. Your early level skill build will depend on preference and playstyle. If you choose to max out salvo and lion's pride early on with a single point in warp for the emergency mobility, this will grant you maximum range harassment without committing to jumping too far into enemy territory in order to deal damage. This early skill build is also quite suitable for playing as a support, making full use of the heal from lion's pride, and the long range disables. For more offensive play, you can roam between the lanes, leveling warp to max for the landing burst damage, and potential large aoe stuns when used in combination with any of his other skills after level 6. Intro music by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory Discuss Midas on our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=331266
8 May 2013
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Dying to know everything about Empath? Nigma and Mspudding are here to give you all the information you've been wanting to hear! Empath, the brand new support hero makes her grand entrance into Newerth this Friday, February 4th. Don't miss it! Visit *******www.HeroesOfNewerth**** for all the latest information regarding Heroes of Newerth! Intro music by Ryan Huebinger (CreamingStar) of Newgrounds**** *******creamingstar.newgrounds****/
12 Jun 2013
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