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This 3D medical animation depicts breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy procedure. Three different types of surgical correction are shown: a latissimus dorsi muscle flap; a TRAM flap; and a synthetic breast implant. The animation concludes with a nipple reconstruction procedure.
9 Dec 2010
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1 Oct 2008
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muscle woman
6 Apr 2017
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Enjoy Muscle Woman to Hot Streak with Body Work
5 Jan 2010
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Monica is showing the dude her nice arms and legs
25 May 2009
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Don't call her grandma! More detailed muscle than I'll ever have- her age? Your guess is as good as mine - 45 to 90? Thought I heard someone say at this show that she could bend a full-sized horseshoe. If she is 80, then sheeee-it, that's incredible! I don't think I'll make it past 60 for the record. ...
28 Mar 2009
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Several years ago, I was feeling like a schlub, so I trucked my fat arse down to a place called Rob's Gym. There I met Cindy Blaze, and she whipped my arse back into shape. She was also overall Ms. Michigan, and from what I last heard, she placed at the America in Las Vegas. She's also a successful personal trainer in the Detroit area from what I last heard, but that was a few years ago, and once again, Lazy Mark is a fat schlub. But dammit, at least now my chest and shoulders are broader ...
25 Apr 2009
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Just look at her arms
29 Jun 2010
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Strong girls and woman are beautiful
6 Sep 2009
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Website: *******www.diymuscle**** Kim Winn and Kelly Dobbins take us through a gym workout on diymuscle**** Check out the site. We update 4 times a WEEK!!
7 Sep 2009
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Website: *******www.diymuscle**** Kris Clark goes heavy in the gym this time on diymuscle**** Check out the site. We update EVERY DAY.
18 Sep 2009
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2 Oct 2009
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Website: *******www.diymuscle**** Jennifer Abrams takes us to the gym this time on diymuscle**** Check out the site. We update 4 times a WEEK!!
27 Jun 2010
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Website: *******www.diymuscle**** More Brazilians for you at diymuscle**** This time is Fabricia Gomes. Deisel and inked. Check her out along with 60 other models for only $12.95.
27 Jun 2010
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bodybuilding girl muscle woman women flex veins pump legs arms gym training workout weights biceps lifting flexing
21 May 2009
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Muscle woman from Brazil!!Great muscles! ...
29 Apr 2009
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