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A view from top of Mumbai city (INDIA).
15 Nov 2008
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Miss Judy a Kenya citizen tells her opinion after her cosmetic dental treatment at Mumbai in India. She was very particular to enhance the beauty and grace of her teeth and smile so she came to a dental treatment hospital of Mumbai as she knew that Indian dentists provided cost effective dental procedures with an international quality level. The advanced dentistry facilities in India provided a good result to Judy and she was able to get her teeth in the desired shape with a less cost cosmetic dental treatment at Mumbai in India. Cosmetic dental treatment is meant to enhance the beauty and smile of the teeth the dental procedures used in it are dental braces, dental bleaching and polish and dental caps plus dental fillings are also done so that the shape, colour and size of your teeth improves to your desired level. Cosmetic dental treatment in India at Mumbai, Chennai and Goa can greatly benefit abroad patients as its cost here is less and as cosmetic dentistry is not included in dental insurance so one can come to Indian dental surgeons to get it at low money budget. The medical care services in India are cost effective and of international level. You may get more info on cosmetic dental treatment in India at *******www.indianhealthguru**** or mail your queries at contactindianhealthguru****
1 May 2009
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Breast cancer surgery at Mumbai in India helped a Pakistan Lady Mrs. Agha Khan to get recovery from breast cancer tumors that were detected when she was showing intense symptoms of the disease. Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in the cells of the breast in women and men. Breast cancer surgery in India is being performed by experienced cancer experts. Breast cancer surgery is done to eliminate cancer tumors formed in the breast tissues. Breast cancer is early detected with a general examination of breasts, mammography and final needle biopsy. It includes breast-conserving surgery, mastectomy, and axillary (armpit) lymph node sampling and removal. Women who have breast surgery may also decide to have breast reconstruction, either at the same time or later on. Breast cancer surgery is required to be done when breast cancer is in its 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage. In the 1st and 2nd stage breast cancer surgery involves the procedure of chemotherapy. In the 3rd stage chemotherapy and radiation therapy are performed at a time one by one. The best candidates for breast cancer surgery are those women and men who are less than 70 years of age. Breast cancer surgery in India involves pre surgery medical diagnosis to measure the intensity of breast cancer tumors that have spread to the breast tissues. The surgical results obtained by abroad patients for breast cancer surgery at cancer treatment hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai has been satisfactory in the recent years. Seeing the low cost medical treatment packages combined with international quality healthcare abroad patients are flocking to India to get health recovery. You may get more details of breast cancer surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail your case details at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
30 Dec 2009
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www.paknewz**** - Man escaped from terrorists in mumbai attacks
28 Nov 2008
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www.paknewz**** - Mumbai attacker's voice and over all view of the situation.
28 Nov 2008
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www.paknewz****. Heavy fire heared in Mumbai attack.
29 Nov 2008
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The Mumbai Terrorist Attack mumbai A series of seven explosions killed at least 174 people on crowded commuter trains and stations Tuesday evening in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai, police said. bomb blast and firing live video 27th november taj hotel blast hotel oberoi bomb blast firing Bombay terrorist attack mumbai attack bomb blast and firing live video 27th november mumbai bomb blast and firing live video 26th november taj hotel blast hotel oberoi bomb blast firing Bombay terrorist attack mumbai attack bomb blast and firing live video 26th november Mumbai attack terrorist Photo live 27 November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack live 27 November 2008 26 nov indian army comes in mumbai
16 Dec 2008
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A documentary on Citizen Journalism in the recent Mumbai Terrorist Attacks/Mumbai war. Analyses how the social media, like Twitter and blogs, did a fantastic job with the Mumbai Terrorist Attack/War on Mumbai. The name "Hash Mumbai" is inspired from the hashtag : "#mumbai"
22 Dec 2008
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Watch Full Mumbai story at: *******debate101.ning****/ Watch and discuss *******debate101.ning****/ debate101 is an Internationally Well-Known social network where people from all over the world come together and talk about many issues that are important in our lives such as politics, sports, religion, etc trying to educate and win them to our way of thinking!
25 Feb 2009
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*******www.zennie62**** -- In the wake of the horrible Mumbai, India terrorist attacks we have had conversations on the role of Radical Islam. But forgetten is the fact that the terrorists are not rich, they're poor.
11 Jan 2009
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******* As the world has tuned into to live coverage of breaking news on network news channels, others found videos on demand on most of the major news sites and on YouTube, which has uploads of coverage of Indian broadcasters. I've posted the video below. We haven't seen much in the way of user-generated video yet, although there many dramatic photos up on CNN iReports. CNN has featured live streaming of the events from the beginning. Last month at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable, we discussed the value of user-generated video for news sites. Commenting in this video is Chet Rhodes of the Washington Post, Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News, Mark Larkin of CBSNews****, KC Estenson of CNN**** and co-moderator Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch. It will be interesting to see how the unfolding effects of the attacks in India will impact this trend. We will be watching this and updating this post throughout the day. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
2 Dec 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Mumbai Aftershock:Citizen voices The aftershock of Mumbai terror strike has made one thing evident, the general public disgust against the politicians and the vote bank politics. This is coming across in the media, on the streets and in the drawing room conversations. The 62 hour ordeal needs no retelling. People for the first time making high decibel demands of resignations from several prominent chair clinging politicians. And rightly so, given the political response *******www.instablogs****/
3 Dec 2008
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