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born of a hate so pure you ain't heard nothing like this before everybody on alert when I hit the door lady in the miniskirt love me rich or poor rock the joint like a mothafuckin bank heist kiss the floor dose ya all with the potent raw we out law the south paw be out call whatchu doubt for? no fuckin' around dog we bringing more powerful vibes open your minds eye wide to the outside fly to the most high height it's alright star bright burning in the dark night my archetype is 3 stripe my squadron top flight if you fucking with mine you picked the wrong fight I'm prone to get at mothafuckas with the god light so what it is people tell me whatcha not like go ahead pop your style getcha knot tight you a mile wrong in a bad way my man living life in the fast lane but you don't understand the difference between what may be living in your dream and how to engineer the mothafuckin machine the art of war god lord with the audio sword body em all drop the 4th wall my party involved though my presence formal I'm legend to mortals sent by the devil to the edge of the morning I'm beheading your squadron one of heavenses lawmen shadow in the corner of the oval office get em out get em off this they ain't got the forces crack the code an get the dough like swordfish roll up in tesla dog fuck ya porsches knighted owl on em if he come up hawkish we minimize legitimize a bit of rhymes acidify the alkalines slippin through your spine we sipping some wine switchin time keeping pace put the heater in ya face if the evil wanna taste my people escape babylon burn it down travel on you need to get with the program dog
31 Jul 2009
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This is before everyone got to my party and the DJs were testing out their setup.
7 Oct 2008
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shes gonna sind my party
16 Nov 2008
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Messing around in Far Cry 2, found some little critters, decided to take a few pot shots at them, then someone decided to crash my party...
10 Dec 2008
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My party piece. playing the song popcorn with my mouth.
17 Dec 2008
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Based on the song, Swing Life Away (Acoustic) by Rise Against, is Waste Life Away. This is not a WoW hate video, it's just fun and I did it with my friends. :) Lead Vocals: Kevin Guitar: Tyler (me) Backup Vocals: Ben Lyricist/Tech: Kyle DISCLAIMER "Swing Life Away (Acoustic)" is owned by Rise Against. All chord progressions and melody of "Waste Life Away" was also written by Rise Against. In no way are we trying to claim the song for ourselves... However, we did write the lyrics of "Waste Life Away". :P Lyrics: I sit in the chair and turn on the screen If the servers offline Ill begin to scream I click on the icon and wait for it to load I just got the new expansion pack And all my friends say that it kicks ass I type in my username and my password We sit on our asses and waste life away We play World of Warcraft all night and day I havent left my Moms basement in three days I might go outside when I finish this raid I play the Horde and Alliance are noobs I love my tauren its so freakin huge Ill squash your gnome mage with my mighty warstomp I love to quest it's all that I do I use QuestHelper and other addons too Join my party and well get mad fast x.p. We sit on our asses and waste life away We play World of Warcraft all night and day I havent left my Moms basement in three days I might go outside when I finish this raid I'll show you mine if you show me yours first Let's compare stats I'll tell you whose is worse Your stamina fails and your spellpower does too We sit on our asses and waste life away We play World of Warcraft all night and day I havent left my Moms basement in three days I might go outside when I finish this raid Waste Life Away... x4
7 Oct 2009
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Jahna Perricone Come to my party! View the video and go to www.omstream****/444 to get your free download! And if you have a miraculous story, email me at 444Omstream****! I'd love to hear it. Peace, Jahna
15 Apr 2009
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I have made this video invitation to express my feelings of being thirty and to attract to my party as many people as possible. I wanted to shock them at the same time and summarize all of my passed lifetime in a fatalistic muddy struggle with everyday routine. Still, I did not want this video to be that depressive so I completed it with “catchy” headlines. Here is the translation: We haven't seen each other for a long time. Couple of things changed. I am thirty. Come and wash it down. (Address) I am always looking for unusual ways of expression, no matter what campaign it is...
