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10 May 2012
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I play as mvc peter by Warner&JudgeSpear with Sonic by Claymizer vs Homer by Warner and his brutal ai by Kingshadow3 and Super Mario by ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH. As they fight each other in a funny and epic battle.
16 May 2012
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A very close study of two Thomas and Friends Take-N-Play sets. Load and Go and Rock Quarry Run. Both playsets present very nicely indeed. There is also a look at the Take-N-Play flexitrack and fold out bridge which needs a bit more work done to it to make it really useful. An extensive crash investigation is here via the fail reel. Accidents can happen all the time when I am making my little videos. Web Links: *******www.fisher-price****/fp.aspx?st=119215&e=thumbnail&pcat=thomas_takenplay *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_the_Tank_Engine_film_characters *******www.thomasandfriends****/usa/Thomas.mvc/Home Prices of toys in Australia seems to be so much more than the USA, the Australian dollar has been strong versus the US currency for a long period of time now, yet this strength in the Australian currency is not passed through to the consumers. The basic rule to remember is if you ever come to Australia for a holiday never buy toys here. Music : (incompetech****)
2 Jul 2012
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Diesel 10 RULES and causes HAVOC, but please bring back the classic villain face, the CGI one is lame. The Thomas & Friends Trackmaster sets I cover are Diesel 10 Takes Charge, Brave Belle and Fiery Flynn. All are associated with the DVD 'Day Of The Diesels'. There is also a curious look at two 2010 Diesel 10's versus a 2011 Diesel 10. Also a goof reel! Web Links: *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Diesel_10 *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Fiery_Flynn *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Big_Belle *******www.thomasandfriends****/usa/Thomas.mvc/Home Intro Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****)
5 Jul 2012
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Struts 2 Framework is a powerful framework. It has a lot of advantages when compared to other MVC web based frameworks. Struts 2 Tutorial gives an overview of how the request is processed in Struts 2 Framework. How Interceptors come to give a Huge advantage to Struts 2 Framework. Struts 2 Framework uses OGNL which is more powerful and is used with Ajax, JSP, VELOCITY, SiteMesh etc. The power point of this video can be downloaded from *******java9s**** This tutorial is for the J2EE professionals who have worked on Servlets, Java server pages, JSP, Filters.
4 Oct 2012
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This is a screencast tutorial made for web2pyslices****, it shows how to make a simple ajax live search with Python using Web2py framework. Get the code here: *******www.web2pyslices****/main/slices/take_slice/51 Web2py is the best Python framework available.. its MVC, fast, easy to learn, and has lots of interesting features ;-) visit : *******www.web2py**** I hope this is the first of an upcoming 10minute video tutorials of webdev im planning for the future ;-) Please comment and rate! Thanks!!!
13 Nov 2012
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Dieselworks double review of the Thomas Wooden Railway 'Percy at the Dieselworks' and Take N Play 'The Dieselworks'. Day of the Diesels has spawned a ton of new Thomas and Friends toys, and there's a mad dash to grab the playsets and rolling stock. Hopefully this review will help you decide which toy suites your collection. Do these playsets adhere to the plot of the film, or drift to a unknown part of Sodor? It seems the wooden railway Diesel 10 has been given a major reworking and is now a very well adjusted diesel. Web Links : *******www.fisher-price****/fp.aspx?st=9216&e=product&pid=63939&pcat=thomas_takenplay *******www.learningcurve****/product/detail/LC98530?locale=en_US *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_the_Tank_Engine_film_characters *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Diesel_10 *******www.thomasandfriends****/au/Thomas.mvc/Diesels *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Day_of_the_Diesels Prices of toys in Australia seems to be so much more than the USA, the Australian dollar has been strong versus the US currency for a long period of time now, yet this strength in the Australian currency is not passed through to the consumers. The basic rule to remember is if you ever come to Australia for a holiday never buy toys here.
