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"Zone" Lyrics Intro "The moons and the stars they could go so far, it's like everywhere we are they know who we are, all the diamonds and the rings and the flashy things I just wanna live my dreams, live life and sing verse 1 sometimes I just wanna go sometimes I just wanna blow sometimes I wanna disappear pack my bags get outta hear because I rather be alone sometimes I wanna reach the stars sometimes I just wanna chill on mars at times i'll grab a bag of leaves of that sticky icky green and my mind would go so far and that's why I turned off my phone and that's why I rather be alone and I won't care what people say ima let the haters hate jelousy won't lead me on so i'll just go hard ima live this dream letting life get by ain't the tip for me so im zoning on and on and on everywhere I go this the life I chose. Chorus I don't know where this life will take me but I just wanna go (go,go,go) and I hope they remember to keep me in my zone as I'm zoning on and on and on and I'm zoning on and on yeah buddy I'm zoning on and on and on yeah I'm zoning on and on Verse 2 I found pain in every heartbeat ima need a life support while on the road to riches I flew out the car seat dark nights that haunted me reminds me of elm street the moonlight shines in my hotel suite sometimes I just want to be alone no text messages or calling on the phone and if she do after the beat leave it at the tone my composition more than simple like the Margion i'm in my zone but lately drunk off this hour glass my time is wasted procrastinating now is later but nothing's sweet being you is the only person you could ever be seeing you is the only person I could ever see no coincidence that little bo pete had lost his sheep time flies by but mine has flone I buy a lot of time I need some time on my own Chorus Repeats as the first.
15 Mar 2017
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080817 阿信Porter-My bag展 (自由影音)
11 Oct 2008
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Ever wonder what a hot blonde carries around with her? Find out... NOW!
7 Nov 2009
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In this episode, I discuss the different tech tools that I'm using to launch
29 Dec 2009
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4:48 To download mp3 follow link
2 Jan 2010
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7 Oct 2010
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In this video, I show what I traveled to CES 2013 with to capture all my content.
20 Jan 2013
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My bag is too high for me ... pfff
19 Feb 2007
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Waz good people, this is G Money. In this video, as you see, I'm packing my bags to soon go see my beautiful Miss New York. I'm ready to go babygirl, holla at ya boy, I'm waiting.
23 May 2007
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Wassup voters, this is G Money. I am now in the "Late But Loveable" list and I hope to satisfy your eyes for the beautiful Miss New York. Make the competition easy for her and please vote for me. Tiffany knows I'm hers. As you see, my bags are already gettin' packed. G Money is coming to New York!
24 May 2007
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My bag was stolen by these two petty thieves. Luckily, the CCTV security camera caught everything.
13 Aug 2007
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A social experiment. What would happen if I went through security dressed as Dr. Slasher with a machete in my bag? This video is me jumping on the bandwagon of the recent "Dr. Slasher" series that have been swarming the web. NOT a sponsored video for the movie (Return to the House on Hanted Hill). Any resemblance is, um, coincidence. Inspiration:
30 Oct 2007
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my man, he looks silly wearing my jacket and my bag)). That evening was freezing in Brighton, so we just swap the jackets...
8 Jan 2008
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Heya People!! I felt it was time for the Music to come back onto my site!! Its been a while! So anyways... I was in the studio today with Ryan and Brent and we wrote this song... I'm in love with it!! I hope you guys enjoy!! Better Off: I packed my bags Im about to get away Need some distance from the games you played Nothing special, just some time alone I hope you think about me when im gone It doesnt matter what you said It only matters how you said it It doesnt matter what you did It only matters how you did it Oooh I guess im better off without you I breathe better Ooooh Im better off!!!
28 Feb 2009
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Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at I don’t know where I’ve been on this title the last few months. I had dropped of the book and picked this one up by sheer accident. I mean it, I got home and looked in my bag and couldn’t remember how this got in here. Well, it was fate because this issue was awesome. I got caught up with the summary, so if you’re afraid of jumping in don’t be there’s plenty of info in there, and took right to the story. The action was great, and I love the new suits the team has. This is a really well done book that keeps you excited and actually inspires a little cheer at the end with the image that we are let with. This is a really fun book to read and a shame to miss out on. I’m so glad it crawled into my stack and I got to enjoy it. Go check it out and maybe even go look for the back issues, I know I will. Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Sep 2008
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Wow no joke I cannot even make this stuff up. I missed my flight to Costa Rica because my bags weighed to much. I was specifically told my Spirit Airlines that our bags could weigh up to 100 pounds but guess what… They misinformed us.
13 Dec 2008
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