20 May 2009
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*******www.partypromoting**** - I now offer an a la carte menu of everything in my Party Promoting 3.0 course. You can now get just the parts YOU want! Might save you some money ;) Learn How To Throw A Party right with PP3.0
4 Jun 2009
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Runescape 99 Prayer & Corp Mass Party Invite My Games Portal - *******www.epicninja**** Join The Forums For More Events - *******s7.zetaboards****/rsmdb/index/ An invitation to my 99 prayer party, and you're invited, so I invite you to come to my party, in this video you may or may not be watching. -Music- Dummeh - Ridiculously happy nonsense *******dummeh.newgrounds**** --------------------------------------------- ============== ==LOCATIONS== ============== 99 Prayer - Monastery, World 84 Corporeal Beast - Outside Its' Lair, See worlds below You can come to both, just 99 prayer, just the Corp or neither, it's up to you. ========= ==TIMES== ========= Date: Saturday 28th November These times are for me LEVELLING, the Corporeal Beast event will be 1 hour after this (so just add 1 hour to your timezone listed below). -USA/Canada- EST - 15:00 (3pm) CST - 14:00 (2pm) MST - 13:00 (1pm) PST - 12:00 (midday) -Europe- GMT - 20:00 (8pm) (UK/Portugal) CET - 21:00 (9pm) (Netherlands/Sweden/Belguim/Norway/Germany) EET - 22:00 (10pm) (Finland/Greece) Everywhere else (you'll have to convert your own) - *******www.timezoneconverter****/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc =============== ==CLAN CHATS== =============== I would suggest adding one of the clan chats to your friends list, that way you will be less likely to forget about the Corporeal beast trip. Up to 100 people can be added to each of the following chats, please join one of the chats during the time between me getting 99 prayer and the Corporeal Beast event. Corpor_Beast - World 84 Corp_100k - World 64 Rsmdb_Event - World 28 CB_50k - World 76 Try the chats from top to bottom, if one is full join the next one down. Once I have filled up the friends list of an account, the chat will be locked to friends only, so if you end up being kicked from this, just join the next chat. If needed I will add additional clan chats on the night of the event. All the chats will be coinshare, so everyone has a fair chance at getting a share of good drops, regardless of their lsp. ----------------------------------------------- You can play Runescape at *******www.runescape**** -----------------------------------------------
6 Dec 2009
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Facebook addy Friends and social, drinking pal and party events. we meet so many nice people. just gather together having fun and look silly. hooray, great fun jolly group. Interesting, is we don’t even speak more the two word. Let along seeing each other. Waiting for the next shout. Friendly few get together for a social drinks. party, feel warm and welcome. you’re invited, to my party. or just come along with friends. Get yourselves a drinks and feel free to chats. You make the party and is your party. have fun. Facebook addy friends, and sharing. social site, tagging friends and jolly. cheering and comment on each other. harmless fun, so fun so lovely. and making friends. Remove delete and block. Why, take thing so personal. you delete other, other delete you. but why, swearing every words you can find! to people whom delete you? Why why why, make oneself such an ugly person? I really don’t know why, taking revenge, what about? In this world i won’t miss such a Facial. Facebook addy. How can it be possible. To communicate with such a behaves. hatred within rush, into vengeance. In cyber, fight, loud cries for kill. What will you think if we meet is the flesh. Stabbing gather your mates. taking revenge? If you was delete by me. I’m truly sorry nothing personal. I feel nothing more you and me to share. Please, don’t take it personal, cos I as one been delete. I never ask, I never mind. but I see the best friendship. We email text and call each other. out for a drinks and meal. or come to my place. Go Go 2010, you give you receive, taker only will leave alone. 2010-01-19 By See
21 Jan 2010
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Genuinely thanks a million guys for 1000 subscribers, I would never of thought I could ever of reached that amount of subs. I made this video of my setup/ bedroom to say thanks. NucLeAR (Henry) and xShockyy (Mick) helped me making this by being in my party saying 'Potato'. Download here: *******downloadfilehere****/Leland91232/Gaming gaming setup game setup xbox 360 gaming setup best gaming setup cheap gaming setup computer gaming setup pc gaming setup games setup good gaming setup gaming setup forum home gaming setup your gaming setup gaming setup xbox 360 gaming setup gaming room setup awesome gaming setup show your gaming setup gaming setup 2009 linksys gaming adapter setup belkin gaming adapter setup linksys wireless gaming adapter setup belkin wireless g gaming adapter setup belkin wireless gaming adapter setup gaming setup pics 2wire wireless gaming adapter setup video game setup post your gaming setup gaming desk setup post your gaming setup 2009 my gaming setup neogaf gaming setup linksys wireless game adapter setup linksys wireless b game adapter setup linksys game adapter setup best pc gaming setup best computer gaming setup wireless g game adapter setup computer setup for gaming best game setup setup lan game linksys wireless g game adapter setup ps3 gaming setup my game setup ultimate game setup game room setup pc games setup pc game setup game console setup how to setup game server game server setup how to setup a game server setup a game server game controller setup neo steam global game cdn install setup 080516 ultimate video game setup best video game setup gaming rig setup video game room setup
8 Mar 2010
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also appears: ***********/MLB1949/MLB_1949/ SUMMARY: This 1968 political television commercial accurately summarizes the historical legacy of the 1964-68 Lyndon Johnson-Hubert Humphrey Administration: The Democrats' wasteful Big Government and Great Society programs; the continuing urban riots and destruction, college campus demonstrations, and disrespect for authority; the "10% War Surcharge Tax" added-on to the already-high individual tax burden; and, the prolonged -- seemingly unwinnable -- war in VietNam...the Southeast Asian conflict in which billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted and where Johnson had stationed more than 560,000 American troops by 1968...with neither an end nor victory in sight. Not surprisingly, Johnson realized he had no chance of winning in November and publicly declared his refusal (the evening of Sunday, March 31st) "to seek or to accept the nomination of my Party for another term as your President."