23 Nov 2012
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What's in a name or colour scheme in a child's toy? This video looks at how my son has keyed into the names of his toy trains. What's very curious to me is the ease he has in remembering Thomas and Friends characters Vs Chuggington. He has been exposed to both Thomas and Chuggington from day one, he plays with his toys as a mixed railway. This is a huge one off challenge for my son who was 2 years and 8 months when this video was recorded. It's right at the time when he's rapidly remembering names and words. Web Links : *******www.chuggington****/ *******www.thomasandfriends****/usa/Thomas.mvc/Home *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Chuggington *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_%26_Friends
2 Dec 2012
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iTunes Download: ******* A heartwarming love song about the best part of Mortal Kombat. The FATALITY :) Follow us on TWITTER! *******www.twitter****/warpzonetweets MAIN CHANNEL: ***********/thewarpzone STARRING Ryan Tellez Dodger - ***********/presshearttocontinue Swifty - ***********/swiftkaratechop and Michael Zhang Original Music and Lyrics by Ryan Tellez Directed and Edited by Michael Schroeder Director of Photography Brian Fisher Back up vocals David Odom Brian Fisher Special Thanks Aaron Uematami - ***********/countryclubpictures Will of DC - ***********/thewillofdc G3nuine Joe - ***********/g3nuinejoe Will Lu Davis Fatality (A Mortal Kombat Love Song) LYRICS Girl, I love the way you move When you're semi-conscious and listless As I watch you sway back and forth I want you so much more Now's my chance, I don't want to miss it I enjoyed our time. Didn't you? But the voice in my head told me to finish you (Kung Lao Chorus) I will slice you in half With my razor sharp hat After you've been decapitated As you split apart I watched your dying heart And I celebrated Never mind the confines of reality I kicked your ass with a fatality Hey man, you don't look so good And you've got nothing left to live for I put a dent in your skull Crushed your testicles Let's not drag this out anymore I've enjoyed our fight. Didn't you? But the voice in my head told me to finish you (Johnny Cage Chorus) As physics should go I ripped out your torso After you'd been decapitated Just to prove that you're dead I held your bleeding head As I celebrated Never mind the confines of reality I kicked your ass with a fatality (Bridge) All through the night We've tested your might And you're all failing miserably I'm modest and cordial And fucking immortal Midway doesn't have anything on me You really thought you'd win, didn't you? But the voice in my head told m...hold!! (Scorpion Chorus) You split my body at the waist And kicked it right out of place After I'd been decapitated I cried a little When you sliced my face down the middle And you celebrated Never mind the confines of reality There go my dreams of immortality You kicked my ass with a fatality Time to play MvC 3 - The Warp Zone -
12 Dec 2012
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A Pirate's review of the amazing Thomas and Friends Take n Play set, Thomas At Pirates Cove. Overall a visually exciting playset with loads of playability. My 2 year old son loves this Thomas toy and it's a fantastic addition to his ever growing Take n Play collection. This set is based on two Thomas & Friends episodes but the play adventure goes well past the relationship to the TV series stories. I feel Salty is the missing character here as he is the real storyteller on Sodor, that's my little message in the intro video. Even the Chuggington trains get a ride at Pirates Cove! Web Links: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_%26_Friends *******www.thomasandfriends****/usa/Thomas.mvc/Home *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Take-n-Play *******www.talklikeapirateday****/ About Ray Brown (Brownie) ***********/name/nm0114475/ *******www.brownie-grips****.au/view_pdf/Brownie_Resume.pdf
16 Jan 2013
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We all love remote controlled toys, here is a face off between Thomas and Friends Easy Go RC Thomas and the Chuggington Remote Control Koko. These toys are large and very impressive. To my surprise there are a number of key differences in their core designs. Both of these toys are what I consider must have items if your children have a love for trains. Perfect for 3 years and up, the Thomas RC has an age of 18 months on the box! But one of these toys will fail me, literally breaks down after only a few minutes of play. This brings this toy review to a grinding halt and has me asking the audience for help. You will also see the Thomas and Friends Kiddies Harness, it's a fantastic looking device which can be used to control young children who like to run away from parents on outings. Web Links : *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_%26_Friends *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Chuggington *******www.thomasandfriends****/usa/Thomas.mvc/Home *******www.chuggington****/index.php/html/en Thomas Easy Go RC Thomas The easy-to-use remote is the perfect size for little hands so that you control the action! Use your remote control to make Thomas go forward or backward. Hear fun engine sounds and the Thomas & Friends theme song as Thomas puffs and chugs along. The funnel lights up, too! Requires 5 AA batteries Remote Controlled Koko Ride the rails with the chunky Chuggington Remote Control Koko who is a fearless female engine built for high speed and this large remote control toy really shows off her skills. With backward and forward functions, it's chunky and easy to use, making it perfect for little hands. The Chuggington Remote Control Koko measures 24cm long, 9cm wide and 12cm tall and requires 6 x AA batteries. The handheld remote control measures 10cm across and has two simple to use buttons. Thomas and Friends Kiddies Harness This Kiddie Harness is a fun and friendly way to keep kids safe and close in crowds. Popular with kids and reassuring to parents, this Kiddie Harness is both fun and functional. The tether tail is the perfect length for your little one to roam around, but still within your reach. The straps are adjustable as your child grows. The buckles are not only secure, they allow for easy on-and-off access. With a handy zip pocket, this Kiddie Harness can also be used as a backpack when you unclip the tether tail. Ultimately, your little adventurer will love this versatile Kiddie Harness because it is a soft cuddly play friend! Features: 3 functions in 1 -- a harness, backpack & a play friend! Friendly harness keeps child close and safe Machine washable
