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CLICK *******tinyurl****/ydx9euv TO GET THE BEST PRICES AND REVIEWS Apple iMac (21.5-inch, 3.06Hz Intel Core 2 Duo, Nvidia GeForce 9400M, Fall 2009) Updated with a brilliant 21.5-inch LED-backlit widescreen display in a new edge-to-edge glass design and seamless all aluminum enclosure, the new Apple iMac is ideal for watching high definition movies and TV shows from iTunes, or editing and watching your own videos or photos using iLife. The iMac now also comes standard with a wireless keyboard and the new Magic Mouse, which features Apple's Multi-Touch technology. And it's faster than ever with a 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. # 3.06GHz Intel Dual Core Processor # 500GB Hard Drive, DVD SuperDrive, 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM # 21.5" LED-backlit display with a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920x1080 HD resolution, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M # Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, includes new wireless Magic Mouse "Apple iMac 21.5 inch" "buy Apple iMac 21.5 inch" "iMac" "buy iMac" "Apple 21,5 inch" "buy Apple 21,5 inch" "Apple iMac" "buy Apple iMac" "desktop Apple iMac 21,5 inch" "buy desktop apple iMac 21,5 inch" "desktop apple 21.5 inch" "buy desktop apple 21.5 inch" "desktop apple imac" "buy desktop apple imac" [Apple iMac 21.5 inch] [buy Apple iMac 21.5 inch] [iMac] [buy iMac] [Apple 21,5 inch] [buy Apple 21,5 inch] [Apple iMac] [buy Apple iMac] [desktop Apple iMac 21,5 inch] [buy desktop apple iMac 21,5 inch] [desktop apple 21.5 inch] [buy desktop apple 21.5 inch] [desktop apple imac] [buy desktop apple imac] Apple iMac 21.5 inch buy Apple iMac 21.5 inch iMac buy iMac buy Apple 21,5 inch Apple iMac buy Apple iMac desktop Apple iMac 21,5 inch buy desktop apple iMac 21,5 inch desktop apple 21.5 inch buy desktop apple 21.5 inch desktop apple imac buy desktop apple imac CLICK *******tinyurl****/ydx9euv TO GET THE BEST PRICES AND REVIEWS
14 May 2010
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What is your favorite gadget of 2009? Leave a comment below or calilewis on Twitter! LaCie's 2Big is a USB 3.0 dual hard disk RAID drive that will be available in capacities up to 4TB. The Blu-ray Association has finilized their specs for Blu-ray 3D. It'll deliver 1080p images to each eye, and requires IR emitters and electronic glasses. Notion Ink will be announcing a multi-touch device that may blow the JooJoo/Crunchpad out of the water. It'll run Android, play back 1080p video and use the Pixel Qi transflective display. The specs are nice and they're hoping to bring it to market at around $300. I'm not sure that's possible, but we'll see soon at CES! A producer in Uruguay created a short film called Ataque de Panico on a $300 budget, and now has a deal to produce a full length movie with a $30 million budget. More than a million members use Angie's List to find high quality service providers and health care pros in over 450 categories. Promo code: GEEK will give you access at a 25% discount.
19 Dec 2009
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The Moxie Mo finally got his hands on the new Microsoft Zune HD and I must say I was impressed - and you will be too. Not only is the thin gadget a beautiful piece of art, but the screen is perfection and it's multi-touch goodness makes any moxie geek go "GLEE" in the night! Wait till you see it! Zune HD not your thing? Then guess what just broke in the technology news tonight? Elgato's EyeTV now has an app for the iPhone! That's right, you can watch live TV and record TV directly from your iPhone after purchasing the main software and the $5.00 EyeTV iPhone App in the iTunes App Store. This will rock the iPhone for months! Last but certainly not least, Tweetie is one of the best Twitter 3rd party clients out there... and what's better than Tweetie? Tweetie 2. It should be coming out any time now and it's fully loaded with new features that will ensure your Twitter experience to be moxie indeed. If you're not tweeting with this (follow moxiemo ps), then you have no chance to be moxie with Twitter. As always, this episode is sponsored by the wonderful Angie's List. Angie's List has over 750,000 members and when you use *******www.angieslist****/moxie to find a service provider (clean your house, fix your roof, unclog your drains, walk your dog, etc), you'll save 25% off just by using our promo code MOXIE. It's that simple. Check out all of our sponsors and promo codes by clicking here - get your money saving on!
