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This is my attempt at flowing. I wrote this because someone told me that I wrote decent poetry. I also was making a stab at music. So I was seeing if I might be able to do a rap verse. Don't know but here it is. Don't mind the end. Had to add a humourous touch. I'm just your average white boy cracker with an intellectual head that god slapped up on my shoulders to form and mold words so my voice will be heard until in your mind it stirs and whirs and spin so fast it becomes a blur Ive always had a way with my poetry the way the words flow out is the key and to the paper in a message spelled out to me not everyone has the power to flow but woah to be it comes as a challenge and a crutch to me the dedication i give the pen and the paper the time and work and ignoring you haters saying im just a black boy faker a wigger to society complaining to the master but i got my own reasons to write this so i want messages to come across and flow to your brain until it hits you low and you understand and then you know that I do this for fun and I dont need to do it so. Its an art that comes out in the ink give it a second and let it sink and the sound of my voice will make you think about the syllables that i spit take my time soon i'll split and part ways with the words i writ just take a moment there while you sit soon you will know that my fire is lit Walking down the street one day a passerby got in my way looked me up and down than began to say you got a dollar to spare so that i may eat your words up it satisfies me greatly above and beyond others will soon see that your hunger for words fill others truly to satiate the pains i feel completely disappearing them gone im sad to see me asking for the dollar when its not meant to be I let this man go but i began to realize it lifted my heart and opened my eyes i looked up in the air and as high as the sky is my limit and soon i feel i will rise lifted by your love ill begin to fly and look down below me wondering why others werent rising up with me so high but theyll stay down there until they die looking up at me flying in the sky but thats all coming and in the future and until then i will write with a fervor that i dedicate with my pen to these words until i reach inside of you a silent murmur and you understand what i spit for sure one day it will come true and give me closure
11 Apr 2009
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Here's a video of me and my band The Suffering Mothers, playing CBTG's on my birthday. The song is called "Don't Be Obscene" the intro got cut off on the video and my voice was pretty much shot but here it is for your enjoyment.
26 Apr 2009
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Video introduction of ringtone of the week by Geoff Smith. This week the ringtone is titled "Tuned Vocal Girl". Yeah, yeah - just to get your attention I had to tune my voice so it sounds like this - you better go and get your phone yeah. Let us know if you liked this week's ringtone: *******www.ringtonefeeder****/vote.php For the latest news, have a look at the RingtoneFeeder blog: *******blog.ringtonefeeder**** Follow us on Twitter *******twitter****/RingtoneFeeder
20 May 2009
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Khiza ke phool pe aati kabhi bahar nahi, Mere naseeb mein aaye dost tera pyaar nahi. In my voice! Originally sung by Kishore Kumar.
5 Jun 2009
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At Red Rock pub in Blacklick, Ohio, I sing Rush - Limelight. Don't think this is my voice. As ChrisBrogan said on Twitter, I am an "Audible Chameleon". I can do Disturbed and Drowning Pool as well as Styx just as well, even better.
14 Jun 2009
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Tu hi to meri dost hai - Faisal Tasleem ! was in Yuvraaj and music was by A.R.RahmanHere I haven't used the original music, and the way of singing is not actually A.R.Rahman's i tried to do it in my voice!!!!! with my style.....
6 Jul 2009
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Here is with my voice to Sailor Uranus First Attack enjoy.
25 Jul 2009
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cool video this is my 4th video i made all the voices are my voices if you didnt know? so this is my first hopefuly i will make a second one
13 Aug 2009
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*******www.loseweightinaweek***.cc - This is the best weight lost tutorial that I have ever read. And I highly recommend it because not only that it works, but it is FREE! Just lose weight in a week now! Sorry, I adjusted my voice with audacity.
24 Aug 2009
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This is thrue story about my hedgehog Finica, story that stil last. Everything started one summer day, 2005. I found her on my doorstep, she was so little and frihtened, so thirsty and hungry. Helpless little creature, she cound'nt survive in the nature alone, without her mother, and she needed help, desperately. At first she had to be feed nearly every hour. Buzzy days and sleepless nights for me, but I dont regret. Will I do this again? Yes, gladly. We know so little about hedgehogs, about their nature and habits. But in four years, I learned so much about my hedgehog Finica. I made place for her in my house, in my garden and in my heart and she brought so much funn and joy into my life. Now she recognize my voice and understand my feelings, and I understand her. This little movie about Finica will show you how playfull and couriose, cudly and merry hedgehogs coud be. You will learn to like them like I do. And I love my Finica and she loves me. Our story will last forever.
30 Aug 2009
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Take two~. This is the 2nd time I'm posting my voice on youtube. First time my account got deleted cause I used the PVs for the video. Anyway, I know this is really personal, but I have no idea how to put myself out there. I've considered videoing myself, but that's till way later when I've gotten much better at singing.... This is one of my best Arashi covers so far, so I hope you'll like it =).
7 Sep 2009
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*******kerygma-of-christ****/The_Church/Entries/2009/6/27_Jesus_Preached_To_Souls_In_Hell.html God ascended on high, He led captivity captive. He received gifts and benefits for all men. Jesus says all that in hell shall hear my voice
15 Sep 2009
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