10 Feb 2013
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Welcome to Thomas Dark Side episode 4, a curious look into the dark realm of copy and knock off Thomas the Tank products. Thanks to youtuber simierski for posting to me a very nice copy Thomas. In no way can I endorse these styles of products, they are low quality and often have small parts which easily break away. It should be a very clear reminder to all of us just how good the licensed Thomas & Friends products are. Web Links: *******www.thomasandfriends****/au/Thomas.mvc/Home *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Gollum *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_the_Tank_Engine *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Counterfeit_consumer_goods *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Counterfeit *******counterfeit****.au/
10 Feb 2013
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Ready for another trip to the dark side of Thomas the Tank? Here's a very special look into the dangerous dark side of the illegal toy industry making Thomas & Friends toys. If you can't stand the sight and sounds of some very distorted Thomas models this is not a video for you. This is a follow on from my video Thomas V Thomas and Thomas Dark Side Ep1. I take a detailed look at how one of these models produces smoke and get lost in different fluids to produce smoke for model trains. There is a special warning before the Transformer model is shown, possibly the most distorted Thomas Tank I have in my collection. Sadly these toys present real hazards and are potential killers to very young children. All toys were purchased from stores in Sydney's western suburbs markets. Web Links: *******www.thomasandfriends****/au/Thomas.mvc/Home *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_the_Tank_Engine *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Counterfeit_consumer_goods *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Counterfeit *******counterfeit****.au/ Some web pages related to model train smoke: *******www.girr****/girr/tips/tips3/smoke_tips.html Model train collectors strive to make their model train sets look as realistic as possible by painting them the colors of real-life trains, adding different cars to their trains and creating diorama around the tracks. So it only makes sense that model train collectors and owners would make their locomotives produce "smoke" as they chug around the track, despite the fact the trains run on electricity. Different mixtures can be combined to create model train smoke. 1 Fill a quarter of the measuring cup with glycerine. Fill the measuring cup the rest of the way with distilled water. Glycerine will settle at the bottom, so use a stirrer to mix it with the distilled water. 2 Pour the cup of mixed glycerine and distilled water into an eye dropper using a funnel. There will probably be more fluid then the eye dropper can hold so you should have some extra left over. 3 Use the eye dropper to put a few drops on top of the heating element in your model train locomotive. The mixture will create different amounts of smoke, based upon the solution's mixture. Adjust this accordingly if you want thicker or thinner smoke.
10 Feb 2013
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I have many new toys to add to my Thomas & Friends collection. A charity shop where I live do an amazing job at finding all sorts of Thomas items. This video explores the recent finds and I show just how big my Thomas Tank collection is now. Seeing the old Thomas toys gives us all an insight in how the franchise has developed over the years. Between a take n play Duck and much larger Belle who do thing is heavier? A mystery prize is revealed and a top secret collection I own is revealed. I have a strong relationship with my local Lion's club as they receive from me many of the toys I review on youtube and they turn these toys into cash for the work they do. Lions Club programs include sight conservation, hearing and speech conservation, diabetes awareness, youth outreach, international relations, environmental issues, and other programs. Web Links: *******www.thomasandfriends****/usa/Thomas.mvc/Home *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_and_Friends *******ttte.wikia****/wiki/Boulder *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thunderbirds_(TV_series) *******thunderbirds.sfdaydreams****/toys/mboxtbirds.htm *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Lions_Clubs_International
24 Feb 2013
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Bead embroidery basic techniques and materials *******www.beadseast****/Merchant5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=BEBAB&Category_Code=embsupp including stitches, materials, tools, instruction, produced and narrated by Ann Benson of www.beadseast****
10 Mar 2013
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The TOMY Thomas & Friends Big Loader set is a well known classic toy which many children around the world have enjoyed. Watch out as there is a cheap and nasty knock off version of this toy and it's loaded with dark side trouble. Fake toys were purchased from stores in Sydney's western suburbs markets. The real toy is still available today but watch out the pricing is pretty wild, I have seen some online vendors asking as much as $200 for this simple toy train set. Web Links: ***********/Thomas-Friends-Train-Play-Set/dp/B00000ISUK *******sunsthomasandfriends.weebly****/big-loader-info-and-repair.html *******www.thomasandfriends****/au/Thomas.mvc/Home *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Thomas_the_Tank_Engine *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Counterfeit_consumer_goods *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Counterfeit *******counterfeit****.au/
21 Mar 2013
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