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Mudras are very powerful. If you practice these mudras regularly you can see the wonderful health benefits. There are no difficult poses and such. It is a form of yoga but it only involves the hands.
14 Oct 2007
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In belly dance, Mudras are hand poses that are incorporated into the routine. These Mudras have both Buddhist and Indian origins and are great for improving ones posture as well as toning and strengthening the upper body. When different styles of belly dance are mixed these are called fusions. So you can weave the Mudras into any dance style you choose and boast it as being a fusion of the two or more styles you have used. Anything that creates a thorough work out is of course great for your body and with belly dancings artistic flair you can create an enchantment, a story or an idea together with great exercise benefits. *******www.dvdfitness****
12 Apr 2009
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Los Mudras son gestos realizados por nuestras manos, se utilizan en diversas técnicas hindúes y orientales, debemos tener en cuenta que este es un ejercicio monitoriza cada acto con una correspondencia determinada. Más información en *******www.yosetusabes****
29 Aug 2011
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How to do Asanyukta Mudra(Single Postures) For more such videos log on to www.vvidiacom****
11 Jun 2012
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How to do Sanyukta Mudra (Single Postures) in Bharatnatyam For more such videos log on to www.vvidiacom****
11 Jun 2012
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How to perform Sanyukta Mudra(Postures Combined) For more such videos log on to www.vvidiacom****
11 Jun 2012
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I offer people transformational tools to move through fear, anger and depression. The techniques I use include Yoga Heart Meditative Movement, Martial Arts and Movement Psychology. I have been offering teaching workshops, classes and private clients for over 40 years. www.wholeheartpath**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Dec 2008
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Methods & techniques to getting to the core of feelings."FOR YOU GOTTA HAVE HEART" www.wholeheartpath**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Dec 2008
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The Power Of Intention - music by Boris Potskov- *******cdbaby****/cd/borispotskov
30 Oct 2009
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Love Song - music by Boris Potskov- *******cdbaby****/cd/borispotskov
23 Aug 2010
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In this video, we are operating the computer with hand gestures. This is our final year project. In the first part,we are using color markers to track our hands. While in the other, we have hacked kinect to do the same operation wihtout markers.
21 Apr 2011
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Евангелие от Луки (гл. 11 стих 34): Светильник тела есть око; итак, если око твоё будет чисто, то и все тело твоё будет светло; а если оно будет худо, то и тело твоё будет темно. 35 Итак, смотри: свет, который в тебе, не есть ли тьма? 36 Если же тело твоё всё светло и не имеет ни одной темной части, то будет светло всё так, как бы светильник освещал тебя сиянием. Евангелие мира от ессеев, Иисус: Если вы сможете смотреть на яркое полуденное солнце немигающими глазами, то тогда вы сможете взглянуть на ослепительный свет вашего Отца Небесного, который в тысячу раз ярче, чем сияние тысячи солнц. На русском языке молитва ИИСУСА «abun d.bashmayo» в дословном переводе звучит так: О, дышащая Жизнь, имя твоё сияет повсюду! Высвободи пространство, чтобы посадить Твое присутствие. Представь в Твоём воображении Твоё "Я могу"- сейчас. Облеки Твое желание во всякий свет и форму. Прорасти через нас хлеб и прозрение на каждое мгновение. Развяжи узы неудач, связывающие нас, как и мы освобождаем канатные верёвки, которыми мы удерживаем проступки других. Помоги нам не забывать наш Источник, но освободи нас от незрелости не пребывать в Настоящем. От тебя возникает всякое Видение, Сила и Песнь от собрания до собрания. Аминь. Пусть наши следующие действия произрастают от Сюда! “Word to word” translation of the prayer of Jesus sounds like: Oh, breathing Life, your name is shining everywhere! Release space in order to plant Your presence. Imagine in Your imagination Your “I can” - right now. Let your desire be lighted and shaped. Sprout bread and enlightenment through us at every moment. Unbind ties of failures, binding us, like we release ropes, by which we hold back offences of others. Please help us remember about our Creator and set us free from immaturity not to stay at present. You endow us with every Enlightenment, Power and Song from one gathering to another. Amen. Let our following actions spring up from Here.
28 Dec 2012
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Выдох 8 секунд, вдох 8 секунд: - одно дыхание 16 секунд. 1. Мудра – смотрю на Солнце двумя глазами: я пою строчку молитвы Иисуса 8 секунд, потом вдыхаю 8 секунд (в это время поёт Эллада Сталив!) 2. Пальминг – закрываю глаза ладонями, скрещенными под углом 90 градусов. Пою 8 секунд и вдыхаю 8 секунд с сопротивлением (губы трубочкой!). И так далее, чередую мудру и пальминг. Глаза прозревают благодаря гармоничной подаче ЭНЕРГИИ эритроцитов к 6 глазодвигательным мышцам и благодаря отдыху сетчатки!
29 Dec 2012
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This-Knowledge-is-Pre-requisite-to-before-entering-Samadhi-Nirvan-Enlightenment. If-you-know-this-science-you-can-enter-Mystical-world. You-can-call-any-God-and-ask-for-help.
12 Jun 2013
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Samadhi statue is a statue situated at Mahamevuna Park in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. It is said that this is one of the best pieces of sculpture. The statue is 8 feet in height and made of granite and the Dhyana mudra is symbolished - The posture of meditation in which Buddha sits in the cross - legged position with upturned palms, placed one over the other on the lap.
3 Mar 2007
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In India, dance is intended to be a sincere representation of the beauty of life and can even provide a glimpse of the divine. The distinctive hand and finger movements are called mudras, which is Sanskrit for 'spiritual gesture' and directly linked to Buddhism. Another interpretation is that they are a 'seal,' or finishing touch, on the mantra to which they are linked. explore™ (*******explore****) is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. Distributed by TubeMogul. [[Tag:[[dances from India]
14 Nov 2007
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