11 Apr 2010
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HELPED ME START TO FINISH!! When my daughter wanted to have an Under the Sea birthday party this year I set out to find some creative party ideas. The information on your website, Creative-Party-Themes**** was terrific for helping me plan my party from start to finish. I really liked that your ideas worked well for both boys and girls (since we did indeed have both pirates and mermaids in attendance!) Thanks for offering so much information all in one place. Jill R. TOLD ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT YOU!! I think that Creative-Party-Themes**** is definitely one of the most helpful websites around. I have bookmarked your site and told all my friends about you. It is so nice to know that there is a single place to go when I need ideas for just about any party theme under the sun (without having to sift through a lot of baloney.) Your blog is great too! Keep the ideas coming! Carol T.
27 Jan 2011
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CREATIVE PARTY IDEAS!!! When my daughter wanted to have an Under the Sea birthday party this year I set out to find some creative party ideas. The information on your website, Creative-Party-Themes**** was terrific for helping me plan my party from start to finish. I really liked that your ideas worked well for both boys and girls (since we did indeed have both pirates and mermaids in attendance!) Thanks for offering so much information all in one place. Jill R. IT WAS AN AWESOME PARTY!!! Finally we had a party were my wife wasn't stressed out! All I had to do was pick up the cake. Party Time Party Boxes had everything else! Then I got to take pictures and enjoy celebration my daughter's 3rd birthday. I go great pictures of her and her friends in their fairly outfits. It was an awesome party! Next year, I'll check out your site, Creative-Party-Themes! Justin T.
3 Feb 2011
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BY EMOKE BEBIAK You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Getting caught watching porn is embarrassing. It’s even more embarrassing if you’re a politician and you’re caught during a Parliament session. Now top that with being a law maker in Indonesia who in fact helped enact an anti-porn law. Ouch. Conservative party member Arifinto resigned on Monday after a photographer took pictures of him accessing porn sites on his tablet on Friday. The Jakarta Post reports Arifinto, who goes by one name, apologized for his mistake in his resignation speech. He also made clear it is his decision to quit office saying, “As a pioneer in my party, I am drawn to take responsibility [for my actions] for the sake of the continuity and good image of my party… My decision is made clearly on my own. It does not involve any intervention and pressure from anybody.” Arifinto is a member of the conservative Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), which is Indonesia's largest Islamic party. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population. Time looks at Arifinto’s political history: “Arifinto pushed hard for Indonesia's 2008 anti porn bill--a controversial bill that states downloading pornographic content faces a maximum of four years in prison and $232,000 in fines. In January, the PKS Party threatened to ban Blackberry in the country and forced them to filter porn on their Indonesian smartphones.” This contradiction leaves a blogger for the UK’s Asylum scratching his head asking, “So ... that means he could be arrested for the very law he put through, right? Good point, and one plenty of Indonesians have been making.” There’s no word yet on whether Arifinto will be legally prosecuted. But the Jakarta Post reports the party's Sharia Council prescribed the following set of sanctions: • Recite the Koran from cover to cover within 30 days, a practice known as khatam. • Give alms to 60 poor people. • Ask for religious advice ... from the sharia council as the party’s religious scholars. • Ask for God’s mercy ... at least 100 times within 40 days. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
16 Apr 2011
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