21 Dec 2009
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There are lots of rumors about Apple's unicorn, the Tablet. The Financial Times Tech Blog confirms Apple rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for January 26th. Boy Genius has a source that's telling him there definitely is a 7" tablet. Apple also has iSlate**** registered. I hope that's not the name of the final product! Asus announced a multi-touch netbook called the T101MT . It's a 10" convertible tablet. The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard might be something some of you are interested in. It's a wireless thumboard and trackball, and connects with a USB dongle. You want to build a Web site. You want it too look good and be simple to maintain. You don't want to spend a lot of cash. That's what SquareSpace**** is all about and my promo code geek will save you 12%.
29 Dec 2009
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Best Demo of CES 2010: Intel shows off a powerful data visualization engine running on its core i7 processor, and using two 7’ screens and a multi-touch interface.
14 Jan 2010
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BumpTop is a brand new way to look at your mac desktop. A fun and productive approach with 3D and Physics. BumpTop Mac iPhone itablet desktop 3D physics organization TED piling computer Anand Agarawala intuitive multi-touch social sticky note productivity ultimate gestures tossing bumping intelligent Flickr
22 Jan 2010
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******* With its revolutionary Multi-Touch screen, iPad can do thousands of things a tablet PC or e-reader can't.A lot has been said about the rumored Apple tablet, and after evidence was discovered that Apple was interested in the name.
29 Jan 2010
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Here's a look at the new multi-touch capabilities of the browser and Google Maps applications on the Google Nexus One Android-powered smartphone. This firmware update started going out yesterday. More info: *******www.mobileburn****/news.jsp?Id=8656
4 Feb 2010
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FREE Guide *******tinyurl****/iPad-Testers-Guide Check out the new revolutionary iPad from Apple. Simply amazing... *******tinyurl****/FREE-to-keep-Apple-Ipad Test the new Ipad and receive a free Apple iPad plus a $100 iTunes gift card. So simple and easy! BE one of the first ones to get this amazing device. Test and Keep the NEW Apple iPad, FREE!!! *******tinyurl****/FREE-to-keep-Apple-Ipad The Multi-Touch screen on the iPad uses the same revolutionary technology thats in an iPhone. But for iPad, the technology has been completely reengineered for the larger surface, to make it extremely precise and responsive. So when youre zooming in on a map, flicking through your photos, or deleting an email, iPad responds with incredible accuracy. And it does just what you want it to.
21 Mar 2010
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We've compiled the top tech stories from TechVi Now from the past week to create a new show called TechVi: Top Stories. This week, Google announced plans to drop support for IE6, Macmillan and Amazon disputing over book pricing plus much more on TechVi: Top Stories. Show Notes: 0:11 — Google to pull IE6 support, ABC News 0:29 — Amazon dispute with Macmillan, ABC News 0:54 — Google Chrome OS Tablet, Chromium Dev Blog 1:21 — Nexus One gets multi-touch, Engadget 1:35 — AOL makes a profit, TechCrunch Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Feb 2010
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The HTC Legend has always looked promising, and it's looking even better now with the removable battery. Nokia is working on a new wireless file transfer technology that's extremely fast. LG has a 13.3" Capacitive In-Cell Multi-Touch LCD Panel for notebook PCs running Windows 7. They promise no compromise on the display's image because of the technology. The Habey BIS-6620 is a tiny little PC that's powerful enough to play hardware-accelerated 1080p video. The MSI All-in-One PC adds 3D to the mix, using 3D shutter glasses, an Intel Core i7 processor and 10 watt speakers. Barclay Brown used my promo code GEEK at SquareSpace**** to easily build a website for his podcast at JobStalker****. Let me know if you use it too at Twitter****/calilewis or Facebook****/calilewisfans.
