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The length of the boat and the width of the passage will tell you its impossible to turn. However, this driver knows the mysterious art of boat-drifting.
16 Apr 2018
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The last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture thrives, Bhutan is truly an incredible country to visit. Here are some of the essential tips you should know before travelling to Bhutan. Book your Bhutan tour packages only with SOTC
26 Mar 2018
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Book Summary Book Summary - This book is based on real life events experienced by my family and I while living on E.T. Ranch. Conspiracy theories, strange events and facts all brought together on one property appropriately named E.T. Ranch. The author recalls the curious-and often bizarre-true stories he acquired over his five year stay on what was supposed to be a forever homestead. This is a fictional account of true life experiences of strange events happening (quite often) with no rational explanations. The story chronicles a wide variety of experiences, such as UFO’s, abductions, mutilations, secret underground bases, missing people and a variety of heart-stopping exposés. This is a well-rounded work that contains balanced information and details of highly strange events from many sides. This book pulls you down a dark and twisting rabbit-hole of Public & Military -Industrial Deceptions. It all started with a backyard sinkhole. Contains many true stories of unexplained mysteries that have no logical explanation. This story unwinds into the "Grandfather" of All Conspiracy Theories regarding Ufology, E.T. and beyond. Steeped in facts this book is an expose of truths most people prefer not to hear. There will be many who will discard any and all notions of the happenings at E.T. Ranch as remotely possible. It is however, a manifest of the Four Corners Midwestern extraterrestrial events. The book leaps past reality straight into an E.T. agenda being played out upon Earth. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Events talked about in book- My country home and the strange events associated with it such as - UFO’s, Underground Military Bases, Bigfoot, Sinkhole, Skinwalkers, Underground noises, Abductions, Animal & Human Mutilations, bolt hole, etc. Conspiracy theories such as - Men in Black, Chemtrails, Space Fleet, Subterranean Underground Travel, Off-world military bases, Alien Life, Other Societies, Disclosure Agendas, Advanced Technologies, Strange areas i.e. San Louis Valley
27 Mar 2018
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Air date: July 30th, 1984 Santa Barbara, July 30th, 1979. In the Capwell residence, a reception is being held in honour of Channing Jr, one of the off-spring of powerful C.C.. Accepting a note inviting him to go to the office, Channing Jr leaves the guests and enters the room when somebody fires at him. Five years later, Joe Perkins is released from prison for good behaviour. In the Capwell residence, where the engagement of Kelly Capwell and of her partner Peter Flint is being celebrated, it is disappointment that C.C. and his elder son Mason feel learning that the man imprisoned for the murder of Channing Jr was released and is getting ready to return to Santa Barbara. The announcement of this news by television on the contrary excites Marisa and Jade Perkins, the mother and sister of Joe. They get ready to welcome Joe home, in spite of little enthusiasm from John, the father. Ted, the brother of Channing Jr, avoids the celebration of his sister's engagement to find his childhood-friend, Laken Lockridge. At the same time, Minx, Laken's grandmother, asks the police to intervene at the Capwell place to turn down the sound of music, by pretending to be inconvenienced. The celebration however comes to an end when the engaged couple leave their family and friends to go aboard a helicopter. A mysterious character with long red nails seems also concerned about Joe's return and requests two henchmen to prevent him from joining the city. Manhandled in the coach station, Joe however succeeds in getting to the coach bound for Santa Barbara. Under way, he rethinks his happy years when he shared a love enthralled with the young person Kelly. He is however interrupted in his memories by both criminals who, from their car, pull the coach over to the side of the road. Fortunately, nobody is hurt and the coach arrives finally at the destination. (from "Santa Barbara: le site francais")
28 Mar 2018
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Ancient Origins seeks to uncover, what we believe, is one of the most important pieces of knowledge we can acquire as human beings -- our beginnings. While many believe that we already hold such knowledge, our view is that there still exists a multitude of anomalies and mysteries in humanity's past that deserve further examination.
5 Apr 2018
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A European-wide awareness campaign for people with a chronic condition called neuropathic pain has been kick-started in Ireland by the Irish Chronic Pain Association and Pfizer Healthcare Ireland. A website has been launched as part of the campaign to provide information and support for people that are unable to describe their 'mystery pain'. Neuropathic pain can be distressing for patients and puzzling for doctors who have to treat it. It is often misdiagnosed and undertreated partly because patients find it difficult to put their pain into words. The initiative aims to lessen the gap between the language used by the GP and that used by the patient in describing their pain, thus assisting with earlier diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Common descriptors used by patients include burning, crawling, stabbing and shocking. Neuropathic pain is a chronic pain condition that results from damage to either the nerves that normally sense pain or other parts of the nervous system that transmit pain signals, such as the spine or the brain . It is estimated that up to 120,000 people are affected by neuropathic pain in Ireland with more than a third of neuropathic pain patients saying the condition is a source of daily physical suffering.
Three is always considered a mysterious number. Though it was supposed to be a two-car crash, somehow it turned out to be a triple threat.
5 Apr 2018
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if you think that you know every thing about computers then try solving this mystery.the notepad tells the story of destruction of twin towers, magic in microsoft word and see how text dissapear in notepad in a flash.share with your friends and have fun.
8 Dec 2006
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An array of mysterious images. Can you guess what these pictures mean?
14 Dec 2006
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Whilst driving to work I came across Mystery FM 87.5 .... If you havnt discovered it yet then tune in.. its rocks east anglia... I dedicate this vid to my mate olly..... Always happy when its hardcore .. :-)
28 Dec 2006
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mysterious steps in the castle
28 Jan 2007
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the mystery of the hands
15 Apr 2007
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Deep in the heart of the Chugach Mountains in southcentral, Alaska there is a little town called "Glacier City". This is where you may discover the "best of both worlds"- nature and civilization. This is the place that has been chosen to host Alaska Hawaii Oasis, a Mystery School & Retreat. This video was made to share the beauty and wildness of the surroundings as well as get a look at the 2.8 acres and facility that are for sale that we are diligently working to acquire. There are few places on Earth like "Glacier City". Surrounded by mountains, seven glaciers and the notorious Turnagain Arm, an ocean inlet off the North Pacific, this rainforest community cohabitates with black and brown bears, moose, wolves, wolverines and wildcats, eagles, ravens and magpies, seagulls and falcons, tweety birds and great-horned owls.
12 Jun 2007
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