25 Feb 2010
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[Trailer for Extra! Members Show] Time for another MacMontage show! This week I cover four separate hints and tips: Photo Location Information Updates: Apple have introduced some handy new features to help you assign location information from photos taken with the iPhone across to photos taken with a normal "Non-GPS" enabled camera. This tip shows you what is involved and also takes a look at a simpler way to move a locations pin to provide more accurate placement on your iPhoto maps. Spurious Zooming on MacBooks: Whilst I love the multi-touch gestures on the new unibody MacBooks, there is one that drives me to distraction, and that's zooming in Safari and Mail. This only seems to affect those of us used to the older MackBooks with the single button, where we used one hand for clicking the button and the other for moving the mouse. It's really hard to relearn not to use button finger and on the new MacBooks, this leads to inadvertent zooming in Safari and Mail. Very annoying. Well as Apple don't provide a way to turn this off, one enterprising coder decided to create an InputManager to disable this function. This tip shows you how to install this InputManager and retain your sanity! Creating Symbolic Links with Automator: I've looked at this technique before of using DropBox to syncronise application data using symbolic links. One of my favourite applications has now been enabled to use this technique, and that's TextExpander. Rather than show you the typicalway of implementing this, I stumbled upon some third party Automator actions that remove the need for typing long commands into terminal to set this up. Monitoring Disk Usage: This segment features two of my favourite utilities for seeing just where all that precious disk space has gone - GrandPerspective and OmniDiskSweeper. Both utilities do the same job of showing you which files and folders are taking up the most space on your drive, but each has a different approach on how the data is presented. I take you through both utilities and describe how I use each one. Please note that if you're receiving this notification via the ScreenCastsOnline email notification service, the link inserted below is for access to the free version (or trailer) of this show. If you're a ScreenCastsOnline Extra Member you should receive the members version of the show via iTunes or directly from the ScreenCastsOnline Extra Members website.
10 Mar 2010
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*******www.theipad4free**** The apple ipad is almost here. The Apple ipad is a tablet computer developed by Apple. The Apple Ipad has a big 9.7 Multi-Touch screen that will allow you to view websites in a very different way single pages one after the other. You will be able to see a page in full size no matter whether its landscape of portrait layout. One of the biggest features of the apple Ipad is the fact that it also functions as an iBook. Simply download the iBook app from the App store for free and then purchase your choice of book from the iBook store.
20 Mar 2010
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Pinphone Compass 3GS 16GB 3.5 Inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Quadband Cell Phone with Java & WIFI. Definitely a great phone.
17 May 2010
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******* Get the iPad...while free supply lasts! Isuppli estimates that the total cost of ipad wifi is $259 60. 1010 wins new york's 1 source for local news, traffic isuppli, one of the best-known firms that tears apart new devices to study their components, has boosted its estimate for apple's cost to make the ipad the display is a big reason. Isuppli: apple ipad costs start at $259 60 - mobile by jacob goldstein a research company called isuppli took apart an ipad and came up with an estimate of how much the components cost the bottom line for the 16-gig ipad, according to. How much does it cost to build an ipad - planet money san francisco (reuters) - apple inc's forthcoming ipad tablet computer will cost as little as $229 35 for the company to produce, according to an estimate on wednesday from. Eetimes**** - apple gets hefty margin on ipad cost top digital life articles israel bans ipad over wireless concerns autism iphone breakthrough: from tantrums to app-y days hate speech flying like bullets in online games. Isuppli breaks down ipad cost, guess how much 3g costs isuppli, the folks who like to tear down hot products right after they're released, have already come out with a report estimating the manufacturing costs of the various ipad. Ipad costs $229 to produce, says isuppli - the globe analyst: ipad costs apple $270 50 to manufacture : apple to pull in $208 per ipad. Ipad costs apple 146 to make news techradar uk san francisco (reuters) - apple inc's forthcoming ipad tablet computer will cost as little as $229 35 for the company to produce, according to an estimate on wednesday from. Cost to build ipad: isuppli says as little as $229 35 suggesting apple may have room to maneuver on the ipad s price, a "teardown" analysis by el segundo tech researcher isuppli finds the $499 model has manufacturing costs of just. Analyst: ipad costs apple $270 50 to manufacture driverless sports car hits pavement shelley is the latest driverless vehicle engineered by stanford university researchers who are developing technology that could one day allow. Apple ipad components cost at least $259 - mobile tablet pc, mobile pc, and multi-touch news/reviews normally i'm not that interested in hardware cost breakdowns after all, there's more to a device than the hardware, not to. Ipad vs iphone: what does 3g cost you -- engadget apple ipad components cost at least $259 - much of the tablet's electronics powers its touchscreen and other user-interface aspects, according to a teardown analysis by isuppli. Apple's ipad: isuppli 'teardown' puts cost to make it new york (ap) -- the ipad may promise a computing revolution, but apple's new gadget is also a pile of glass, metal and electronic innards - $259 60 worth, or about half the. Ipad cost group conducts virtual teardown, says display most expensive part. Analyst: entry-level ipad costs $230 to manufacture search results. Ipad cost estimate boosted, thanks to display - digits with the announcement that the ipad would continue apple's often-rocky relationship with at&t to serve up wide-area data, we wanted to know: exac. Apple ipad costs $260 to build, isuppli finds - pcworld apple inc 's total costs for the ipad consumer electronics device is less than 50 percent of the proposed retail price, according to isuppli corp , giving the oem ample flexibility. Bing: ipad cost a recent study conducted by electronics market research firm, isuppli has revealed interesting pointers on apple's pricing strategy for the ipad according to their estimates. Ipad costs $229 to produce, says isuppli reuters apple's ipad costs as little as $260 to build, according to a new teardown analysis here's a piece-by-piece look at what's inside.
22 Apr 2010
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******* Get the iPad...while free supply lasts! Ipad is all set to launch in us on april 3rd, with pre-orders starting from march 12th onwards there is growing hype about queries and inquest about this new device among the. Steve jobs re-iterates: 10 hour ipad battery life ilounge news discussing apple posts ipad 3g battery life: 9 hours find more apple news from leading independent ipod, iphone, and ipad site. Jobs claims that flash would kill ipad battery life apple s strategy for replacing faulty ipad batteries amounts to sending back a whole new, date-free device, at a cost of $105 95 to the user the policy, says one analyst, is. Apple will not replace ipad batteries - the inquirer apple to charge $107 for ipad battery replacement: is apple's "recyclable" ipad really green at 10 hours or so, the ipad battery life, while impressive, falls far short of the two. Bing: ipad battery if your ipad battery requires replacement apple won't just replace the battery but instead will replace the entire device for $99. Apple announces ipad battery replacement service tablet pc, mobile pc, and multi-touch news/reviews walt mossberg had a brief chat with steve jobs about the ipad on wednesday that has some interesting tidbits of information. Steve jobs compares ipad battery life to kindle's: 'you an outbreak of ipad battery failures could take a heavy toll on apple's bottom line, if the company stands by its generous replacement policy in the event that an ipad's battery. Apple s radical ipad battery guarantee - mac blorge apple's new ipad battery replacement service is actually an ipad replacement service apple announced this week that if an ipad requires service due to a dead or dying battery, it. Iclarified - apple news - if your ipad battery dies ipad is all set to launch in us on april 3rd, with pre-orders starting from march 12th onwards there is growing hype about queries and inquest about this new device among the. Ipad battery i4u news: steve jobs re-iterates: 10 hour ipad battery life i4u news is a premium technology life style news magazine and shopping guide. Ipad battery replacement service replaces ipad instead pay $99 for a new machine, if you americans adore me, and will go on adoring me, until i say something nice about them - gbs. Ipad battery apple has unveiled its policies relating to their ipad battery replacement service customers who purchase an ipad and realize that their ipad's battery is dead can make use of. Dead ipad battery will be replaced with another ipad hey, remember back when steve jobs said 'people don't read anymore' when discussing why the kindle would be a failure heh, funny story: turns out. Apple to charge $107 for ipad battery replacement apple says it will replace ipads with dying batteries for about $100. Ipad battery will give 10 hours on single charge, says apple has announced that they will swap out any ipad with a failed battery for a brand new apple tablet for just a $99 fee, perhaps hoping to silence critics of possible battery. Ipad battery will give 10 hours on single charge, says sealed in batteries mean it will cost a pretty penny to replace dying units. Verdict is in on apple ipad: it's a winner - usatoday search results. Apple posts ipad 3g battery life: 9 hours ilounge mossberg answers readers' questions on the ipad's battery, firefox zooming, live mail calendar on windows 7 and nook vs kindle. Decoding apple s ipad battery replacement program normally when the battery dies on a gadget, the company replaces the battery for some sort of service charge not so with the ipad - apple is pl.
22 Apr 2010
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